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Nikon WP-N3 Waterproof Case

The Nikon WP-N3 is a new underwater case for the Nikon 1 J4 compact system camera. Depth rated for 45m, the Nikon WP-N3 is designed to accommodate the Nikon 1 J4 with the 1 Nikkor VR 10–30mm PD-ZOOM lens or the 1 Nikkor 11–27.5mm f/3.5–5.6 lens attached. Comfortable to grip, even when you’re wearing gloves, key camera controls remain easy to access. When used with the Underwater Speedlight SB-N10, underwater flash photography is also possible. Pricing and availability have yet to be confirmed.

Nikon Press Release

Advanced Camera with Interchangeable Lenses Nikon 1 J4
WP-N3 Waterproof Case
SB-N10 Underwater Speedlight

April 10, 2014

A stylish, compact, and lightweight camera offering superior performance with tracking of moving subjects with the world's fastest* continuous shooting with AF tracking, and excellent image quality that makes full-scale photography possible

TOKYO - Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the new Nikon 1 J4, the latestaddition to the J series of Nikon 1 advanced cameras with interchangeable lenses that propose new forms of imaging expression.

The Nikon 1 J4 is a model with which performance with tracking of moving subjects that exceeds that of digital SLR cameras, and advanced shooting functions with excellent image quality that makes full-scale photography possible, have been incorporated in a compact and lightweight body.

It offers 105 focus points with phase-detection AF and 171 focus points with contrast-detect AF. 105 densely packed focus points positioned over a broad range of the frame ensure precise acquisition of moving subjects. The NIKON 1 J4 supports high-speed continuous shooting at the world's fastest* continuous shooting rate of approximately 20 fps with AF tracking, and up to 60 fps when focus is locked. Ultra high-speed AF capable of capturing the perfect moment, ultra high-speed continuous shooting, and Best Moment Capture mode useful when it is difficult to gauge the best time to press the shutter-release button enable optimal response for capturing subject movement or fleeting expressions.

Equipped with 18.4-million pixels, a super high-speed AF CMOS sensor with no low-pass filter, and the latest EXPEED 4A image-processing engine, the NIKON 1 J4 offers superior image quality.

It is also equipped with a number of advanced features that allow users to easily capture images as intended. Among these are a TFT LCD touch screen that enables intuitive operation, built-in Wi-Fi® for simple transfer and sharing of high-quality images, and a variety of functions for recording 1920 x 1080/60p full-HD movies, including Fast Motion, Jump Cut, and 4-second Movie.

What's more, two new dedicated Nikon 1 accessories will also be released at the same time as the NIKON 1 J4: the WP-N3 Waterproof Case, and the full-scale Underwater SB-N10 Speedlight that allows users to fully enjoy the new values of the Nikon 1 system with underwater photography.

* Among digital cameras with interchangeable lenses available as of April 10, 2014. Statement based on Nikon research.

NIKON 1 J4 Primary Features

Moving-subject tracking performance superior to that of digital SLR cameras

Densely arranged focus points

Very dense arrangement of 105 focus points with phase-detection AF and 171 focus points with contrast-detect AF ensures precise acquisition of the intended subject with dense coverage over a broad range of the frame.

The world's fastest* high-speed continuous shooting at approximately 20 fps with AF tracking, and high-speed operation with a shorter shooting time lag

The superior AF-tracking performance of the NIKON 1 J4 enables capture of even moving subjects in sharp focus. At approximately 20 fps, the NIKON 1 J4 also boasts a high-speed continuous shooting rate that exceeds that of digital SLR cameras and is the world's fastest. This, along with an even shorter shooting time lag, ensures certain capture of decisive moments.

New function for high-speed continuous shooting: Active Selection

20 frames are automatically recorded at high speed shortly before or after the shutter-release button is fully pressed. From these, users can choose the best shots for storage.

* Among digital cameras with interchangeable lenses available as of April 10, 2014. Statement based on Nikon research.

Equipped with 18.4-million pixels, a super high-speed AF CMOS sensor with no low-pass filter, and the latest EXPEED 4A image-processing engine for superior image quality

The NIKON 1 J4 captures images exhibiting excellent detail and very little noise over a broad range of sensitivities, from ISO 100-12800. In addition, it is equipped with a noise-reduction function that effectively suppresses noise, even with shooting in dark surroundings, by taking multiple shots that are then combined to create a single photo exhibiting superior image quality.

Intuitive and practical operation

TFT LCD touch screen monitor

The NIKON 1 J4 is equipped with a 3-inch, approximately 1037k-dot, electrostatic touch screen with which touch operations can be used to focus and track subjects, making shooting simpler and more intuitive.

Settings and imaging functions that make the most of touch operation

Feature menu: By simply pressing the feature button on the multi selector during shooting or with image playback, detailed settings that can be quickly adjusted are displayed. In addition to adoption of simple icons that are very easy to see and read, and the ability to precisely specify settings such as shutter speed, aperture value, and ISO sensitivity, users can also choose from five shooting modes (Auto, Creative, Best Moment Capture, Motion Snapshot, and Advanced Movie).

Creative Palette: Users can preview creative effects such as brightness, vividness, and white balance in real time by rotating the palette displayed in the monitor. Images exhibiting the desired results can be captured by simply pressing the shutter-release button when the preview display reflects the user's intent.

Built-in Wi-Fi®

Built-in Wi-Fi® allows users to easily transfer high-quality still images recorded with the NIKON 1 J4 to a smart device, from which they can be shared.

Advanced movie-recording functions

1920 x 1080/60p full-HD movie with built-in vibration reduction function

1920 x 1080/60p full-HD movies up to approximately 10 minutes in length can be recorded. The electronic vibration reduction (e-VR) function built into the camera can be used to process movies to reduce the effects of camera shake that occurs with movie recording.

Advanced Movie mode that stimulates creativity

Functions that support recording of original and creative movies that users will want to share have been added to Advanced Movie mode, which allows users to record movies in [P], [S], [A], or [M] movie exposure mode.

Fast Motion: Fast-motion movies that play back at about four times normal speed are recorded. Playback time is one quarter the recording time.

Jump Cut: Recording pauses every other second for a drop-frame effect.

4-second Movie: Recording automatically stops after four seconds. This creates a short movie suitable for posting on social networking services and the like. In addition, up to eight clips can be joined into a single movie using the Combine 4-second Movies option in the playback menu.

Auto Image Capture during movie recording

The camera records full-sized still images automatically while movies are being recorded. The maximum number of photos that can be taken during recording of a single movie is 20.

Improved Motion Snapshot

In Motion Snapshot mode, simply pressing the shutter-release button records a still image and about 1.6 s of slow-motion movie footage before, and depending upon settings after, the user presses the shutter-release button. With the NIKON 1 J4, ambient sound can also be recorded with Motion Snapshots. In addition, the camera can be used to combine movie segments of up to eight Motion Snapshots to create a single movie.

A square design that reflects the minimalistic concept behind Nikon 1 cameras

An elegant design has been achieved with a seamless, square form and use of materials with a metallic feel that makes the camera seem solid. In addition, the NIKON 1 J4 is available in four colors, including a distinctive orange. Lenses sold as part of lens kits with camera bodies also come in the same color as the camera body, allowing users to enjoy coordinating their camera and lens for an integrated look even with an interchangeable-lens camera.

WP-N3 Waterproof Case Primary Features

Waterproof to a depth of 45 m (147 ft.), the WP-N3 plays an active role in underwater activities such as diving
Designed for a compact size and a firm grip
Supports zoom operations
When used with the Underwater Speedlight SB-N10, underwater flash photography is possible
The flash can be turned on or off according to the scene
Shutter lever and movie-record button positioned close together for smooth selection of, or switching between, recording methods

SB-N10 Underwater Speedlight Primary Features

High flash output with a guide number of 28/92 at full power (ISO 100, m/ft.)
Waterproof to a depth of 100 m (328 ft.)
TTL and manual flash control are possible
Supports a number of accessories, including the Underwater Bracket SK-N10A*, which can be used to mount the SB-N10 on a waterproof case, the Underwater Wide-Flash Adapter SW-N10A (supplied), which expands the angle of illumination when attached to the SB-N10, the Underwater Fiber-Optic Cable SC-N10A*, which transmits light from the camera's built-in flash to the SB-N10, and the Underwater Fiber-Optic Cable Adapter SR-N10A*, which is used to connect the underwater fiber-optic cable to the head of the flash built into the Nikon 1 AW1

*The SK-N10A, SC-N10A, and SR-N10A are available separately.

Published: Thursday, April 10, 2014

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