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The third issue of the recently revived English/French language Camera magazine will be available from 4th July. This edition showcases a portfolio of photographs taken by the up-and-coming American photographer Brea Souders. “She speaks a poignant, sophisticated yet lovely language throughout the images which completely feels original and personal," says South-Korean artist Ina Jang, whose work is also featured in the magazine. The 76-page magazine is available in print form, priced at €9.00 (or €12.50 including shipping if purchased online). You can order your copy through the website below, starting 4th July.

Press Release


A quarterly photography magazine
Available in France and worldwide


Founded in 1922, closed down in 1982, Camera is still considered as one of the most mythical photography magazines of the 20th century. Thirty years after its disappearance, it returned in January 2013 to pursue its original vocation: publication of the work of the best contemporary photographers while providing the general public with the criteria needed for sound appreciation.

Intended to be read as well as looked at, Camera conserves the rigorousness of the original editorial line, but in a new, original form. It will now focus on an in-depth conversation with a guest: a photographer or someone closely connected with the discipline, a filmmaker, writer, collector, gallerist, etc, with a view to a better understanding of his or her work.

Camera’s intention is also to build bridges between acknowledged masters and rising talents. 12 pages of the magazine are dedicated to the portfolio of an upcoming photographer chosen and introduced by the guest, and a one-year travelling exhibition for each portfolio is organized on sites chosen by its partners. To follow what’s happening in photography today, Camera will then highlight a specific place, project or initiative, regarded as innovative and original; discuss discriminatingly chosen auctions and news of the photography market; propose a selection of photographic prices and residencies, and of the latest photography books from France and elsewhere.


After Françoise Huguier et Malick Sidibé, Camera had the pleasure to encounter Ina Jang, the now well-known young South-Korean artist.

Selected in 2011 as one of the talents of the year by Dutch magazine Foam and for the Hyères Festival of Photography and Fashion, she also made several covers, notably for The New York Times Magazine. Her work is represented by several galleries in the United States, Europe and Asia.

From New York , where she lives, Jonas Cuénin provides some background on this witty artist, unashamedly pop representative of the Photoshop school of pixel manipulation.

For the portfolio, Ina Jang chose the American upcoming photographer Brea Souders. Works from her last two series, Film Electric and Counterforms, are here reproduced. “She speaks a poignant, sophisticated yet lovely language throughout the images which completely feels original and personal. It seemed like Brea created her own world throughout the course of making images”, says Ina Jang.

Other segments
The Spirit of a Place: In The Wake of Munich, “The Radiant City”
The Life of a Gallery: Bernard Utudjian (Polaris gallery): “I like the junction between painting and photography” / Bouchra Khalili, Lost Boats, Fig. 2, 2012: a closer look
Awards and Residencies: Carte blanche PMU / LE BAL: Betting on Experimentalism
Books – Selection: Chiara Tocci – Gilles Caron – Bill Brandt
Camera Eye: David Goldblatt

Bruno Bonnabry-Duval
Brigitte Ollier
Jonas Cuénin,
Pierre Lilian Goulange,
Françoise-Claire Prodhon
Managing editor:
Stéphanie Jacquet
Art director:
Bixtan da

Quarterly bilingual magazine (French/English)
76 pages
(32 pages of photos reproduced on coated paper / 40 pages of text on offset paper /
4-page cover on soft coated paper)
Size: 8.8 x 11.4 inches
Edition bound
Print run: 16,000
Newsstand distributor: KD presse / Presstalis
Bookstore distributor: Pollen Diffusion
International distribution: KD presse / Pineapple media London
Subscription and single copy sales:
Retail price: 9 euros
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