Assist Gavin Bond on his Celebrity Photo Shoot

August 12, 2010 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Global | Comment |

Talenthouse has teamed up with celebrity photographer Gavin Bond and, to open a worldwide search for aspiring photographers.  The search is aimed to give one lucky photographer the opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade and work with Gavin on set during one of his upcoming celebrity photo shoots. Photographers are asked to visit Talenthouse and submit a photograph by 9 September 2010 that best evokes the theme of up his upcoming shoot, “Passion”. Besides working with Gavin on set, the selected photographer will also receive travel and accommodations to the shoot which will take place in either Los Angeles or New York. They will also see their winning submission appear on

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Assist Gavin Bond on his shoot

Host: Gavin Bond and

Fashion photographer Gavin Bond invites Talenthouse and photographers to submit a photo that best evokes the theme of his upcoming shoot – passion – for the chance to assist him on the set.

Gavin is seeking a Talenthouse photographer who understands how to beautifully and artistically capture feeling in a photograph. He is looking for a budding photographer who can assist him with lighting and preparation while learning valuable tips from an industry professional.

Gavin Bond is a respected, in-demand fashion and portrait photographer who has worked with celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry, Victoria’s Secret models (Gisele Bündchen & Alessandra Ambrosio), Seth Rogan, and Owen Wilson. Gavin recently finished touring with Green Day as their personal behind-the-scenes photographer.

Gavin will select the winner from the 100 highest voted submissions.

The winner will receive travel and accommodations to assist Gavin Bond on his celebrity photo shoot. The shoot will take place either in Los Angeles or New York within 3 months of the announcement of the winner. The winning photographer will receive the opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade from one of today’s most sought-after photographers. The winner will shadow Gavin and assist in preparing the shots. He or she will also help choose the final photos from the shoot. The Talenthouse photographer’s winning submission will appear on

The People’s Choice winner’s (top 20 voted) will receive a 1 year digital subscription to JPG Magazine, and have access to ALL issues of JPG Magazine for .pdf download or to view online.

The top 20 submissions will be featured on the JPG blog.

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