Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 Review

July 23, 2012 | Mark Goldstein | |

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#1 Nigel

Nice review, hopefully this model will be as reliable as my Sony R1.

11:10 pm - Monday, July 23, 2012

#2 Genny

The RX100 is an amazing camera.  Truly pocketable.  Only other option is the smaller sensor S100, but had to return it as Canon recalled the S100 due to lens error.

11:24 pm - Monday, July 23, 2012

#3 Volant

thx for the nice review. i had a question

how is the image quality / iso compare to the canon G1x?

P.S: can’t wait for the Pentax K-30 review


3:10 am - Tuesday, July 24, 2012

#4 Tina Edwards

The camera doesn’t have a viewfinder or the option of attaching one. Apart from that it seems like a good camera.

What is this pre-occupation so many reviewers have with a camera’s ‘pocketability’? I wouldn’t want to carry a £500+ camera in a pocket - trouser or jacket. What’s wrong with bags (even handbags)? Or am I missing some gender related bias here?

9:48 am - Tuesday, July 24, 2012

#5 G. Edward Jones, Jr.

@Tina Edwards

Most men, generally, don’t carry bags, even a lot of women I know don’t carry anything bigger than a cellphone case/clutch on a day to day basis.  For a camera in this class if you can’t put it in your pocket it becomes *one more thing to lug around* which means its probably something you’re not lugging around.  I already have a camera that travels in a bag, my SLR.  A compact camera I should be able to keep on me without needing extra gear.

11:36 am - Tuesday, July 24, 2012

#6 kustom48

Could have been even better if Sony had included certain features rival manufacturers have incorporated as standard, but a full blown test will be the best way to judge its performance and image quality, ease of uses etc.

Certainly has raised the bar higher in the advanced compact camera class.

4:48 pm - Tuesday, July 24, 2012

#7 Steve

Just received my RX100 from Amazon. I sold my Canon 5D mark II because I just hated carrying it around. I purchased the Olympus OMD in it’s place. Love that camera. Just amazing.

However, still carry a bag with the Olympus and the lenses. Wanted something small that is truly pocketable.

The RX100 is just ridiculous. Image quality is amazing. And it has a macro function that’s fantastic. At F1.8 it gives such a beautiful blurred background.

Really impressed with this camera. It’s something I’ll carry along with my iPhone.

Don’t even think about it. Carry it with you alway.

5:38 pm - Tuesday, July 24, 2012

#8 Justin

Deciding between this and the gf5, so bought both today to compare before returning one, gf5 blows rx100 away for colour and detail, don’t get me wrong this is great for a compact but unfortunately connot compete with a decent csc, I was disappointed with all reviews suggesting otherwise but having tested both I will be retuning the rx100

10:43 pm - Tuesday, July 24, 2012

#9 jose kerginaldo de paula

Lack optical zoom. But great camera, on the whole.

11:37 pm - Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I agree with comment #5 Please read it, It makes a very important point. Also, my advice, with new cameras coming out at a rate of 1.2 per day, if you don’t really need it right now, wait until the dust settles or at least until production slows down so you can choose the camera that is really right for you. I can’t tell you how many people I hear saying “I should have waited for this one, I bought too soon”. Apparently, they think each one of us needs our own production line.  Well, they’re wrong so let them knock their socks off and buy what you need when the prices come down. And with so much competition, The prices will come down.  ... Joe Prete

6:02 am - Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#11 Surseb


that you would use a hyperbole such as that kinda takes the wind out of your argument. The OM-D just squeeks by and that has a superior sensor to your GF5.

6:32 am - Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#12 Tina Edwards

G.Edward Jones Jr

Thanks for your comment. It’s interesting to get a man’s perspective on this. However, I think you should know that many women carry handbags or shoulder bags - you only have to travel on the tube to be aware of this.

I still think that the point I made is basically correct - a lot of reviewers write with a male target audience in mind - not all, obviously.

To me an investment of £500+ on any camera means that I would want to treat the camera with the greatest of care and respect. I don’t own a DSLR, and it’s unlikely that I ever will. However the cost and quality of a good compact camera of this class - after all, it’s not a budget camera - should surely be a consideration in how its treated.

Not everyone has the luxury of being a DSLR owner with the option to regard a camera of this type as ‘just another thing to lug around’ if it doesn’t fit in a pocket.

I don’t want to turn this into a long running debate (as so many comments on websites seem to do). I have my opinion - you have yours. When all is said and done £500 is a lot of cash even in this day and age.

9:42 am - Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#13 kustom48

Great range of replies so far.

I do not enjoy carrying a great big rucksack full of gear around with me so a pocketable advanced featured compact makes real sense.

And yes, the cost is a deciding factor.

I’m unable to afford to buy anything expensive for the forseeable future, so owning anything relatively new is out of the question.

Right now there are a lot of alternatives about to consider, but none ,to my mind have all the feature I’d like to have.

So, compromise it must be.

9:57 am - Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#14 G. Edward Jones, Jr.

@Tina Edwards

Three things:

1. I work in a largely female industry.  I have a wife, mother and sister. Almost all of my close friends are female.  I never claimed that women don’t carry bags, simply that ” a lot of women I know don’t carry anything bigger than a cellphone case/clutch on a day to day basis.”  In my observation enough women don’t carry large(r) bags and so few men do that most *people* don’t carry handbags.  Even then, changing fashion means that the size of women’s purses will vary over time, sometimes significantly.

2. I think that all reviewers write from their personal experience and desires.  If my wife reviewed this camera she’d absolutely care about pocketability, the dude with the messenger bag at my office, probably less so. But, yeah, more women should review cameras and be involved in tech journalism in general.

3. $600+ American is a lot of money.  It’s also just slightly more than the replacement cost of a new smart phone an item that almost no one has a problem keeping in their pocket.  One would hope that if Sony went through the trouble to design a pocket camera they went through the trouble of making it tough enough to survive a pocket.

11:30 am - Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#15 JeffreyeoLinda

like Charlotte said I’m taken by surprise that someone can get paid $6305 in a few weeks on the computer. have you seen this page (Click on menu Home more information) 

2:42 pm - Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#16 Jake

I know I’m not the first to be annoyed by this, but it is REALLY hard to take a photo blog seriously—that either a.) doesn’t know how to rotate an image, or b.) refuses to do so. Stops me dead in my tracks every time. I quit you.

9:04 pm - Wednesday, July 25, 2012


STEVE #7 Comment: Please clarify, you sold the Canon 5D-too much to carry, purchased OLYMPUS OMD and lenses- Love it! it’s amazing. Still carry bag though, for Olympus and Lenses

RX100 is Just Ridiculous? But it’s quality is Amazing, Macro Fantastic F1.8 Beautiful background. Impressed with RX100
Now it’s ok to carry a bag with all this gear & an IPhone?
You sold the Canon 5D MK 11 (A Real Camera) to lighten up because you didn’t want to carry a bag! 

Have they changed the definitions of words like Ridiculous: ie. abnormal, no good, out of the question. You go back and forth so much I don’t get the meaning of your post. Is English a second language for you? Up is down, left is right? Who sells a Canon 5D MK II?

Please tell us what it is you’re trying to say. Btw there is a free dictionary and thesaurus on line. If I had your email I would have contacted only you alone, sorry this was the only way to ask you, so can please use the eight words to explain it?
you please tell us what you’re trying to say. Thank You

11:15 pm - Wednesday, July 25, 2012


The RIGHT words, you can use more than eight.  Thanks Steve

11:50 pm - Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#19 ronnbot


I’m able to understand Steve clearly; the problem seems to be your (poor) reading comprehension. No need to mock (“Up is down, left is right”) and be so condescending (“Is English a second language”), especially when you don’t even know the meaning of “ridiculous” based on your post. FYI, it means absurd or laughable.

So considering context, you can essentially rewrite “RX100 is just ridiculous” to: The RX100 packs so much awesomeness in a small package, its just absurd.

Also, a 5DmkII is a real camera, but an E-M5 isn’t? As good as the 5DmkII is, it is just too bulky and heavy. Replacing it with a capable E-M5 is not unusual, especially when weight is reduced by 2/3 while compromising little on IQ. That said, 3 lb bag as opposed to a 10 lb one is still a bag. Where as the RX100 doesn’t require any at all.

9:18 am - Thursday, July 26, 2012

#20 Tina Edwards

G. Edward Jones Jr

You may be right when you say that reviewers are expressing their own desires or wishes about a product’s relevance to them when they write their reviews. However, I think objectivity is important when making recommendations to others. As this particular issue goes it’s obviously a minor one.   

Loads of people carry bags of all shapes & sizes on a daily basis. Whether they do so or not is up to them. If anyone wants to carry an expensive piece of tech around in their pocket then that too is their choice.

Having seen the size of my son’s jeans pockets and even some of his jacket pockets I’m amazed that anyone could, or would want to, squeeze even a very small camera into one of them. I couldn’t imagine trying to sit down with a camera in one of his trouser pockets!

I don’t own a smartphone and know very little about them. Personally I wouldn’t carry any piece of expensive tech around in a pocket. I suspect that a lot of people, women & men, would probably agree.

My original comment, while making a point, was partly humourous. This obviously doesn’t always come across on a website posting.

On a final note - I agree with you that there should be more women reviewing photographic and other tech products - it might provide a different perspective on some issues.

9:31 am - Thursday, July 26, 2012

#21 ronnbot


I’m able to understand Steve clearly; the problem seems to be your (poor) reading comprehension. No need to mock (“Up is down, left is right”) and be so condescending (“Is English a second language”), especially when you don’t even know the meaning of “ridiculous” based on your post. FYI, it means absurd or laughable.

So considering context, you can essentially rewrite “RX100 is just ridiculous” to: The RX100 packs so much awesomeness in a small package, its just absurd.

Also, a 5DmkII is a real camera, but an E-M5 isn’t? As good as the 5DmkII is, it is just too bulky and heavy. Replacing it with a capable E-M5 is not unusual, especially when weight is reduced by 2/3 while compromising little on IQ. That said, 3 lb bag as opposed to a 10 lb one is still a bag, and the RX100 doesn’t require one at all.

9:38 am - Thursday, July 26, 2012

#22 Steve


I think I love you. Are you available to interpret all my postings?

Crawling back under my desk now.

Thanks so much.


4:21 pm - Thursday, July 26, 2012


@RONBOT-for STEVE,  Webster’s dictionary defines ridiculous as:Absurd, silly, unreasonable, preposterous: Derived from Ridicule. So to me that means bad, or not good, which contradicts the balance of his sentence. When I said:up is down, right is left, I was referring to the way people speak today ie. That was “BAD” -Meaning good. I teach photography, not english, so I wasn’t sure of his meaning, or if that was a slang term for good.

I didn’t understand why he gave up one bag, just to need another. If it was to save a few ounces, I don’t really see the difference ie. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Yes, the Canon 5D MK II is a very well respected camera. Many Pro’s still use them. I couldn’t see trading a camera with a great track record for one that has yet to prove itself. The Olympus OMD is also a very good camera.

It sounded as if he gave up one bag (for the Canon) to hold another bag (for the Olympus and RX1000) I really don’t know the weight difference.

I was not trying to mock him in any way, I even said that I would have liked to email him, but I don’t have his address. I’m a pretty regular contributer to this site, but I don’t know him or you for that matter. I’d guess that I’m older than both of you and that was why I was asking if there was some other meaning, but I was replying to him and I’m not sure why you are responding. Maybe you are his partner, I really don’t know. Are you usually the one who responds for him?

I would think that anyone who buys the RX100 Really needs to read the manual complete (maybe even have it printed if it’s a disk) but I’m sure it will take some time to learn and while it seems he likes the good, there is always something that people would have rather had been different, so the “bad” (not good) areas still need to be discovered. I don’t know anyone who gets a new and different camera and learns it complete based on just a few uses. Your description might change somewhat.

And by the way, I don’t respond to these posts to get into an argument. Maybe I didn’t understand him fully, but that was why I was asking. You on the other hand, did not ask me anything, you just used your “know it all” wisdom to reply for someone else. Please check the dictionary and learn the meaning, also ask Steve to tell me that in the future, should we talk again who it is that will be responding for him. Most people like to talk for themselves, but if this is the way you two respond, I should know because I don’t have the time to respond twice.

I have to go now, it seems there’s another heated conversation brewing on this cameras comments section. Best of luck to you and/or Steve on the RX100 It would be good to post after you’ve used it a while to help other readers who would like to know.
B/t/w that’s what we do here, try to help others through our own experience with a new camera or other gear. Have a good day Ronbot, I hope the camera works out well for you and I hope any future dialog between us is not as heated as this one.

English as a second language is a pretty common cause of misunderstanding (not just) here. It was in no way meant as “condescending” it was just to better understand. And the Olympus and the RX100 are both smaller which is preferred by many, but aside from the weight, The Canon is a very well built camera itself, but small to me because the Full frame Nikons are heavier, bigger and bulkier. Cheers & Good Luck… Joe Prete

5:32 pm - Thursday, July 26, 2012


I got thrown off track a bit today sorry, I wanted to remind those that are posting from work that: Most companies with more than fifty employees are using some type of “Keylogger” software, so they can pretty much tell how much time you’re spending “on-line”

The smaller companies may have a computer program, or they may have a “plant” in the office that strikes up a conversation with who ever they suspect is spending too much time on line. They will all tolerate some browsing as long as you’re productive for the company, but if you see a round disk above you on the ceiling they want you to know you’re being watched.

There could be a camera anywhere though, so remember that. They know that you’re doing it because they do it themselves, and you don’t want the boredom to drive you crazy. If you have a “smart phone” lean on that more on your breaks, but always keep it on your mind. In New York unemployment is at 10% so they can afford to pick and choose. BE CAREFUL PEOPLE!

6:14 pm - Thursday, July 26, 2012


Tina Edwards, You makes some very good points, and you’re right, more women should post and express their views. Many of the smaller cameras are designed for people with smaller hands. Even the SONY DSLR’s have a grip with a grove at the 3/4 level with the shutter release at that level so it’s more comfortable for some people. Even the angle of the shutter release is better. The grip is molded with that groove but continues above it for those with bigger hands.

Many women also like the NIKON J1 and V1 Style cameras and just about every manufacturer has a similar body style. There’s also more colours available, many in Pink too (some of those are also donating to the Susan G.Komen Foundation AKA The Cause) So they are targeting women more these days, just look at the ads. I think it’s a good thing, the more the better!
And Good Luck to you Tina! ... Joe Prete

8:28 pm - Thursday, July 26, 2012

#26 Tina Edwards

Joe Prete

Thanks for your advice Joe! Next time I’m looking for a ‘girly’ camera I bear that in mind. Have a nice weekend!

9:18 am - Friday, July 27, 2012


Tina, Please don’t take that as a negative comment, take a look at the videos on Nikon’s site. (Also the Digatutors- they are excellent & All free, Canon has a similar set of “learning videos & all free too) It was Nikon’s Goal to make more cameras that women can handle. It’s all women showing their J1 & V1 cameras

But there’s nothing hurtful in saying that women usually do have smaller hands than men, in fact that’s usually desired, as they usually weigh less too. I Box in the Heavyweight class at 265lbs. I really doubt that many women would want hands my size!

We sponsor “Photo Walks” where we shoot Street Photography and a friend brings groups to a Bird Sanctuary and the women get the same or better photographs than the men! It’s not surprising at all, they usually have a good eye for good pictures

I’m pretty sure that your photography is competitive as well, you sound like you know your stuff. I hope to hear from you again!
..... Joe Prete

1:01 pm - Friday, July 27, 2012


B/T/W Tina, I’m glad to start off the day hearing from you!
                          ... Joe Prete

1:06 pm - Friday, July 27, 2012

#29 Markos

If you want to talk senseless topics personally join facebook or some other kind of spam!
Thanks author for this review :-)

7:19 pm - Sunday, July 29, 2012

#30 Markos

Stop talking shit!
BTW good review :-)

7:21 pm - Sunday, July 29, 2012


On Sunday, good, now wipe nose you have some brown on there

9:33 pm - Sunday, July 29, 2012


Markos Polo?

9:44 pm - Sunday, July 29, 2012

#33 jezza

markos i agree, there is a lot of blah blah on here from people arguing about such stupidities as whether or not to carry an expensive camera in your pocket (yes, I think your opinion is irrelevant Tina, and you arguments to support it are getting laughable). Im not trying to be the ‘comment police’ but would like to read something more constructive really about how the camera works/doesnt work for people who actually own it.

That’s what I think would be a constructive comment. Yeah, and this comment here doesnt fall into ‘construct’ either i know.

11:58 pm - Sunday, July 29, 2012

#34 Investment Property Orlando

I’m planning to buy a new digital camera. This could be the perfect time for me to buy Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100.

6:51 am - Monday, July 30, 2012

#35 John Maillard

I bought an RX100 works well, love it. I use it for walks and a back up to my 5d2. The image is processed through lightroom.
I have to say this little camera has gone beyond my expectations. Only good images if processed through RAW and Sony’s software is down right rubbish.
Waiting for an update from adobe. Last note with all those very useful tools no support for time lapse? with the 5D2 I can pug in a remote.
Great images, from the Sony. I dont want retro looks I want to take pictures.

11:17 am - Monday, July 30, 2012

#36 Njorl

I’ve had this brilliant camera for about two weeks and cant begin to tell you how great it is. In particular the RAW shots are astounding in the detail they contain, especially macro shots. Agree with the review stating that JPEGs need some sharpening. I liked the picture effects, particularly the mono ones. The “intelligent auto” settings are not that special. I found I got better results in either P or M mode. Like the special effects, you cannot use these settings when shooting RAW. There are quite a few manual controls to give you the ability to get the settings you want. Additionally, the customisation features are easy to set up and use. Menu system is very intuitive and well organised. The only thing that takes getting used to is how small it is. I have big hands so I have to be careful. I cannot wait to take this wonder camera on vacation in lieu of my Nikon DSLR with all the gear! My shoulders can’t wait either!

9:41 pm - Monday, July 30, 2012

#37 Joe Prete

Nice comment Njorl,  actually a small review. Very informative, I was wondering about the jpegs, that seems like the biggest negative so far. John Malliard, good information too. You didn’t say if the JPEGS need extra work. That can be disappointing,

#34 Real Estate guy, you should find out about the post processing on the JPEGS, you may not be into the extra work. Along with the Big Guns at the Olympics, there’s a lot of smaller cameras up close too. Many Mirrorless cameras too. If you watch, take a look!

Please remember Tina is entitled to post her comments. We don’t get many women’s comments but I’m seeing more women shooters all the time.

11:10 pm - Monday, July 30, 2012

#38 Daniel K

its true: there are not many female comments that I’ve come across in the ‘your comments’ section of reviews.
And true to life, when they post: they are hyper sensitive bitches!

12:59 am - Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#39 Laura H.

Daniel, perhaps you are right. Still, one must be careful of making sweeping generalizations. It would be rude to post that all people named Daniel are idiots, and I wouldn’t want to offend all of the other Daniels on the forum.

4:23 am - Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#40 Terost

I’m glad that I didn’t go out and buy the S100. The RX100 looks like a better pro pocket camera than the S100. Good job Sony!

6:00 am - Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#41 Joe Prete

Please Daniel, Try to be more respectful. We’ll have to go back to the moderators, and the comments take forever to get posted. It’s a pain to pull the comments off like yours and it leads to extra work that we really have no time for. I know you’re better than that, and there was no call for it at all.

The truth is that these sites make little money from advertising, and actual change (like silver) derived from the people that click on the retailers (usually with the lowest price)  adsense should really read “adcents”. dpreview is the biggest earner and that comment would have never made it passed the moderator. I’m sure you’ve heard me deal with this issue before. You did prove one thing, that Women (Ladies & Girls) are reading the site, but they’re probably shy to reply because of what just happened.

Laura H. Please accept my apology on behalf of me, the site, Mark, Zoltan and everyone that puts their hard work in to it. It is a labor of love, we’re all photographers, amateur, Pro, Hobbyist and scientist. It a little funny, with these sites, you never know who you’re talking to, Laura could be a better Photographer than any one of us. If you’re not up on the stats, Women have been earning more than men for some time now. They have been gaining, so it was no surprise. It does not matter to me.

Teaching Photography wasn’t as required as Math or English so where do you think they started the salary cuts?  But it’s not for the money, it’s all about Passion. Besides we can shoot at night and on weekends. I hope that we don’t lose a reader, or readers for this. Let’s leave these posts the way they are for now, maybe we’ll learn something from it. LAURA, again, I’m sorry, if you’re new here please don’t use that as an example. We’re not like that at all. Even Daniel, maybe he had a really bad day, I can’t make excuses for him but let’s all make an effort to respect each other. Now Play nice everyone. ... Joe Prete

7:02 am - Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#42 Joe Prete

TEROST #40 Glad I didn’t misspell that one! Yes I’m hearing from many happy people with the RX100 Two cons are 1)The size, it’s very compact and 2) The JPEGS post processing, they need to be sharpened. I’ve heard these two things from several people. Everything else is all Positive.

I’m assuming that they give you a basic guide and a CD manual. I advise everyone with all the high technology involved here, bring the CD to a Printer, have them make a full size coil bound double sided 8.5” X 11”  For 10-$15.00 You’ll have a good easy to use reference. Also, please put the strap on as soon as possible. A new camera is the one most likely to slip and fall, just because it’s new to you. The more you know the camera the less likely it is to fall.

Lots of good news on this camera. I’m glad you like it too. It’s a good feeling, getting a new camera, especially one like this.  Please write back in a week or two and let us know how it’s working out. For the record, the call letters are DSC-RX100 and yes, it’s another great SONY Cyber-Shot I’m very happy for you, Thanks for writing in and GOOD LUCK. ... Joe Prete

9:25 am - Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#43 john maillard

dont know why there is worry about jpeg, there is raw. If you want use jpeg and raw.
The manual was made of paper joy Oh Joy.
With a camera like this with hardly any delay raw is a joy. Just hurry up Adobe cos Sony software is a joke.

9:33 am - Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#44 Joe Prete

Laura H.,
If you, or any one that needs information, but doesn’t want to write in right now, please email Mark and if he can’t help you, he can give you my email and I’d be happy to answer any camera related questions you may have. It bothers me to think that you were looking at this post, you must have been looking at this camera and now all you got was annoyed. Well, that’s not good at all. If you need help, please let us help you.

I’m sure I’ve written to Daniel K before and I don’t know where those words came from. But, there’s no excuse for that. We can help you if you need it, and you will be treated with the utmost respect, at all times. And if you want do it by email, we will do that for you, and we will do it fast. Just say the word, I use my real name, but on some sites I’m known as PhotoJoe, but I’m not invisible. Good Luck Laura. ... Joe Prete

10:02 am - Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#45 Joe Prete

A full manual in PRINT included? Wow Sony! Is there a sharpen setting in the menu?

10:26 am - Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#46 Joe Prete

You know I’m in the route, from B&H & UPS I get delivery in less than 16 hours? It’s getting very tempting!

10:33 am - Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#47 John maillard

Sorry no sharpening, I still don’t understand this obsession with a truly bad format as jpeg when the camera shoots raw.
Jpegs should be taken outside and left to wither and die in the snow. Ithey are only good for the web. The file degrades in quality every time it is saved.

12:09 pm - Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#48 Joe Prete

I can’t say for them, but from the people that write in, just about half are very concerned with JPEG. It may be what they’ve become accustomed to. Tell me, is there a complete paper Book, or a quick guide and a CD edition. I would imagine a thick book with the advancements they’ve made in this camera. I’m getting mixed messages. Maybe it goes by region? Can you shed some light on that please? Thank You for writing in again John it’s some good information! Very Helpful to many who are waiting.

1:37 pm - Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#49 John Maillard

I have to say it looks thick, but it is in about five languages. No CD/DVD but there is enough info to get started.

11:05 pm - Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#50 Joe Prete

Hello People,
I’ve been making some comparisons and the RX100’s 1” Sensor seems to be the largest in it’s class. The Canon G1X has a larger sensor, but the body is bigger, not really in the same class. The specs. say it’s not Pictbridge compatible which I found a bit odd. A little inconvenience but not a game changer. I’m waiting for verification from Sony non the less.

They did say it will be offered as a kit with a 60’S-70’S style two piece case. The bottom can stay on while you’re shooting. A strap attaches to the bottom half. This kind of case offers the ultimate in protection as it’s molded, even around the lens. I don’t know if that’s available separately. I was really thinking of a case that slips onto your belt between the pant loops, that’s quick to pull out with just velcro on the cover. I have many collectables with the two piece case and they do seem to hold up for a long, long time and the camera survives most falls.

The kit will also have an LCD cover. Some of these kits offer an additional warranty too. Either way, it may be worth the extra money, especially if it’s out of stock every where else, which seems to be the case already. All things considered, this camera is above and beyond everything in it’s class. Even a beginner will have no problem using this camera. It will give the user quite an advantage.  From what I hear, the new software is close to completion. So if any of you were “on the fence” this should help you decide. Happy Shooting! ... Joe Prete

4:55 am - Thursday, August 2, 2012

#51 Joe Prete

DSC RX100 Owners,
The 68 page manual in PDF form is at the Sony site and can be printed for free as long as you have Adobe PDF on your computer. There are also video guide tutorials (Nikon style) and tech support on line. The camera is not Mac compatible as the software is only for a PC. The Sony price is the same as the B&H price. Sony has all of the accessories, but everything needs to be bought. The rechargeable battery needs to be recharged in the camera, all you get is a cord. I guess a wall wart would have cost them an extra fifty cents each. Printing one guide for everyone was really cheap. I don’t know who uses a PC for Photography, but they left out me and everyone I work with, we’re all Mac! It looks like an amazing camera but it didn’t cost them much to produce that’s for sure. The body is aluminum! ... Joe Prete

9:09 am - Thursday, August 2, 2012

#52 jose kerginaldo de paula

The Sony Cyber??-shot DSC-RX100 features an image “dead”, tipiuca of sony cameras. No matter prço, the image is always the same quality, without vivacity.I know there is a significant loss, but it gives a look at youtube

12:51 pm - Thursday, August 2, 2012

#53 camera

Go over to the Sony talk forum on DPR and you’ll find a lot of people who will tell you its the very best camera in the history of the world, or at least since the Renaissance. So if you’re just looking for some confirmation, head on over.

6:15 pm - Thursday, August 2, 2012


I looked through the Sony blog at dpreview, I’m seeing an awful lot of complaints. Frustration waiting for the focus “ready” light. Many out of focus pictures. One guy said “some of them were out of focus, but that’s okay” I think he’s drinking too much Sony Cool aid! People don’t know how to hold the strap. Can’t find a case. People getting bands down each side. One guy found a date/time stamp- “what a surprise, it didn’t say anything in the guide. Some are just thrilled because it’s got a one inch sensor. Sony makes most of the sensors on the market, what took them so long. A guy is happy his S100 was stolen, so now he could buy the Sony. A mixed bag! Did that guy actually write “the history of the world”? He’s got bigger problems than his camera!

5:33 am - Friday, August 3, 2012

#55 H.Monetti

I can say for sure now that there is moderation on this site. No, not what the guy said about the woman, apparently negative Sony news is not exactly welcome. At least at dpreview if it’s not offensive to people, it gets posted. Realize that there are Pro’s and Cons for every camera, but post too much negative here and it doesn’t get through.

Everyone has a right to their opinion and just as long as it’s not offensive, it should get through, otherwise it’s time to look elsewhere. There were too many short cuts taken on the RX100. I mean charge through the UPC, IN the camera? What do you shoot with when you’re charging your battery? FOR SIX HOURS? Plug in the all in one cord and you do shorten the time, but the camera should not have wear & tear just to charge the battery. Also we like depending on one cord and a camera-charger. In the area that I’m in there’s one guy that can help a studio to succeed or even get a law changed so some one can do their business. The thing is, he’s completely fair to everyone. Someone has a gripe, it gets heard. Nothing is suppressed or moderated. He’s not afraid to take on Sony. They will hear his complaints loud and clear. I’m sure, most of these problems will clear up on the next version. It’s just too bad that they don’t hear it from all the camera blogs. dpreview for SURE. Some others will say “thank you mr sony, for giving us the opportunity to spend $650.00+ on your little camera. 6 or 7 out of 10 shots is fine for us!  Being controlled by a ready light is what I’ve dreamed about! Photoblog Grow a pair!

BTW, there’s other copies of this post ready to go out, just in case it gets lost. I thought we were helping to build a site that we can depend on. There are many blogs and review sites out there.

3:03 pm - Friday, August 3, 2012

#56 JS

To PB staff- I guess you will have to hire online shrink, lots of people here really need it…

7:33 pm - Friday, August 3, 2012

#57 Film Guy

Hey JS, maybe we could use your guy!

8:34 pm - Friday, August 3, 2012

#58 Film Guy

Great job! Drive up the Price! It’s even better now!

2:53 am - Monday, August 6, 2012

#59 JJ

I wasn’t all that impressed with it’s focusing.  I fooled around with the camera in the store for a few hours and focusing was terrible.  Sticking my hand out over 2 feet away it took 5 pics to finally get 1 clear no blur shot with a very steady hand.  It just couldn’t lock on my hand just kept on trying to find a focus lock.  Even with center and maual mode focusing it had major issues. This really held me back from buying and I was really anxious to buy this camera but was about to toss it at a wall with the focusing issues and the sales rep had the same problem trying to focus.

Another BIG disappointment with this camera is that there is no “timelapse” feature considering the very high price tag.  They should have definitely put a native timelapse feature into the camera especially since it can record pictures and videos at the same time with 60P video.

The bokeh feature is not that great at all unless you are using it for macros, don’t expect soft blurry background when taking pictures of people it’s not going to happen. I tried it in store and it was very mild nothing like a DSLR background blur and I had the Blur Background setting set to the softest setting for max effect. I can get the same bokeh of macro close up with my Canon S95.

No thread ring in the front lens to install a polarized or ND grad filter.

It has it’s quirks and I’ll wait for Photokina around the corner before buying another camera for now I’ll continue using my Canon S95 which takes great pics and definitely much sharper than the RX100 in jpeg mode.

The RX100 build quality and the ring were really good and much better than the Canon S95 or S100. And yes jpeg’s pics were not sharp at all, I was really disappointed when I took a picture of a striped shirt/logos and zoomed in on the pic with the and details being really soft.

Sales guy also told me he already go one returned because of the softness in the pic especially in the corners from a pro photographer.

I walked in excited to spend $700 on what I thought was a great camera but left really disappointed with the outcome. 

When the dust settles I think people will find way more blurry pics than they had anticipated and many, many more returns going back to the store unless a good firmware corrects the problem, I almost threw the camera at the wall I was so frustrated with the focusing.


11:18 am - Tuesday, August 7, 2012

#60 Joe Prete

Well, I’m impressed. An honest guy! J J that’s just how I felt. You found the problems that I found, and more. Maybe you stuck with it longer, or you’re a better Photographer, but I found it unlikely that this was the perfect camera. Maybe no one had the stones to say it, hey, I wanted it to be a great camera too, but I wasn’t about to lie for them.

I sent an email to Sony, and from what I heard, they received many like it. They responded to me “What we learn from this model, we will apply to the next model” But what about everyone that wrote in to this and many other sites. They wanted the perfect camera so bad that they wore blinders when they bought it. And now, they’re busy convincing each other that they can sell off their other cameras, they now have what they’ve been waiting for. The Perfect Camera. Or at least they’ve talked themselves into believing it. It’s called the “PLACEBO EFFECT” 

Congratulations J J and those who, like me and J J we walked away and kept our money in our pockets, while so many others who are still waiting for the “Focus Confirmation Beep”  and they continue to lie to themselves, and each other! Hey, if they’re happy with it, that’s fine with me. I’ve got to go, I have some good used cameras to buy! ...  Joe Prete

5:18 pm - Tuesday, August 7, 2012

#61 jose kerginaldo de paula

The Sony Cyber??-shot DSC-RX100 features an image “dead”, tipiucal of sony cameras. No matter price, the image is always the same quality, without vivacity.I know there is a significant loss, but see yourself taking a look youtube.My recommendation: Dont spend 700 bucks with this camera.

7:31 pm - Tuesday, August 7, 2012

#62 Joe Prete

Jose I’m with you and J J, the camera is way, way overpriced. In fact, it appears that it was maybe 75% complete when they released it. To me, that makes it worthless, but other people who wanted it, shouldn’t have had to pay more than $300.00 for it. At that price, Sony would still be making a substantial profit on it. But if people have to learn the hard way, let them.  *(Correction Jose the English spelling is “typical” but I understood you just fine, you make a good point!) 

So many of them boasted that they’d be selling most of their other cameras, now that they have the RX100. I’ve been trying to reach many of them for two days now and they seem to have been making empty promises. We’re ready with cash in hand, lets go people, what have you got for sale? Do you have cameras for sale or not? You’ve got you’re little Sony!

9:52 pm - Tuesday, August 7, 2012

#63 AJW

And what to do? Buy or wait? 4 months ago I bought Sony-Cyber-shot-DSC-HX9V which also was described as the best on the earth.  But Sony-Cyber-shot-DSC-HX9V has not Raw format, which is for me important. Sony teachhimself on this model, as stated here, so - probably - soon, will make new version, and what with Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 then (if the changes wii be done also in hardware?) By the way: do you know how to not loose quality if you make changes in JPG - somwhere I foud advice: transform to TIF, make changes, transform to JPG backwards. I will be waiting for your answers. Hallo for everyone, because I am first time on this forum.

8:38 am - Wednesday, August 8, 2012

#64 Joe Prete

If you look, 1-2 weeks earlier than the blogs on the RX100, I wrote “with 1.2 new cameras every day, how do you know when to buy? First you, if you needed RAW, why did you buy a camera without RAW? Now me, This camera looked great, until I started to research it. The camera was about 75% complete, no software, one PDF Book for all to share, blurry pictures, lousy JPEGS, not MAC compatible! Read my posts above, see where I learned more & hated more! My guess is that they also sold the one inch sensors to NIKON. There would be a rush to complete. Everyones party soon ended after they dropped $700.00 US Come on, charge the battery in the camera? Aluminum Body? A guy on dp lost his from his belt case and it’s long gone, so yes it is light!

When to buy is the 64,000.00 question. Those guys are trying to convince themselves that it’s a great camera. I would be very surprised if it cost SONY more than $38.00 per camera to build.
I can’t tell you when to buy, do your homework, study the models and say to yourself “If a new one comes out next week with better something, am I still going to be happy with my purchase. Progress continues, but if you don’t but at a certain point, you won’t be shooting pictures. Study the reviews and comments. Either you’ll figure it out, or you’ll blow several hundred dollars. If you buy yesterdays news, at least get it for a good price. But just asking this question, shows you don’t want to do your homework, you’re trying to get someone to do it for you! Either way, it’s your money and “Buyer Beware”  BTW new to the Forum is no excuse, the old posts are still there to read!

3:54 pm - Wednesday, August 8, 2012

#65 jose kerginaldo de paula

The truth about Sony products, including cameras, of course: ALL Sony products are more expensive than their counterparts in other brands.Is as if Sony had become a grife.Esta RX100 is superior to ALL models sd compact market : It is extremely innovative and has extraordinary quality? How to justify a US$700 camera just like other US$200,300? Unless you do not give value for money or be a millionaire.

4:47 pm - Wednesday, August 8, 2012

#66 AJW

Answer to Joe Prete: I do all my homeworks as good as I can (and belive me I have good results). I need also small compact camera for everday use (canon dslr is to big). When I was buing DSC-HX9V I did not knew that Sony will make compact with RAW so soon, nobody knew. RAW is the best format but JPG is also accepted. I will wait, I will not buy that model, I will probably buy the next one. Joe I have a small museums of cameras: 9 analog cameras and 12 digital cameras. I still make sometimes old gelatin-silver photos. I am amateur, because I do want not to be professional. My approach towards photography is naive, and I want to remain so.

8:57 pm - Wednesday, August 8, 2012

#67 Joe Prete

AJW, I did not mean anything negative to you. I agree with you, Jose and JJ. The thing is these companies (SONY) are playing us. They think whatever they throw together, we will all rush out to buy. But it’s not us, there are so many people looking for a compact camera so they don’t have to lug around their big guns.

The trouble is not us, it’s the people that are too impatient. Even in this review the pictures were not sharp. If SONY gave them the camera just for the review, I guess they have to find some good in it otherwise they won’t get any more cameras to review. I don’t doubt yours or anyones photographic skills. Many times the amateur takes better pictures than the Pro.

If you read my post again, you will see that I’m only saying not to run out and buy a camera before it’s proven it’s quality and features to you. I said to read the prior posts because I don’t have the time to retype it to every new reader. I too, wanted this to be the compact camera to rely on, but if you read my posts, you will see, the more I learned about it, the less I liked it. And that’s what I told who ever was reading it (potential buyers of that elusive camera).

I don’t doubt you have many cameras, most of us do. That’s because we were all looking for the same thing. I put them back in their boxes as a reminder. Not to buy another until it meets or exceeds my expectations. Someday we will use the cameras as decorations or donate them, because the value drops very fast. My $500.00 G9 is worth $39.00 on I’ll sooner use it as a paper weight! I too have many Digital along with my collection of film cameras. I guess I never saw Digital coming!

2:06 am - Thursday, August 9, 2012

#68 Joe Prete

Let me put it this way: To those of you who bought the RX100 we’re glad you did. For the rest of us, let’s see what they’ve learned from the RX100 and most likely, the next one, and the ones after that will progress, and be even better. Everyone learns from their mistakes. Smart, are those who learn from the mistakes of others.
  ... Joe Prete

2:26 am - Thursday, August 9, 2012

#69 JJ

Another important issue I noticed with the Sony RX100 is that it does not have focus priority..meaning that if you press the shutter button half way down the camera will not focus lock as with other cameras.  The camera may have a fast fps but what good is that really if the pictures are out of focus.

As Joe Prete pointed out about the “Focus Confirmation Beep” this camera doesn’t justify $700 with such a major issue.

I’d wait it out as soon there will be many point and shoot cameras with 1 inch sensors that will be able to focus so much better and with sharper images than the RX100.


6:24 am - Thursday, August 9, 2012

#70 G. Edward Jones, Jr.

“Smart, are those who learn from the mistakes of others.”

He who hesitates is lost.

You can spend your life waiting for the next camera which surely will be “perfect” or you can decide whether or not the compromises in the current model meet your needs, realizing that there’s *never* going to be a “perfect” camera.

11:49 am - Thursday, August 9, 2012

#71 Marc

I also bought this camera which i’m very happy with. It is well worth its money.
The comments of a blurry spot is something I have not seen.

Webmaster of Sony DSC RX100 review

4:33 pm - Thursday, August 9, 2012


To G.Edward Jones Jr.
Don’t copy someone else’s quote without putting their name in for the credit. It takes more than just quotation marks.

I think you wish you knew how to write, and apparently you don’t know how to read either. Try to comprehend what you read.

You missed the whole point, and you weren’t even part of the conversation anyhow. Four people where conversing, anyone else was a spectator. I did not see any of them mention you.

The woman had you pegged. You should have left then. Everything you do is “tit for tat” You can’t just read something and leave it at that. Clearly you know everything about everything. Go ahead, prove me right. You can’t resist, can you?

7:29 pm - Thursday, August 9, 2012

#73 jose kerginaldo de paula

For some time now the “your opinion” became a tribune of intrigue, when the purpose, because it is a site fotogtrafia was discussing cameras, which add some coisa.Mas is not what is acontecento, On the one hand I see this as something wrong, on the other hand, see how divertido.Bem, forget digital cameras and we had fun with ... intrigues! It is even more fun ..

12:00 am - Friday, August 10, 2012

#74 AJW

Joe Prete, I agree with you. I found here on the forum the answer for my question (do you know how to not loose quality if you make changes in JPG?):

8:33 am - Friday, August 10, 2012

#75 G. Edward Jones, Jr.

Well, since my last comment appears to have been eaten by the internet…

“Don’t copy someone else’s quote without putting their name in for the credit. It takes more than just quotation marks.”

Yes, I assumed that given the chronological order of the comments and a base level of literacy that most people would understand that I was quoting from two comments above me.  I should have adhered to journalistic standards for, uhm, my comment about a camera on a blog.

“I think you wish you knew how to write,”
-H.Monetti (really, no spaces or anything?)

No, I wish I were a real boy.

“...and apparently you don’t know how to read either.”

No, H.Monetti, I do know how to read.  I am, after all, a proud product of Birmingham, Alabama’s finest public schools.

“Try to comprehend what you read.”

Let me see if I got this.

The Sony RX100 is a universally well reviewed camera and widely considered to be a game changer.  Some people (but not all, not even most that I’ve seen) have focusing issues with said camera.  Because of this (and other niggles, not the least of which is the eye wateringly high price) Joe Prete insinuated that anyone who would by this camera is making a mistake and that the smart people would watch them and wait for the better camera, which will obviously come next.

Wow, this must be what Tom Hanks felt like when he cracked the DaVinci Code.

“You missed the whole point,”

No, I think I got the point. Lots of people like the camera, some don’t. “Wait for the next one” the some who don’t say. “That worked real well for the RX1,” I reply.

“...and you weren’t even part of the conversation anyhow. Four people where conversing, anyone else was a spectator.”

H.Monetti doesn’t understand how the internet works.  You can’t have a private conversation in the comments section of a publicly accessible blog.  The entire purpose of the comments section is to foster public conversation (I’ll let you in on a little secret, if a for profit blog they will use an active comments section as justification for their ad prices on their rate sheet.  Why do you have PhotographyBlog, H.Monetti?).

“I did not see any of them mention you.”

I am, literally, the first person in the comments to mention you.

“The woman had you pegged. You should have left then.”

Her name is Tina, we had a very nice and civil conversation.  I’m not sure how “pegged” she had me since we came to a mutual understanding.

“Everything you do is “tit for tat” You can’t just read something and leave it at that. Clearly you know everything about everything.”

Wow, you got all of that from three comments? Are you a police profiler?

For the record, I am very smart.  But I don’t know a lot about a lot.

“Go ahead, prove me right. You can’t resist, can you?”

Ahhh, I see what you did there.  If I don’t reply you’ve “won” but if I do reply you’ve “won.”  Very sneaky.  Still, you came after me, accusing me of doing the things that you are doing.

Can’t let you get away with that.

I will, however, ignore you utterly and completely in the future.

11:48 am - Friday, August 10, 2012

#76 uumode

Yes it is expensive compared to an SLR. But this camera is one of the best in it’s class. I shoot JPEGS and the images are outstanding, part due to the larger sensor, the ‘real’ Carl Zeiss lens which has T* - not ‘just’ a Carl Zeiss badged lens.

Default sharpness is too harsh, I’ve turned it down a notch so the images are more SLR like. The detail, colour and contrast is incredible with plenty of pop.

ISO 1600 noise is also less than my (old) Canon 350D APS-C, and the lens is better than my Canon zoom lenses. So considering my Canon SLR produces less capable images in a larger bulkier package, it’s now going to be sold. (Most SLR Zooms are f3.5 / f4.0. The Sony is F1.8 so gains about 2 stops on an SLR. So can shoot at ISO 200 where the SLR is shooting at ISO 800)

One slightly annoying thing is you can’t delete photos immediately after a shot. You have to go into playback mode first, then delete.

This is the perfect camera for me (having considered Fuji X100, Canon G1X, Panasonic LX7)

12:37 pm - Friday, August 10, 2012


If you go to the Carl Zeiss web site, and look at the SLR/Compact center column where it describes the Sony/Zeiss partnership that first started in a Sony camcorder. It describes at the middle of the paragraph, how the Sony Digital lenses are designed by Sony and Zeiss and manufactured in a Sony factory using the formula that Sony and Zeiss have approved.

Take what you want from that paragraph, but Zeiss has been making lenses for a long time and they still do. (There’s a picture of a classic Zeiss camera on the same page). It’s not quite the same as a Hasselblad Zeiss T* Lens. (T* indicates the coating). If you would like to see a nice selection of Zeiss lenses,  look at the “Hove Pro Guide, The Hasselblad System” By Bob Shell (5th chapter) Schneier, another top German Lens maker also made some of the Hasselblad lenses.

Are they good lenses? Yes, they are way more than good. So are Canon, Nikon, Fujinon and many others. Tokina, Tamron, Sigma also make very good lenses. I’ll tell you, I witnessed an argument over a bubble in the front element of a very good lens. It ended when the seller took a picture, then took a screw driver and scraped clear across the front element, then took the same picture. He then put the CF card into the reader and put them on a 32” Apple Cinema display. Guess what. Nobody in the store, even the perspective buyer, could tell the difference.

It takes more than a good lens to make a good camera. The Sony RX100 might be a better camera if they sold it for $1000.00
Will it slow people down so they compose their pictures better?
I hope so, but so does a tripod. So, is this a good camera? Many people seem to think it’s the best. Will there ever be a better camera? History shows that the quality of cameras has been getting better and better. Someone, maybe Sony, will find a way to improve it, but since they make most of the sensors, don’t be surprised if it’s Nikon, Canon or one of the many, many camera manufacturers. I think time will tell if this camera is worth $650.

Until then, I’m sure Sony will sell many RX100’s. They won’t make an improvement until the sales slow down to near the end. One thing that gauges a cameras “Bang for your buck” is it’s own availability. The best cameras seem to be hard to get. The RX100 is available everywhere and they’re cutting the price! Now I don’t have a waiting list like Joe Prete, but one thing we do have in common is we like to get our money’s worth. Prete only bought the D4 because Nikon, like Canon is a System Camera. You have to keep up with the System. The D4 has so many options it would take years to learn. He’s still using the D3 and the D700.

We’re just talking about a pocket camera. Most of us already have a dozen or more! If you like it, buy it. You don’t have to advertise for Sony. I use Scott Toilet paper, does any one care? (I’ll bet we’d hear about it if Scott went on strike!) I’ve never seen so many people who all do the same thing, argue like a bunch of kids. If you like the camera, don’t tell Sony, they’ll raise the price Try to work together people, it’s not Football you know!

4:25 am - Saturday, August 11, 2012

#78 Joe Prete

That’s D700 and D3s (I’m just getting my money’s worth) No really, the D3s is still a top performer and the D700 is proving to be an extremely reliable workhorse as well. It’s not like I’m the only one using them. And I’ve used the D4 (mostly on auto) I have no use for video, anyhow we have Camcorders that I know very well.

Anyone using the RX100 and is satisfied with it, I’m happy for you.

6:02 am - Saturday, August 11, 2012

#79 Uumode

The RX100 will appeal to those who liked the Contax T2/T3/TVS, Nikon 35Ti, Leica Minilux type camera which could match or better the performance of an SLR fitted with consumer quality glass.

The RX100 is the first compact to come near in the digital World, and the optic quality and resolution can match some *older* generation digital SLRs and 4 thirds IMHO

I had the Contax T3 and Nikon 35Ti and have been waiting a looong time for the digital equivalent to surface.

However the RX100 isn’t for everyone, just as the Contax T3 /Nikon 35Ti wasn’t for everyone. These were £700-£900 cameras over ten years ago. In todays money that might be £1300 for a compact camera!

9:20 am - Saturday, August 11, 2012

#80 Joe Prete

Very well said. I think that post sums it up perfectly. I hope we can all agree with that, and get back to what it is that we all love to do.

Photography is what brought us together, it shouldn’t be what tears us apart. I’m sorry if I offended anyone through all this bickering.
... Joe Prete

11:52 am - Saturday, August 11, 2012

#81 Bassie

Anyway you look at it, this Sony RX100 is a fenomenal little camera. Amazing detail, good quality lens with a useful zoom range, very clean, low profile and compact design, sharp and contrasty LCD screen and the high ISO image quality is great too.

I think it actually betters most micro 4/3 and SLR camera’s in portability. Actually, the image quality is not far off either. I’d pick this camera over any micro 4/3 camera and the Fuji X10.

I love the clean low profile design, the programmable ring and function button and the fact you can shoot close-up without having to switch to a special macro mode. At the end of the day, a nicely build camera is nothing if it can’t deliver the image quality. The Sony RX100 definitively delivers.

Ten frames per second burst and you can actually shoot ISO1600 and maybe even ISO3200 with this camera and get very good 30x40cm prints! Hardly any color noise and the noise pattern is very subtle. The 20 megapixel sensor delivers images with excellent detail and leaves room for some cropping too.

All the cry babies here, please shut up. This is a great camera and you know it. Sony has raised the bar with this one. And now, I’m going to order mine right away.

7:58 pm - Sunday, August 12, 2012

#82 Diana

Quick question here: I’m a new mum-to-be, and would like a camera that is pocketable & quiet (I have an old Canon 400D but don’t want to wake baby up whilst I take a zillion photos of him/her)

So… would the Sony RX100 be good in low light, and would it be fast enough to catch a moving/screaming/laughing baby indoors, without use of a flash?

Also- any recommendations on something else? I can push to this amount, budgetwise, but something cheaper would also be good (& yes - I do plan to replace my canon 400D with this, as I never bother to carry it around anymore)

10:47 pm - Sunday, August 12, 2012

#83 Bassie

Yes Diana, the Sony RX100 is quiet and it has excellent image quality in low light (higher ISO’s). Of course a full frame DSLR will do better, but I don’t think that is what you are looking for. Those camera’s are bigger, heavier and produce more noise. The RX100 is not a perfect camera, it has some corner softening and some other quirks, but I think it’s simply the best in it’s class.

6:01 am - Monday, August 13, 2012

#84 Joe Prete

Just wanted to let those interested in the RX100 know that a friend bought one, at one of the largest dealers that advertises here, and he was able to get a much better price than Sony’s lowest allowed advertised price.

So if you’re going to get one, it won’t hurt any to try to get a better price. This may work better in person, but either way it is worth it to give it a try.

5:39 pm - Monday, August 13, 2012

#85 photographer 1234567890

PLEASE “” moderate your comment section!

The vast majority of comments here are:  “I believe”, “I think” or arguments of specifications.  It seems like no one has actually used this camera!

To all the people that love to post comments based on internet “research” (repeating what others have said, and most of those people also have not actually used the camera) creates a culture of stupidity!

Please do NOT post regurgitated info (unless you give sources to your quotes AND the original info was gathered through actual usage).

Please do NOT post what you “think” or “believe”.

Please DO post what you have observed through using the camera.  Hopefully over a period of time.  Playing around with a camera in a store is better than an “opinion”, but it takes time to get familiar with a camera and its quirks, to truly know what it is capable of, and what the camera genuinely lacks.

People are busy, and they look online to see what actual users of a camera have observed.  Peoples guesses are NOT helpful! 

Also, please run your spell check, before posting (all computers have this - I hope, I’m a Mac guy; all Macs do) as confusion due to spelling errors only adds to the misinformation!  Thanks!

2:35 am - Wednesday, August 15, 2012

#86 H. Monetti

Sure Photographer who can count,
We’ll all go out and get a camera that we really can’t afford to make a mistake on, just for you. Is there anything else you would like? Maybe a set of your own, so you can post your name along with your complaints?

Like the guys over at dp, one whose RX100 locked up on him while in Italy on a vacation? btw, 3 weeks old and Sony wants him to send it into service. Maybe that sounds okay to you, but he needs an exchange, hopefully before the bill comes. If you took the time to read, you would know that several people here returned the camera, and some never took it out of the dealers hands. It is close, but no cigar. I’m sure you own yours already.

The Author here owns one, I’m sure he will share the information with us if anything new comes up, since he did the review.

5:34 am - Wednesday, August 15, 2012

#87 jose kerginaldo de paula

1234567890 photographer seems the owner doPhotography Blog.A importante.Afinal everyone’s opinion is, we live in a democracy, and we have the right to express ourselves, or write what pensamos.Ou Should we shut up and leave the site more lifeless, like other sites Similar? These reviews are fun and especially with the participation of povo.Viva la democracia!

4:13 pm - Wednesday, August 15, 2012

#88 jose kerginaldo de paula

The Photography Blog site work is to analyze cameras, giving a path, the specifications of a particular camera, and your opinion final.É the work site. Each may have their preferences, regardless of site.É a right of each. the right to expressar.If any exaggeration, I believe that the site does not publish the post.Till now only see fun (and believe me, many informative). I don’t see so far, the need to put a moderator.Do way it is is a tribune free, fun, where each expresses a thought.Continue the good work.Photography Blog. Congratulations for neutral stance.

4:44 pm - Wednesday, August 15, 2012

#89 Joe Prete

1,2,3, etc.
Now, you’ve done it. I’m going to keep this one as brief and to the point as possible, because I guess you don’t know me.
The site is a business. It makes it’s money by attracting readers. If we weren’t hoping the RX100 was for us, we wouldn’t be here. But we’re following it, and at least we’re coming close. Maybe the very next model will be the pocket camera we’re looking for.

The site makes it’s money by visitors and hits, and we supply both. Whether our posts are good, bad or otherwise we all get our say. We may bicker a bit, but in the end we’re still friends. Therefore, every Man, Woman or Child gets their say. My own posts are usually moderated by one of my two partners, who don’t get as steamed as I do. Still, we’re over 80 entries here.

If you want to stay, fine, if not it’s a very big web out there, all you need is one that can count like you do. I really don’t know what the counting is about, but that’s your business and I don’t really care. Now do you have a comment about the camera or do you want to count again? ... Joe Prete

6:24 pm - Wednesday, August 15, 2012

#90 Joe Prete

This camera will easily suit your needs, but there are also many, many other less expensive cameras that will do the job.
That’s not why I’m writing though, as I’m sure you know, but a reminder won’t hurt, using a flash on a newborn, infant or child can be dangerous. If the Baby’s room has a window on the north side, that and a reflector alone should be all you need.
The Northern light is always better for this type of picture with it’s broad soft natural stream, you’ll be fine with available light, and the natural look will show in your photographs. 
Congratulations, and I wish you the Best of Luck. ... Joe Prete

11:33 pm - Wednesday, August 15, 2012

#91 uumode

The important thing to recognise is everything is subjective and down to personal preference. For example, for me the default JPEG sharpness is unnatural and over the top, for another poster it is too soft. Subjectively for me, most compact digicams exaggerate the sharpness and the colours, which I ‘guess’ is why most seasoned photographers hate the JPEG format, as it looks pretty horrendous compared to RAW. The RX100’s JPEGS are not too bad, just like the Fuji X100’s which are less compact camera, and more SLR like.

Having used the RX100 more, it might be a little fiddly in operation for somebody with larger hands. It is pretty dinky. For low light use which most people will get this for I guess, it excels in the wide angle end where it can call upon the f1.8 but loses the advantage at telephoto. So if you are mainly a telephoto shooter, then this is less suited.

Thankfully I am in the 28mm and classic 35mm focal length ranges.
If you are trading up from a smaller sensor camera, you will find you miss focus more because of the shallower depth of field caused by a. the larger sensor and b. the f1.8 aperture. If you are using ‘averaged’ focus from the multipoint autofocus this will give a soft image at f1.8, you need to switch to spot and latch on to your specific target.

If you are comparing it to your SLR, this will have less isolation power particularly at telephoto where the apertures are smaller and laws of physics compared to APS-C/4 thirds.

There are two omissions that Sony left out for me.
1. Indication on the image preview of blow out highlights,it has it has histogram, but no clipped highlights. It does have clipped highlights AFTER you have shot an image, but not when composing a live preview.
2. It also doesn’t have a focal length indication, the focal length only shows when you start zooming. Personally I would like a constantly displayed focal length like the shutter and aperture. Otherwise the focal length becomes a little arbitrary like on a super-zoom compact camera. I feel if I can respect specific focal lengths 28mm/35mm/50mm/85mm, I will shoot and frame with it in mind, rather than using it as a substitute for moving with my legs.

Those sitting on the fence would benefit from a natural price drop after a few months. I bought mine for a holiday so had to pay full whack.

The battery by the way is pretty incredible, it lasted a whole day at a theme park (I had a spare, but did not have to use it), it also lasted the next day when we went strawberry picking. A grand total of more than 650 shots which is way more than the 330 advertised. Your mileage may vary of course.

The monitor you view them on is also important, IPS monitors are the best like Apple. Viewing on my PCs they look pretty lack lustre. On my Mac it comes to life.

11:22 am - Thursday, August 16, 2012

#92 Sony DSC RX100

Hey fantastic article. Do you know if this also applies to frames shot with the Sony DSC RX100.
I have a Sony DSC RX100 review but I’m not sure if using it with a Mac is 100% trouble free.
Is this something you have counted? (and solved)

9:33 pm - Monday, August 20, 2012

#93 H. Monetti

The RX1OO Software is Pre installed on the camera and it is NOT MAC COMPATIBLE. It sounds like you have not done your homework yet. Sorry, but there is quite a bit to know before purchasing this camera. You should really know what you’re getting yourself into.

2:14 am - Tuesday, August 21, 2012

#94 Printing companies Alameda County

one of the best company , image quality is so nice , over all functionality is awsome . love it

11:24 am - Thursday, August 30, 2012

#95 dgf

Bought it 4 days ago.The ultimate compact camera!
Minor cons: 1. Lack od ND filter 2. As I have big hans need a grip desperately,going to get the Franiec one 3. In-camera raw conversion whould be a must 4. Need definately a second battery 5. Brightness in tele end should be less than existing 6. Top PASM plate small and womanish,beeter use the ring on the lens.
Nevertheless,best compact one can buy for till around 2014..

9:50 pm - Thursday, August 30, 2012

#96 H. Monetti

Read your post, then read the first line again. You are contradicting yourself. Why not just admit that the camera has faults, it’s not good enough for you and you’ll look at the next version. Or are you going to spend the same money next year at just about the same time. Do you have that much money to waste?  Maybe you’ll just drool while looking at the next version. I think you should really review this purchase before it’s too late.

I’ll tell you the sign of a really great product, it’s when you can’t find it in stock, it’s SOLD OUT. This camera is available for “next day delivery” everywhere. Look back at this post when I have the second version, or DSC RX200

10:56 pm - Thursday, August 30, 2012

#97 Laura H.

I bought one in a bundle from Beach Camera on Amazon. It arrived yesterday, and I thought others might like to see the images from today. I know they are pedestrian, but they represent a big improvement over what I was taking with my old p&s, a canon SD1101. See them at

Comments so far:
The low light images are flat out amazing. It was so dark last night that I could hardly see to eat, and the camera saw more than I did.

The action scene modes freezes the action great outdoors. It would probably do so indoors, too, but I don’t like to use the flash so I turned it off. I will have to experiment more with indoor images to get them sharp with no flash.

The color does seem off in the the pet scene mode. My dog’s eyes are more golden than rendered.

I like being able to crop 75% of the image away and still have a highly reproducable image. See the pepper pic online…

The camera fits my hands really well, and I’m getting used to the wheel and ring functions and navigation. It may take me awhile to not accidently change scene modes when I think I’m changing dof.

The camera is very, very quiet and I don’t see any shutter lag.

The battery door is as flimsy as everyone says it is.

Video is amazing. Much, much clearer than what I was used to.

All in all, I’m pleased so far. Thanks for all those who posted, both the positive and the negative- your comments helped me be more informed.

5:03 am - Sunday, September 2, 2012

#98 Joe Prete

Laura H.,
Very good considering you just got it, when you learn it well they should be excellent Photographs. It was tiny in my hands, even the grip wouldn’t help. This camera is like a car, that’s all engine, if you can control it, great, So good luck to you, it does seem like you’ll control it well. I hope you attached the strap, and get a case for it because I’m hearing about a lot of accidents. It’s hard to believe a camera like this is so light and small. I gave you some critique on your photos, sorry kind of a habit, but you did very well.  again, Good luck to you Laura. ... Joe Prete

7:28 am - Sunday, September 2, 2012

#99 IK

I’m complete an beginner when it comes to photo world, but even beginner can see problems with detail (resolution) in sample photos. JPEG processing may be the main problem, but it may be more complex than that as well. Also, some photos seem overprocessed to me. In few words: as much as I am pleased that Sony has put decent sensor and smaller aperture lens in a small package (this is the right direction for serious compacts), the overall quality of its photos does not seem among best in its class. So superlatives need some caution.

11:29 am - Thursday, September 6, 2012

#100 IK

Also, it’s possible that there is a certain level of spin present here. Anyway, it’s the best for everyone to use their own eyes and to make their own conclusions about good and bad, rather than just to accept opinions of the others.

11:36 am - Thursday, September 6, 2012

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