Konica Minolta Announces Dynax 60 Film SLR Camera

January 8, 2004 | Mark Goldstein | Film | Comment |

Konica Minolta Dynax 60Konica Minolta Press Release 08/01/04

New Dynax 60: The SLR choice for families and enthusiasts alike

Langenhagen, January 8th, 2004

Konica Minolta helps users discover the joy and fun of SLR photography with the new Dynax 60, a camera that offers the sharpest, clearest, and best images in the world of visual arts. Nothing beats an SLR camera for families who want to have fun while learning about photography. And in terms of price, functionality, quality, and reliability, nothing can touch the new Dynax 60 from Konica Minolta.

Both novices and enthusiasts will appreciate features like Wide Center-Cross 9-Point AF Sensor for increased focusing confidence, Multi-dimensional Predictive Focus Control for moving subjects, Direct Manual Focus for fine-tuning focusing, and a continuous advance speed of 3 frames per second(1). All features are accessible to beginners as well as photography veterans, so everyone can shoot like a pro.

The Dynax 60 from Konica Minolta lets users experience what taking pictures is all about in a camera that brings back the thrill of SLR photography.

The new Dynax 60 builds on the sound foundations of successful previous series, complementing proven ease-of-use and superior functionality with a wealth of additional features to satisfy even the most demanding users.

It also boasts beauty and functionality. The metallic casing is a reflection of SLR reliability and robustness. The critical control areas of the camera, such as the mode / function dials and front grip, are coated in rubber and finished to minute detail, so you can move and take pictures quickly with complete confidence of control.

In the end, though, the Dynax 60 is all about joy-the joy of owning and using a high-spec SLR camera that offers easy-to-use fun and memories for the family and a whole new level of advanced functionality for enthusiasts.

Konica Minolta Dynax 60Product Highlights

? Proprietary Wide 9-Point AF Sensor with center cross-hair trigger sensor gives increased focusing confidence.
? Multi-dimensional Predictive Focus Control keeps one step ahead in focusing on moving subjects.
? DMF (Direct Manual Focus) mode(2) for fine-tuning of focus.
? Diopter Adjustment function for adjusting focus without your glasses.
? Depth-of-Field Preview keeps subject and background in focus.
? Continuous advance speed of 3 frames per second1 means you’ll never miss a thing.
? Optional Metering Modes help you master the subtleties of exposure.
? ADI (Advanced Distance Integration) flash metering automatically fine-tunes flash exposure when photographing.
(1) When flash is cancelled in MF or single-shot AF mode with fresh battery, without using date imprinting.
(2) When used in conjunction with a D-series lens

Konica Minolta Dynax 60Features
Wide Center-Cross 9-Point AF Sensor
Freedom of composition when shooting stationary objects and excellent focusing ability for moving objects mean users get crystal-clear images with a minimum of fuss. The new Wide Center-Cross 9-Point AF system covers not just the vertical and horizontal aspects from the centerpoint, but diagonally into all four quadrants of the frame.

Multi-dimensional Predictive Focus Control
Like the name suggests, this function keeps a clear focus on fast-moving subjects calculating exactly where a moving subject is going to be at the moment of shutter-release and making certain that the focus is razor sharp. Autofocusing (AF) speed is one of the greatest strengths of this model. It means you’re always ready to capture the magic moments that you want to preserve forever.

DMF (Direct Manual Focus) Mode(2)
This mode allows you to quickly adjust focusing after the focus is locked in AF mode. Pressing the shutter release half way activates and locks AF, in addition to releasing the internal clutch. This frees the focus ring, permitting you to focus manually, primarily for close-up or portrait shots. This gives the convenience of AF, plus the additional creative control of MF, without changing modes or settings. This simplicity allows even novices to step up to advanced photography techniques.

Diopter Adjustment Function
The result of valuable feed back from our worldwide users, the Diopter Adjustment function allows you to adjust the viewfinder in diopters. This means you can look through the viewfinder without your glasses and still have perfectly focused pictures.

Depth-of-Field Preview
The ability to continuously monitor the depth of field of your image makes it easy to ensure your subject and background are both in focus, and to check focus during macro photography.

Continuous Advance Speed of 3 Frames Per Second(1)
Simply hold down the shutter-release button to snap off shot after shot of a moving subject.

Optional Metering Modes Give Easy-to-Use Advanced Functions
Three optional metering modes-14-Segment Honeycomb-Pattern Metering, Center-Weighted Average Metering, and Spot Metering-help you master the subtleties of exposure and get the very best out of each subject and lighting condition.

Flash Modes for Better Pictures, Easily
The Fill Flash Mode enhances backlit subjects by lightening up shadows, Flash Cancel Mode makes the most of soft, natural lighting, and Red-Eye Reduction eliminates red-eye caused by nighttime flash shots.

ADI flash metering
Program Flash 5400HS, 5600HS(D) or 3600HS(D) High-Speed Sync lets you shoot in backlit situations using wider than customary apertures with the built-in flash and normal sync speeds. When using a dedicated flash unit(3) and a D series lens, ADI (Advanced Distance Integration) metering ensures proper flash exposures regardless of background or subject reflectance.

(1) When flash is cancelled in MF or single-shot AF mode with fresh battery, without using date imprinting.
(2) When used in conjunction with a D-series lens
(3) When using a dedicated flash unit: 5600HS(D), 3600HS(D) or 2500(D)

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