LaCie Introduces the Ethernet Disk mini: Dual-Purpose Shared Hard Drive

January 11, 2005 | Mark Goldstein | Digital | Comment |

LaCie Ethernet Disk miniLacie Press Release

January 10, 2005

  * Flexible and affordable network storage via Ethernet
  * Direct-attached personal hard drive via Hi-Speed USB 2.0
  * Simple to use: just plug and play
  * Designed for Windows®, Mac

LaCie introduces an affordable network hard drive for use in homes or small offices: LaCie Ethernet Disk mini with up to 500GB shared storage space. Anyone plugged into the dual-purpose Ethernet Disk mini can instantly share files via the Ethernet connection without having to install drivers, or the drive can be attached via USB 2.0 to any individual computer for faster throughput and a private connection.

Designed for small office and home environments, the user-friendly LaCie Ethernet Disk mini is plug and play—no prior networking experience is required. A web-based interface allows the network manager to control access to files via share settings, which includes attributing read and/or write access rights to authorized users. Permitted users can instantly access or store data securely on LaCie Ethernet Disk mini after simply entering their personal login and password.

“LaCie knows people want to do more with their external hard drives than just store data, they want to share files with co-workers or videos with their families,” says Marie Renouard, LaCie Product Manager. “LaCie makes this easy with the dual-purpose Ethernet Disk mini that includes both Ethernet and USB connectivity. While our larger Ethernet Disk appeals to medium-sized businesses who need network storage, the Ethernet Disk mini offers a simple plug-and-play sharing solution for small office or home users.”

Designed with sturdy heat-resistant aluminum, this drive is durable enough to shuttle data from home to office. The original, stylish d2 hard drive design can be stacked, mounted in a rack, or stood upright to save space on a desk.

  * Data sharing over a network
  * Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface for private storage
  * Share level security via web-based network management tools
  * Simultaneous data access by unlimited users on a network
  * File sharing between Windows, Mac and Linux clients
  * Upright, stackable or rack-mountable design
  * No drivers needed, no server required

LaCie Ethernet Disk mini will ship early 2005 at the suggested retail prices below. All necessary cables are included, as well as an external power supply, drive stand for upright desk use, LaCie Utilities CD-ROM, and Silverkeeper backup software for the Mac. For more information, visit
SKU 300938 LaCie Ethernet Disk mini 250GB $299
SKU 300950 LaCie Ethernet Disk mini 400GB $499

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