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August 4, 2014 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Accessories | Comment |

GoRigIt have launched a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to raise funds for their first product release, a phone case with a built in GoPro attachment. "With the GoRigIt case, your iPhone and GoPro become one," the company says. "We’ve made a way for you to see what you’re shooting, ensuring you’re getting the shots you want without hindering any of the functions of your iPhone!" Allowing users to fully utilise the GoPro app by either attaching their phone directly to the GoPro or attaching their phone to any other GoPro mount, the GoRigIt case enables GoPro owners to see what the camera is recording, manage GoPro settings, review what they have captured and effortlessly share their movies on social media platforms. Additionally, the GoRigIt case protects your iPhone so that it can go almost anywhere you would want to take your GoPro. Interested readers are encouraged to visit the project's Kickstarter page for more details.

GoRigIt Press Release

GoRigIt LLC Sets out to revolutionize the GoPro industry

West Palm Beach, FL - Today GoRigIt LLC. Launched their Kickstarter campaign in an effort to raise funds for their first product release. GoRigIt’s first product is a phone case with a built in GoPro attachment. This will allow you to fully utilize the GoPro app by either attaching your phone directly to the GoPro or attaching your phone to any other GoPro mount.

GoRigit has made it a priority to be the first to release this style product in niche GoPro market and they say it’s only the first item on a long list. CEO Jon Gore said, “ we designed this case specifically around the features that GoPro users love, Versatility, durability and portability. We wanted to make sure you can take your phone anywhere you can take your GoPro.”

The Company made sure to solidify themselves long before launching their Kickstarter campaign through the following:

• Built a very detailed and thought out website that matches the lifestyle of their market. 
• Social Media brand management through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 
• Branded top to bottom with everything from graphics to taglines.

With a well thought out game plan, it seems like GoRigIt has the tools to make things happen in the action sports industry.

About GoRigIt: GoRigIt is a action sports brand based out of West Palm Beach, FL. Their focus is to craft products that meet the needs of your active lifestyle while maintaining three key standards: versatility, durability and portability. 

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