Geonaute Launches 360° Sports Camera

January 2, 2013 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Digital Video Cameras | Comment |

Geonaute, a sports electronics company based in France, has announced the upcoming launch of a 360° action camera. Equipped with three wide-angle lenses and three 8-megapixel sensors, it offers an almost full spherical field of view (360° horizontal and 150° vertical). Shockproof and bundled with a waterproof housing rated to IPX7 standards, the mountable, wearable Geonaute sports camera can be used just about anywhere while having only a minimum impact on the user during their activity. Weighing in at less than 200 grams, the Geonaute records videos in MP4 format and stores them on microSD cards. The camera comes equipped with a battery that promises recording times of over 2 hours. The camera will be officially unveiled at CES, booth 26703 LVCC South Hall, with pricing to be confirmed.

Geonaute Press Release


Geonaute, a sports electronics company based in France, has announced the launch of its GEONAUTE action camera. The GEONAUTE is the first and only mountable action camera that can capture everyone and everything in full 360 degrees.

Equipped with 3 wide-angle lenses, each with an 8MP captor, it offers an almost full spherical field of view (360° horizontal and 150° vertical), thus providing unlimited possibilities to create high-quality movies and photos The GEONAUTE has been specifically designed for the sports enthusiasts. Weighing less than 200 grams, the camera is the lightest such product on the market. Shockproof and bundled with a waterproof housing, it can be used anywhere while having only a minimum impact on the user during their activity. The provided adaptors and mounts permit it to be used with a huge range of existing accessories currently on the market. To allow total freedom, the camera has a recording autonomy of over two hours and can be controlled by remote control. Despite it’s unique filming capacity, the GEONAUTE records a standard video format. The files captured on the GEONAUTE camera are ready to view directly after downloading without any need for post-processing.

Behind the development of the GEONAUTE stands the idea that life is always a 360° experience, which is something regular, “wide-angle” cameras cannot account for. Trying to capture experiences on regular action cameras is often limiting for the person filming – too many details get lost and too much is filtered through only one point of view. As opposed to this, the GEONAUTE adopts a “Life in 360°” view. This not only takes pressure off the person filming, but it also gives viewers a “Life in 360” perspective, enabling them to feel immersed in the activity and experience something new each time. As part of the 360° experience, the GEONAUTE also enables easy editing, viewing and sharing. A unique online platform has been created ( where like-minded sports and filming enthusiasts can share their adventures, follow their friends and have an unlimited “Life in 360” experience.

The brand Geonaute was created in 2011 under the Oxylane Network. Now with offices in five countries, Geonaute is responsible for product creation, design, production and distribution of sports electronic products. The company is devoted to enhancing people’s sporting experience through the integration of new technologies into their active lifestyle. Mindrevo, a start-up company, collaborated exclusively with Geonaute to create the WeSphere platform. The French based company was created in 2012 and today delivers an interactive video experience in 360° for the general public.

• Video mode: 360° spherical
• Photo mode: 360° spherical (single shot, burst, time laps)
• FOV: 360° Horizontal and 150° vertical
• Optics: 3 x wide angle lens
• Imaging sensor: 3 x 8MP CMOS sensors
• Weight: less than 200g (incl. battery)
• Autonomy: 2+ hours (Li-Ion rechargeable)
• Storage: microSD (MP4 file format)
• Interface: micro USB
• Resistance: waterproof rated to IPX7
• Waterproof housing: 100m
• Remote: ANT+ wireless connectivity (2.4Ghz)

• Capture 360° - peace of mind that you capture every moment
• Enjoy your sport more – don’t need to focus on filming
• Film multiple people at once - in all directions
• Free to use with your accessories – non-proprietary connection used
• One button operation - simple and intuitive to use
• Get more for less – no need to use several cameras to capture everything

• 360° video player
• 360° photo viewer
• 270° panoramic photo viewer
• Basic editing features
• 3GB of storage space included with camera purchase
• 1500 songs available for use with movie editing
• Full control of your contents

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