Digital Imaging Show Goes to Dublin

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The Societies have announced that the next Digital Imaging Show will take place in Dublin on 6-7 April  Photographers who register in advance will be able to attend the trade show and a number of masterclasses held on the 6th free of charge. Masterclasses include Creating a magnetise business by Catherine Connor, Making more Money and More Profit from Photography by Charlie Kaufman and Let's Jazz It Up by Podge Kelly. On the 7th, there will be a one-day seminar by Richard P Walton entitled Passion not Camera Fashion, which costs €80 for members and €120 for non-members.

Societies Press Release

Digital Imaging Show Coming to Dublin

Join us in Dublin, Ireland for The Digital Imaging Show.

FREE entry to both the Trade Show and Masterclasses on the 6th April

These shows are the perfect opportunity to catch up with the latest products and services from the trade and gain education from a series of talks.

Dublin Schedule

6 April 2014 – Masterclasses and Trade Show

7 April 2014 – Richard P Walton Full-Day Seminar

Free Masterclasses – 6 April 2014 | Dublin

Catherine Connor: 09:00-10:00

Creating a magnetise business

All business is show business, the trick is learn at speed how to best market your business, develop your business in a manner that works best for you and your clients. Discover how to ensure social media plays a productive role in your business whilst forming your business society. Today’s marketplace is about relationship building, loving your customers, the vibe require in this climate is to master the art in showering your client with affection that results in generated business. This seminar is about business, dedicated to those in business. It will be motivational, leave you inspired as Catherine Connor has a reputation for being one of the best in business. Her business development approaches have develop some of the best businesses in our industry, she has a natural no nonsense style to learning and client generation. Certainly worth leaping out of bed for!

Charlie Kaufman: 12:30-13:30

Making more Money and More Profit from Photography

During the talk, Charlie will discuss all aspects of running a successful photographic business including; generating clients, telesales, photography ‘the shots that sell’, staff and salaries, price lists and sales and keeping your costs in proportion. Discover new ways of attracting business, pick up some valuable sales tips, get an insight into pricing your services, learn new ways to increase your profits and get motivated by an industry expert.

Podge Kelly: 15:30-16:30

Lets Jazz It Up

I see so many photographers with images that could be so much more, all they need is a little bit of ‘love’ in Photoshop and their work could be taken to a whole new level….and this also means you could be getting PAID more for your creative skills.

In this talk I will be covering what you can do with some simple work in Photoshop or by using plugins, if you have them such as Nik Filters or onOne Software, or even making your own Actions and also how you can give your clients choice so you can make some more money for your creative input.

Please bring one or two images and If I get a chance I would love to work on them just to show you what can be done in a few simple moves.

Richard P Walton – Passion not Camera Fashion – 7 April 2014 | Dublin                                        

Full-Day Seminar 10:00-16:00


The Societies’ Members’ €80

The Societies’ Non Members €120

You’re only as good as your last photo, not your last purchased camera. Photography comes from the mind and imagination. Anything is possible and if we all think for ourselves and ignore the latest gimmicks and gadgets we can be free to explore our own ideas and find the artist within ourselves.

It’s O.K to be individual, anyone can learn to be a photographer but it’s the artist within us that will set us aside from our competitors and make our dreams come true. We all have the potential; we just need to think outside the box a little.

Come along to this full-day workshop for a fast fun light-hearted experience that will hopefully make you stop and ask yourself the question ‘What do I really want in photography and life?’

The latest kit and technology is probably not the answer…

During this full-day workshop you will get the chance to see how Richard works on-location using artificial lighting to control any situation. Off-camera flash is a key skill if you want to be a successful professional photographer. Richard will be showing you an easy way to create great photos in any situation by using everything in Manual mode. These expensive cameras are good but only when used properly, YOU have to tell the camera what to do, there’ll be none of this unreliable TTL and automatic nonsense.

You’ll also get an insight into how Richard approaches photography and making a living as a photographer, get plenty of chance to take your own photographs and also see how he edits in Photoshop.

For a list of Exhibitors please see here

Booking details and a list of other shows can be found on the website

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