Sony A3000 Review

October 23, 2013 | Mark Goldstein | |

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Sony ILEC 3000 Hands On Review. Includes video samples to illustrate features and functions. I am not affiliated with Sony, but I was given the opportunity to loan the camera for a few weeks...
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The Sony a3000, otherwise known as the ILCE-3000 is Sony's entry level mirrorless camera utilising the E-mount system. I take a look at the cameras build, handling, features, image and video...
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Sony takes aim at the entry level DSLR market with the new A3000. In terms of price this camera certainly wins with a USD price of $399.99. The A3000 is unusual in the sense that it is a...
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Shop at B&H: The Sony Alpha A3000 is a consumer friendly mirrorless camera that's lightweight and relatively small, it uses Sony's E-mount lenses like the...
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Thanks for watching, let me know what you think of the video and what you would like to see in the future. Like, subscribe and enjoy :)
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The Sony Alpha a3000 combines the Alpha and NEX systems into a new entry level camera. It's got the styling and size of an Alpha DSLT, but uses the E-mount and mirrorless design of the NEX...
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In this video I'll show you photos taken with the Sony A3000 camera. I'll use both the 18-55 mm kit lens and the stock 55-210 lens. I'll check out flaring, fringing and features like the...
From: Mike Kuna
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Subscribe to Engadget today: Watch The Latest Engadget Video Here: **** Click below for more! **** Sony's DSLR-like Alpha A3000 mirrorless camera ships...
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The Sony A3000 was panned by professionals, but it is an excellent camera at its price point. Now its even cheaper as it is ending its product life. Perfect for a family camera or for a budding...
From: Mike Kuna
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