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PermaJet will arrive at Photokina 2012 with their biggest range of products to date. New additions to their line-up include the Mercury Ultra White Matt 405gsm inkjet canvas, 5-metre-length inkjet trial rolls of the PermaJet Oyster 271gsm and Ultra Pearl 295gsm media, an all-new Image Block Print Display System, a range of fast drying canvas protective varnishes in 2.5-litre cans, an anti-curl roller device and more. PermaJet’se full product range will be available to view at Photokina 2012, Hall 06.1 Stand D-020.

Permajet Press Release

Photokina 2012

PermaJet will arrive at Photokina 2012 with their biggest range of products to date - launching a selection of fantastic new products on the World stage for the first time that will enhance every digital printer’s workflow….

New – Mercury Ultra White Matt Canvas 405gsm

The latest addition to the popular PermaJet canvas range has now arrived - Mercury Ultra White Matt 405gsm. A smooth, heavyweight product with a beautifully structured base which has been proven as being the most brilliant white in the marketplace to date. Carefully designed to facilitate the reproduction of fine art work where image sharpness detail is crucial and excellent colour brilliance and image depth is a necessity.

Its heavyweight feel and true, ultra white matt base makes it an ideal inkjet canvas for a variety of subject matters bringing your image to its maximum printed display potential, standing out and almost ‘jumping off’ the media. The perfect canvas for the professional photo studio lab, fine art printer or museum needing an inkjet media with a real difference – able to out-perform any other canvas on the market. Suitable for all types of printers, whether they be large format or desktop and using either aqueous pigment or dye based inks.

Why choose this? If you are looking for an ultra bright white based media with true canvas structure to create fine art reproductions, paintings or murals in a digital format, this fine textured matt canvas is perfect for your application. The non-cracking base will enable the canvas to flex perfectly around stretcher bars, creating a modern or contemporary boxed frame with a twist.
Always protect your canvases with the PermaPROtect range of varnishes to enhance your artwork but more importantly, protect them from UV light, airborne pollutants and yellowing.

New – PermaPROtect - Fast Drying Canvas Varnishes in 2.5 Litre Cans

PermaJet is excited to introduce a range of high performance, professional, fast drying canvas protective varnishes - available in Gloss, Satin and Matt finishes using a unique water-based polymer formulation. The varnishes have been specifically designed for canvases, particularly PermaJet, guaranteeing a clear, water-resistant and non-yellowing protective coating.

All canvas users are strongly recommended to protect their final digital canvas prints with a varnish or coating – absolutely essential for preserving the image from dirt, UV ink fading, airborne pollutants and abrasion as well as those annoying fingerprint marks!

PermaPROtect varnishes are supplied in a ready-to-use form, so no dilution is required and can be applied with our custom foam roller kit (sold separately) to ensure that you get the very best results. The formulation improves the lightfastness of all your digital canvas prints but, in addition, adds saturation, improved colour gamut and increases the density of the blacks.

PermaJet has taken steps to ensure that the range of PermaPROtect varnishes meets the required protection standards by having them independently tested and approved by a notable test laboratory in the UK – confirming that there is no discolouration or change over 85 years when exposed to UV light conditions. Certifications of these can be viewed by visiting our website.

The varnishes have additionally been designed to prevent canvas edge cracking when folded and to protect against any other environmental pollutants. Out of the can, the varnish is milky white in colour but will dry to a crystal clear finish after roller application in less than just 20 minutes. Also suitable for use with fine art inkjet paper surfaces giving them a greater degree of water and fade resistance (always do a test first).

The 2.5 litre normally treats at least 40 square metres of canvas based on a one coat application.

New - Image-Block Print Display System

Try something new this year with Image-Blocks.

Print, Stick & Ready to Hang Block System… this really is the easy way to produce & present professional modern, contemporary and stylish inkjet images using the high quality PermaJet range of inkjet papers – resulting in a 3D display format.

This modern & minimalist look is easy to create in seconds, either by hand or with the optional manual laminator, ideal for the home, office, studio or exhibition use. Image-Blocks are available with black edging and in the following sizes: 6” x 4”, 5” x 5”, 7” x 5” 10” x 8”, 12” x 12”, A4 & A3 and can be mounted as portrait or landscape style.
To use this system, simply peel back the self adhesive backing, carefully position your printed image on the self adhesive area & press down firmly using a soft cloth. Now, turn the Image-Block over with the printed image face down on a clean cutting mat. Using a scalpel, trim flush along the edges of the Image-Block to remove the excess paper. Your Image-Block is ready to hang on the pre-fitted hanging hook and be admired by all.

New - 5 Metre Length Inkjet Trial Rolls

Consumers using other paper brands can now trial the ever popular PermaJet Oyster 271gsm (Satin/Semi-Gloss) & Ultra Pearl 295gsm surfaces in 17” (432mm)  x 5m length roll format without investing in a full roll purchase. Wide format users requiring a true, bright white, photographic inkjet media now have the opportunity to try both these glorious surfaces – PermaJet’s FREE ICC profiling service is also included as standard for perfectly accurate printing. As an extra incentive, PermaJet will include a £10 cash back voucher with each trial roll that can be redeemed against your FIRST full roll purchase.

Give it a trial…you will be pleasantly surprised!

New - 36” Rolls added to the PermaJet range
Rising demand for 36” (916mm) x 30m roll lengths has encouraged us to manufacture this size in the most popular Oyster 271gsm & Ultra Pearl 295gsm surfaces.
This now caters for wide format users with the opportunity to print perfect A1/A0 size with minimal paper wastage.

New - Epson R3000 Eco-Flo System

The waiting is now over…
Here it is…the all new PermaJet Eco-Flo CIS Ink System for the Epson R3000, developed and fully tested over many months and it’s a winner yet again! Start saving upto 80% off all your ink costs on this printer.

The PermaJet R3000 Eco-Flo ink bottle system is unlike other cheaply manufactured far eastern systems on the market today that require injection needles to fill the cartridges on a very frequent basis as well as awkward ink level resetting procedures. Our tests concluded that these cheaper systems create annoying air pockets introduced when refilling means that the PermaJet Eco-Flo bottle system offers an appealing consistency and reliability.

The PermaJet Eco-Flo has been specially designed with moulded cartridges that simply slot into your printer in the usual way and stay in situ permanently. Refilling is then carried out simply by topping up the external reservoir bottles therefore avoiding unnecessary wear and tear on the cartridges & microchips.
The resetting of the ink levels is simplicity itself and resets all inks back to full simultaneously.
Once filled and set, you are ready to print and start saving money on your ink costs with consistent print quality time after time!

The kit includes the very latest inks - PermaJet have been improving existing ink technology and the result is the specially formulated Image-Life® pigment inks which have been successfully tested for archival stability on various Epson printers.
Image-Life® inks are manufactured with professional quality and performance in mind - ultra fine pigments designed specifically for inkjet applications with a new fast-acting, instant dry formula. They deliver the very best colour vibrance, highest print quality, extended image stability and are guaranteed to be a close match to the printer’s original OEM inks.

New – Image-Life Certification Process

Guarantee and certify the quality of your prints.
Image-Life Certification is a unique combination of independent colour auditing and managing archival performance for the images that you produce. In short, it makes your images worth more, not only to you but also in the added value to all of your customers.
1) Print a standardised profiling target patch and have us make you a custom profile.

2) We can then provide you with an official certificate of the stability of your archival media and ink and proof that your print conforms to the industry standards as laid down by the Fine Art Trade Guild from an independent UKAS Certified Laboratory.

3) Independently check and maintain the performance of your printer and paper combination, providing a detailed colour audit online.


If your customers can have proof of the archival quality of their prints provided by you, not only is their work worth more, they will have the confidence to allocate all their future business directly to you.
We take away the pain and confusion linked to print management, saving you not only money but your valuable time.

New - PermaAIR 400ml

A fantastic new product to assist photographers, studio labs and consumers who print using inkjet printers. The PermaAir Aerosol has been designed primarily to help maintain and keep printers dust-free thus allowing the paper feed trays and rollers to pick up media more effectively and stay problem free.

Fine art printers in particular will find this product extremely useful in removing loose fibres by air blowing directly over the surface of the material prior to use as there is a tendency for this kind of paper to leave fibres within the printer or on the rollers – with PermaAir, the problem goes away!
This highly effective air duster will improve your workflow as well as extending the working life of your printer when used as part of your regular printer maintenance.
Suitable for all desktop and wide format printers as well as cleaning all other general day-to-day surfaces/devices.

New – Anti Curl Roller Device

The Anti-Curl Roller has been specially designed to take the typical curl out of prints and posters printed on roll media in minutes!

This first-of-its-kind accessory provides an ingenious solution to the common curling problems associated with true fine art inkjet roll materials, annoyingly costing wasted time and money to your business.

By simply using the anti-curl roller device, you can take the curl out of inkjet prints and fine art papers in minutes without causing any surface damage or creases to the printed image.
The general principle in the way it works is one of reverse rolling. Simply lay out the white carrier film which has virtually no curl memory and lays almost perfectly flat time-after-time (even after having been wound tightly around the chrome-plated central roller tube). It attaches to the tube with a special, ‘no seam’ ridge that might otherwise cause a crease mark on a print. Place your curled paper on top and gently roll across a worktop or desk until fully wound around the roller tube. Once unwound again, the paper is super flat, free of any damage!

As a unique feature, the white carrier film also incorporates a grey edge strip down both sides creating a space to allow the rolled paper to naturally ‘slip’ as it relaxes and un-curls.

This is beautifully designed and well-built. It will give your prints from roll paper the flat, finished look and professional edge that they really deserve. A product which will quickly pay for itself!

The roller is available in three sizes and can accommodate prints upto 70 inches long by their stated width:

The 24” (610mm) has a 38mm core
The 50” (1270mm) S has a 38mm core (major curl)
The 50” (1270mm) L has a 50mm core (minor curl)

The full product range will be available to view at Photokina 2012  
Hall 06.1 Stand D-020

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