New Instant Films for Polaroid SX-70

January 24, 2014 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Film | Comment |

Impossible has announced the release of three new special edition colour films for the legendary Polaroid SX-70 Land instant camera. Each of the three new Special Edition SX-70 films (Color SX-70 Gold Frame, Color SX-70 Silver Frame and Color SX-70) boast the latest colour protection formula from Impossible, offering improved colour saturation and a high level of detail and sharpness. The films are now available through the Impossible Online Shop.

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Impossible Press Release


Impossible releases Special Edition films for Polaroid’s classic SX-70 format instant camera

Today Impossible announce the release of three new special edition color films for the legendary Polaroid SX-70 Land instant camera. 

Following the release of new special edition films for Polaroid 600 cameras, the instant film revivalists have now developed a much-anticipated Special Edition Color SX-70 Gold Frame, Color SX-70 Silver Frame and Color SX-70 Color Frames film. 

Each of these three Special Edition SX-70 films boast the latest color protection formula from Impossible, offering improved color saturation, a high level of detail and sharpness, and stunning image quality. 

First unveiled by Polaroid founder Edwin Land in 1972, the Polaroid SX-70 Land camera was the first automatic, folding, single-lens reflex camera to use integral (self-developing) instant film.

A truly revolutionary creative tool, it was lauded by some of the greatest photographers and artists of the last century including Andy Warhol, Francis Bacon, Andrei Tarkovsky, Helmut Newton, Ansel Adams, David Hockney, Walker Adams and Nobuyoshi Araki. 

As Impossible’s Berlin-based CEO, Creed O’Hanlon, notes “The Polaroid SX-70 camera has earned its place as a true cultural icon. Even in this digital age, there is still a thriving community of photographers around the world shooting with the SX-70 and we are excited to be able to support them with an ever-evolving family of new instant film products.” 

“This new series of special edition instant films is not only our way of celebrating this truly legendary camera but also ensuring it lives on.” 

In 2008, Polaroid announced they would cease production of all instant film – including film for the SX-70 camera. 

Just three years later, in 2011, Impossible announced the release of their own, newly-developed instant film for use with Polaroid SX-70 cameras, saving millions of cameras from obsolescence. 

Since then, Impossible has been committed to improving the performance and chemistry of a new generation of instant films. 

Last year, Impossible initiated an 18-month R&D program, driven by teams in Monheim, Germany, and at the former-Polaroid factory in Enschede, The Netherlands, focused on greatly increasing not just the processing speed of SX-70 color film but also its quality. 

Each of the new Impossible Special Edition Color Films for Polaroid SX-70 cameras (which also work well in Impossible’s own Instant Lab!), are now available through the Impossible Online Shop,


• Special Edition Color SX-70 Gold Frame Edition 

• Special Edition Color SX-70 Silver Frame Edition 

• Special Edition Color SX-70 Color Frames Edition 

Film Speed: ISO / ASA 160 

Format: 3,5 x 4,3 in. (8,9 x 10,8 cm) 

Image Area: 3 x 3,1 in. (7,7 x 7,9 cm) 

Finish: Glossy 

Exposures: 8 per Pack 

Development Time: Approx. 30 minutes 

Compatible Hardware: Polaroid SX 70 cameras

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