Sony A57 Review

June 7, 2012 | Mark Goldstein |

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In this video we look at the latest Sony translucent mirror DSLR-thing, camera. 70% of the light goes to the sensor and 30% is bounced up to where the sun do...
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Check out the video from our TCSTV Production Workshop! Chris from The Camera Store checks out the Sony A57 camera, to see if the SLT design is worth all the...
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SLT-A57 on Sale @ Amazon -
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Time: 16:35 More in Education - Canon T5i vs Sony a57 - 7 Reasons to buy the Sony a57 OVER the Canon T5i - EOS 700D Check Amazon's LOWEST price on the Canon T...
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A video test with the Sony SLT A57 Music from Rodrigo Rodrigo: Concierto De Aranjuez - 2. Adagio.
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Time: 07:17 More in Film & Animation - Sony a57 vs Nikon D5200 - 5 Reasons to Buy the Sony a57 OVER the Nikon D5200 (PLUS BONUS!!!) Check Amazon's LOWEST price on th...
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My first experiment with water. 1080p/50fps/ISO 400 at 1/1000 shutter speed footage. Sony Alpha 57, Sony SAL50F18 1,8 /-55mm kid lens same. Edited with Twixt...
From: Vino Domi
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本集我們將介紹觀眾期待已久的EISA 2012獲獎銘機Sony Alpha 57。還有,轟隆隆的大傢伙,震撼力十足的民航機該怎麼拍,又該去哪裡拍。以及,您知道一顆與小型房車價值相同的鏡頭長甚麼樣子嗎?精彩內容都將在接下來[YES!新機到了]節目中為您呈現。 網路文章: http://www.photoshar...
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Видеообзор Sony SLT-A57 от компании Цифровичок
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