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December 19, 2012 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | |

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#1 JS

Pretty much everything I need in a camera. Lens could be sharper.

4:22 pm - Wednesday, December 19, 2012

#2 Frank Stanton

Thank you very much for the camera review. The only thing I could not get a sense of was the camera’s capability as a street/urban camera. The photos taken were so uninteresting and narrow in scope. I wish you would have shot around London where you could have really given the camera a meaningful workout.

5:01 pm - Wednesday, December 19, 2012

#3 Fredy Ross

I have the 5n and the 6 and am happy with both. However I can’t download the free apps as it says it is incompatible with my samsung galaxy note. Pity as I wanted to use it as a remote control. Any help most appreciated as I don’t know what to do?

5:45 pm - Wednesday, December 19, 2012

#4 GJH

I have been using the Nex for three weeks. It’s a fantastic platform and accounts extremely well as a street camera, a portrait camera and for shooting landscapes. I have just got into shooting action so will hold my opinion on that until completed. The low ISo range and hybrid combination for focusing is really awesome, the ability to use lenses such as the Juniper 50 1.5 through an adapter with Sony’s manual assist focus is superb. By the way I use the Sony Wifi and find it really easy for remote control and to transfer images wirelessly.

6:46 pm - Wednesday, December 19, 2012

#5 dj

NEX6+12-50 = fabulous bit of kit!

well done Sony!

6:32 am - Thursday, December 20, 2012

#6 business portraits

Sony NEX-6 camera look is so different and very beautiful. This camera result is very clear and this price is normal every people purchase the camera very easily.

2:38 pm - Saturday, December 29, 2012

#7 Oliver

Sample Video - 404 - Not Found

1:43 am - Saturday, January 26, 2013

#8 BlackBox

What really amazes me is how fast Sony takes action on their own mistakes. NEX-7 was way too expensive with its huge sensor. So, there you are, a cheaper version thereof with a more sensible sensor. Good job.

But where Sony invariably fails in ALL their projects is the product start-up. In 1985 Minolta introduced the Minolta AF line. It came out with three cameras, 30 (THIRTY!) lenses as well as several flashguns and converters. Sony has already produced a dozen of NEX’s and still NO good affordable lenses. All of them are either cheap and bad or very good but prohibitively expensive. They are also extremely large and heavy which makes buying NEX’s plain stupid - why bother with a small body if the weight and size of the lens is just slightly larger than the Moon.

6:16 am - Saturday, March 2, 2013

#9 Retiredtraveller

This camera produces what you would expect for the money - high quality images, good low light capability and excellent HD movies.
There are many design short comings which are listed with product improvement suggestions as follows:
1. Operation of the MENU function produces annoying information flags within about 2 seconds - which do not clear until moving to the next menu option. The next Menu option is obscured by the information flag. There should be an option to adjust the information flag display turn on time and display duration and the option to turn OFF the information flags altogether.
2. MOVIE Button -  is very difficult to access on the side, esp in low light.
3. WI FI - no option to turn off. Turning this facility off would save power.
4. SINGLE SHOT MODE - takes too long to write data to card - significantly limits shot to shot time. Why not write to RAM between shots ?
5. SCREEN IMAGE TERMINATED when selecting/changing ANY of the Shoot Mode functions. Full screen information regarding the selected mode is displayed which will not clear until the shutter release/focus button is partially depressed. This Shoot Mode information should automatically clear after a pre determined time eg 2 seconds after which time the lens image should be displayed. Again, an option could be made whereby the user could turn this “feature” off.
6. FLASH SHOE - I would like to see some form of keeper alongside the flash shoe to retain the flash shoe protector when the flash shoe is in use - too easy to lose the protector
7. LENS CAP - I would like to see the lens cap have an elastic retaining cord (for attachment to the camera body) to prevent loss.
8. MOVIE RECORDING warning on the screen is very difficult to read when recording.
9. USB 2 interface - why not USB3 ? Many PCs now have USB3 as standard build - the time to download video by USB 2 is ridiculous. USB3 has displaced eSATA as the new data transfer standard.
10. SHUTTER RELEASE NOISE is a dull mechanical CLUNK. I would like to see an option for selecting one of several shutter release noises with an option to turn off the shutter release noise completely.
11. FLASH POWER is very limited and requires the use of high ISO settings to achieve a limited range - at the expense of ISO noise.
12. LCD SCREEN PROTECTOR should be fitted as standard. When using the OLED view finder, the LCD is smeared when coming into contact with the face. A screen protector would make cleaning easier in the field with less chance of scratching the screen.
13. CAMERA FEEL is compromised by what appears to be recycled plastic - feels cheap ! The DSC-HX9V looked and felt better quality.
14. LENS LIMITATIONS - the NEX camera series needs a quality low light zoom lens of fixed focal length eg 16 - 50mm F1.8 and a portrait lens 75/85mm F1.8.
15. 2nd CUSTOM BUTTON needed which could be assigned to Autofocus Area options eg Spot/Multi/Flexi Spot. The location of the 2nd Custom Button could be in-between the flash button and the ELV.
16. SHARPNESS – missing from image processing options – why ?
17. REAL COLOR missing from image processing options – why ?
18 EXTERNAL FLASH – only the most expensive and the largest flash (HVL-F60M) is directly capable of attaching to this camera without a hot shoe adaptor – very poor.
19. NO EXTENDED WARRANTY option on purchase. With two out of two of my previous Sony cameras developing warranty faults within the first year, I am concerned about the product reliability outside of the first year. My previous Sony cameras which developed faults referred to above were a DSC-HX9V and a DSC-HX20V. After nearly 5 weeks, I am still waiting on the return of my DSCHX20V from the Sony “service” centre.
19 CLOSING COMMENTS - the operational design of the software in this camera is in many cases aimed at the user being a novice/beginner
This camera is clearly featured and marketed towards the advanced user, who I feel would find the condescending approach taken by the excessive display and display time of basic information flags as being VERY annoying which compromises the camera’s excellent photographic capabilities . Many of these cases are an example of engineering excellence being let down by the software developers.
In regards to the NEX-6 Photography Blog review, it is a pity that the reviewer has chosen to depart from the earlier Image Quality reference medium where it was possible to make comparison between ISO performances of various generations of cameras

5:44 pm - Wednesday, March 20, 2013


after the implementation of all the suggested recommendations, perhaps the price of the camera is going to went up to align with the CANON 6D…based on the price tag and what it’s offering…the NEX-6 is a great camera…my 2 cents…:0)

7:14 pm - Saturday, June 15, 2013

#11 DRO?

I see that while there is an HDR function on this camera, there has been no mention of a DRO. I am in between this camera and the NEX-F3. The DRO on the F3 seems extremely practical and functional - I would be interested to know if there is an app for this function that is available to the NEX-6?

I would appreciate insight into this matter.

2:39 pm - Wednesday, July 24, 2013

#12 @RetiredTraveller

Hello @RetiredTraveller

I’ll try to respond to your complaints based on my experience with the NEX-6:

1. Operation of the MENU function produces annoying information flags within about 2 seconds - You can turn these “Tips” off in the camera’s menu.
2. MOVIE Button -  No comment, haven’t used it yet.
3. WI FI - There is no option, because WiFi is always off until you use it.
4. SINGLE SHOT MODE - The whole point of the Single Shot mode is to force a delay between shots. If you want faster shots, change the mode to continuous, or speed priority.
5. SCREEN IMAGE TERMINATED - Agreed. Seems to be a there just because other cameras don’t have a dedicated mode dial and Sony didn’t bother modifying the software.
6. FLASH SHOE - Good idea, though I have the feeling you can probably find third party accessories for this purpose.
7. LENS CAP - This is something you can get as a third party accessory. Myself, I’ve found that I could avoid lens caps altogether when shooting by replacing them with UV filters. Your glass is protected and you don’t need to fumble about with a cap.
8. MOVIE RECORDING - No comment, I haven’t tried recording yet.
9. USB 2 interface - USB3 would be nice indeed, though I haven’t seen any camera do this yet. Still early days I’m afraid.
10. SHUTTER RELEASE NOISE - it’s a “mechanical clunk” because the noise is due to a mechanical shutter! This isn’t some artificial noise, so it can’t simply be changed or removed (though the mechanical shutter can be tweaked)
11. FLASH POWER - You’ll find that most integrated flashes are fairly weak, though I’ve had no problem with this myself.
12. LCD SCREEN PROTECTOR - I don’t think any company does this, though it certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea. You can buy cheap third party protectors.
13. CAMERA FEEL - Certainly the camera doesn’t look as premium as other mirrorless cams out there (GX-7), but the rugged and textured plastic on the NEX-6 makes it feel solid and offers much more grip than the smooth plastic or magnesium bodies of the old NEX-3 and NEX-5.
14. LENS LIMITATIONS - Yup, lens selection still isn’t great.
15. 2nd CUSTOM BUTTON - you can set up the “Fn” button to have up to 5 (I believe) functions for quick access. Works great!
16. SHARPNESS – Post-processing
17. REAL COLOR - not sure what “real colour” is, but all this can be done on your RAW files in post.
18 EXTERNAL FLASH – It’s a standard hot shoe, so you can get any flash you want, not just Sony flashes.
19. NO EXTENDED WARRANTY - I believe you can get extended warranty from the likes of Best Buy.

I don’t believe Sony has EVER created decent software, so it’s not surprise to me to find that this is still their weakest point. That said, the camera itself is superb, and once you’ve come to grips with the ridiculous menus and you fine-tune the customizable buttons, you have access to an immensely powerful camera in a very compact package.

4:38 pm - Friday, August 2, 2013

#13 john

How does the RX100 (not the II) compare with the NEX6 and 16-50mm lens?  IQ superior still with the NEX6 and 16-50mm lens?

1:28 am - Tuesday, November 26, 2013

#14 Snope

I wonder what some people expect from this camera when I see this lift of “design short comings”. Send these points to Sony instead of writing a comment here.
Anyway a lot of these points aren´t real “design short comings” but more “operator short comings”.
1. Like said, turn the tips off.
2. Get used to it. People complained about the Nex 7 button that was too easy to hit so Sony moved it on the Nex 6.
3. That´s because it is not always on. It only is activaded when hitting the WiFi button.

6. That´s a problem all cameras with these protector have. Solution: Don´t use it - it is not needed. Canon and other brands don´t have it and it doesn´t damage the cameras.
7. Other brands don´t have this as well - get a lens cap with cord from ebay.

12. Get a display protection foil from ebay - I don´t know any brand which delivers one with their cameras.
13. Matter of taste. I know both cameras and the Nex 6 doesn´t feels cheap. If you just want a better “feel”, get the Nex 7.

16.-17. Use RAW. It´s an enthusiast camera, not a toy producing half-baked JPEGs.
19. Well, that is bad luck. But extended warranty won´t speed up the repair.

Most of these problems can be served when using the camera properly and getting used to it.
It is clearly aimed to enthusiast photographers but “novices” could use it as well therefore one can enable the tips. Even higher priced cameras of higher classes have Auto modes or scene modes. Instead of complaining it would be better to get used to the camera - also a difference between “novices” and experienced photographers.

2:44 pm - Sunday, April 6, 2014

#15 Retired Traveller

Thanks to those of you who have pointed out a few comments which needed clarifying regarding the NEX-6.
And yes, I have eventually fed back to Sony a list of product concerns - but has anyone actually tried to communicate with Sony (and not an independent contract company - especially verbally ? Almost impossible.
My results were based upon my initial post purchase experience.
Since posting my comments above, I have taken about 9,000 photos while travelling Europe.
This experience has resulted in the general observation of a high percentage of out of focus photos which required deletion.
The lens SEL18200 was especially troublesome in producing accurately focused photos.
The SEL5018 was a very good performer, esp in low light. My Zeiss 24mm F1.8 was infrequently used although the images were OK when used.
The NEX-6 developed a catastrophic fault in Italy when the screen (on power up) produced (on a white background) an error message warning of a serious fault and to power the camera down.
After delivering my camera to a Sony Store, I was told it was lost - but found much later - had to go to the Sony Japan web page (and use Google Translate) to get the camera fixed - they eventually replaced the camera. The fault was in the shutter mechanism which is apparently rated at 10,000 operations.
The end result - I sold the NEX-6 with the all the lens and bought a Nikon D800E + a range of F2.8 lens - which is much more expensive and heavier option but the main benefits are in the rapid accurate focusing and unbelievably sharp and detailed images. I can handle the extra weight - it is worth the inconvenience to have such fantastic quality images of trips whereby I do not have to delete a high percentage which are out of focus. I can recommend a site to those of you who may not be aware of it as it seems to be independent -
It may also be of interest to some in that the Nikon D800E does have USB3 connectivity.

3:58 am - Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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