Canon EOS 10D: "Which lens should I buy?"

June 26, 2003 | Mark Goldstein | Canon EOS 10D | Comment |

Petteri Sulonen has added a new article to his website which attempts to answer the eternal question that everyone asks on all Canon website forums - “Which lens should I buy?” for my new Canon 10D. If I had a ?/$/Euro for every time that question is asked, I would be a moderately rich man by now…

“In my opinion, before embarking on lens selection, you should sink two fenceposts: budget and weight. A lens that’s too heavy to take along is utterly wasted money. A lens that’s so expensive that it leaves you short in a critical area will also hurt you… although, of course, patience helps—you can always get the other stuff later.”

Website: Petteri’s Pontifications - “Which lens should I buy?”