New Study Shows Rising Popularity of CSCs

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New consumer data recently released by online purchase agent Sortable shows that 22 percent of potential camera buyers are interested in compact system cameras (CSCs). The study, which surveyed more than 275,000 people over a 6-month period, also found that the rest are split between point-and-shoot cameras and DSLRs with 36 percent looking for each type of camera (the remaining 6% make up the “Other” category). In terms of brand preference, Canon leads the pack with 33%, followed by Nikon (26%), Sony (15%), Panasonic (7%), Fujifilm (5%), Olympus (4%) and Pentax (3%).

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New Data from Sortable Shows Canon Winning Consumer Camera War

33 percent of consumers prefer Canon over other brands, and mirrorless cameras emerge as a new favorite

jNew consumer data released today by online purchase agent Sortable shows more than 33 percent of consumers favour Canon when making a camera purchase. The study, which surveyed more than 275,000 people over a six month period, also found consumers are split between Point and Shoot cameras and DSLRs with 36 percent of consumers looking for each type of camera.

Canon Takes Top Brand Spot
In a brand war traditionally fought between Nikon and Canon, it appears that Canon now has the upper hand, with 33 percent of consumers indicating it as their preferred camera choice according to online consumer buying trends drawn from Sortable’s partner, Snapsort, a web site that allows people to analyze, compare, and recommend digital camera options. Nikon falls to second place with 26 percent, followed by Sony at 15 percent, Panasonic with 7 percent, Fujifilm at 5 percent, Olympus at 4 percent and Pentax at 3 percent. Other manufactures make up the final 7 percent.

Rising Popularity of Mirrorless Cameras
With a range of camera options available, survey data shows consumers remain split in their preference between Point and Shoot and DSLR cameras. Data shows 36 percent of consumers are searching for both. Most surprising in the survey was the rising popularity of Mirrorless cameras, a relatively new technology in the camera market. Mirrorless cameras stuff a DSLR size sensor into a small portable package, with interchangeable lenses for greater flexibility. Sortable’s survey identified that 22 percent of consumers are searching for Mirrorless camera options, leaving the leading brands in a bit of a deficit position. Canon has yet to enter the Mirrorless market, and Nikon has just entered. Sortable believes this emerging trend gives Sony, Panasonic and Olympus the opportunity to take brand share.

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