Sony A77 Review

December 13, 2011 | Mark Goldstein | |

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We've finally got our hands on the latest Sony DSLR( ! This innovative DSLR with a translucent mirror is semi-pro body. It promises to be a competitor of the Canon 7D...
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Sony a77 review - it's a serious bit of kit, but is it seriously impressive? Because it has to be... It's going up against the likes of the Canon 7D and the Nikon D7000. Is Sony's latest and...
From: Blunty
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Hey everyone. In this review I take a look at the new Sony a77 mark II. It has several new features and has been advertised as a speed camera with a brand new autofocus system and a blazing...
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It's been almost 3 years since the A77 mark one, and Sony is back with an improved version of it's mid-range DSLR - the Alpha a77 Mark II( Find out how the camera fared...
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Gary Fong shows the features of the Sony A77, especially the automation functions and new technology. Gary Fong accepts no sponsorships and Sony equipment is purchased at full retail.
From: Gary Fong
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Chek price and buy here: Blog: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ...
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This camera is a great still and HD video camera with Single Lens Translucent technology. Sony SLT-A77
From: B and H
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We've upgraded the Sony A77( firmware, which apparently fixes the sluggishness issues of the switch from LCD to EVF. But how does it perform when compared to a Nikon...
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Gary Fong explains the differences between the Sony a77 and Sony a77 Mk II.
From: Gary Fong
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