Compact Flash Card Sales in Decline

February 3, 2005 | Mark Goldstein | Digital | Comment |

SandiskDPNow are running an interesting article on the future of memory cards from a Sandisk point of view. According to the memory giant, digital cameras are no longer the primary driver for memory card production, with mobile phones, USB flash drives and digital music players overtaking them. Also compact flash cards are in decline and are likely to be overtaken by other formats by the end of 2005:

“This doesn’t mean the future for compact flash is bleak, though it is rapidly being phased out of compact digital camera lines in favour of SD/MMC and xD. CF will eventually be the mainstay of DSLRs. It looks like unit sales of CF cards will still grow, but not nearly as fast as other card types. The good news is that the generous dimensions of the Compact Flash form factor will ensure CF cards will continue to offer the highest storage capacities of all compact memory cards and this stretches to 8GB today. The cost per megabyte of all cards, including CF, will also continue to fall steadily.”

Website: DPNow - SanDisk says Compact Flash sales will be flat in 2005

Update: LetsGoDigital have more details from Sandisk’s press conference here.