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August 20, 2010 | Mark Goldstein | |

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#1 Yianni

This is one late review.

The A550 is MIA from a lot of stores since the A560 and A580 will be announced next week.

Not sure why anyone would rush out to get an A550 unless it’s dirt cheap and can still be found in stock.

I haven’t seen one in stores here in Australia for a couple of weeks now.

2:28 pm - Friday, August 20, 2010

#2 Hans Benndorf

Some of the photo quality on ‘PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG’ is outright
shoddy and embarrassing for a photography website. The product
shots of the SONY A 550 in that review are of comatizing quality.
I have observed this on many of these reviews and previews on this
site. I do enjoy reading the comments, reviews, articles etc. but
‘jeeezzis’, please work on YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY!

2:05 am - Saturday, August 21, 2010

#3 Justin

I agree with Hans.
Sample image number 9, the flowers, is not in focus ANYWHERE.
I know nobody at this site cares. As long as they are getting traffic that’s all they care about.
But the quality of this site has gone rapidly downhill this year.

5:54 pm - Saturday, August 21, 2010

#4 justlurking

I’m glad I happened to have hit the comments on this one because I was looking at the 60D and A55 and others.  I noticed distinctly different focusing on the Sonys and the Canon.  I kept thinking the camera (the sony) can’t be that bad and the canon that much better.  I’ve seen much better shots for the sony on other sites.

These posts confirmed for me not to regard the images on this site as a true representation of what a camer is capable of.

2:09 am - Sunday, March 13, 2011

#5 Brian

This review has so many flaws in it.

In the Image Quality section you say:
‘or you can change the in-camera sharpening to one of six different levels.’
‘Overall then an impressive performance - just make sure that you either increase the in-camera sharpening level for JPEGs, or you’re happy to post-process the images in Photoshop later.’

then you say:
‘The out-of-the camera images are soft at the default sharpening setting and benefit from some further sharpening in a program like Adobe Photoshop. Unfortunately you can’t change the in-camera sharpening level.’

Is it your policy to copy and paste sections of old reviews to save time typing a new one out?

‘Anti Shake

The A900 has a SteadyShot INSIDE function, which is an improved version of Minolta’s Anti Shake technology; ‘

‘SteadyShot is activated with a sliding switch on the back of the camera, which requires a reassuringly firm flick of the thumb, meaning that accidental activation or deactivation isn’t a problem’

and again:
‘The default Creative Styles include Standard, Vivid, Neutral, Portrait, Landscape and Black-and-White, and are accessed by pressing the ‘C’ button, unless another function has been assigned to it. ‘

The Sony a550 does not have a ‘C’ button and has no ability to assign functions to ANY button.

It also has no switch for SteadyShot, you have to dive into the menu to turn it on or off.

10:28 am - Friday, June 17, 2011

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