Sony NEX-5 Review

July 5, 2010 | Gavin Stoker | |

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With the popularity of mirror-less, interchangeable lens camera systems with ample-sized sensors continually growing at a steady rate it was inevitable that other companies would jump on the...
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A video review of the Sony NEX-5 interchangeable lens camera. Read our full review at: This is Sony's first ILC camera and it's currently...
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In this review, we continue to evaluate the new Sony NEX-5( After giving our first impressions last week, we continue to test the camera, this time with the kit 18-55mm...
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More info here: Exclusive film tutorials: Watch over 6 hours of free tutorials here: Get the camera on...
From: Tom Antos
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Time: 09:56 More in Film & Animation The Sony NEX 5 is part of the Sony mirrorless camera line. Probably my favorite...
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This is the Sony NEX-5R, the latest addition to the NEX range, and the direct replacement for the NEX-5N. Compared with the NEX-5N there's a re-designed APS-C sensor, improved sensitivity...
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Обзор и впечатления от новой миниатюрной фотокамеры Sony NEX-5 Подробности на
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Camera: Sony NEX-5 Size: 1080 Lens: 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 50mm F1.4 Adapter: Sony LA-EA1.
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Обзор легендарной линейки камер SONY NEX 5 Когда появилась, особенности, оптика, примеры фото с SONY NEX 5 и рассказ...
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Hey everyone! I'll be taking a look at the Sony NEX-5R, the latest camera in the NEX lineup and the replacement of the NEX-5N. Its sure to be a popular compact system camera with a whole bunch...
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