Rollei Actioncam 5S WiFi Diving Edition

June 3, 2013 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Digital Video Cameras | Comment |

Rollei has unveiled a new Wi-Fi enabled action camera. The Rollei Actioncam 5S WiFi Diving Edition is equipped with a 7x multi-layer coated glass lens with an angle of view of 175 degrees and a 14-megapixel CMOS sensor, and comes bundled with a 1.4" external TFT display. In addition to capturing stills, the camera can also record Full HD videos. The Rollei Actioncam 5S WiFi Diving Edition will go on sale this month at a recommended retail price of €349.95.

Rollei Press Release

Rollei 5S WiFi Diving Edition

Hamburg, 03 June 2013 – The new Rollei Actioncam 5S WiFi Diving Edition will make any diver's pulse quicken and leave a lasting impression. This is because anyone who wants to view indescribably beautiful plateaus, canyons, reefs and caves in awesome image quality, won't want to part with this small, lightweight Actioncam! At just 60 x 51 x 42 mm and weighing only 80 grams, now there's no longer any need to drag around heavy cameras in clumsy underwater housings.

Truly sharp: The Rollei Actioncam 5S WiFi Diving Edition is equipped with a flat lens as standard! Even the underwater protective housing offers the same, and also has an interchangeable back. The 7x multi-layer coated glass lens ensures pin-sharp images with a transparency of over 99 percent. Full HD resolution (1080p) guarantees breathtaking results of the highest quality. The 175-degree wide-angle lens ensures that the action is always in perfect focus. You can even increase the frame rate to 60 fps (1080i) to capture crystal clear slow-motion images!

Really innovative: The integrated WLAN has a range of 40 metres. This means that diving enthusiasts can access the camera via their smartphone or tablet and view or share videos and photos in real time. Exciting experiences can easily be shared via social networks using the corresponding app (for iOS and Android). The Rollei Actioncam 5S WiFi Diving Edition is more than just a video camera – it reproduces your adventures in perfect, pristine detail. The package includes an external TFT display, offering live image checking for those divers who simply want to watch what they’ve filmed.

Really safe: In its protective case the Rollei Actioncam 5S WiFi Diving Edition is shockproof from heights of up to three metres and waterproof down to a depth of 60 metres. Coupled with the 14-megapixel CMOS sensor and the 10x digital zoom, you are guaranteed fantastic colours in your videos and photos both in and out of the water.

Really versatile: The technical settings options, such as continuous shooting, fast-shot photos and the self-timer function set no limits on your creativity. The integrated noise cancellation function and the option for connecting an external microphone make for excellent sound. The wireless radio remote control has a range of 10 metres, giving you plenty of freedom to move. The camera features a laser pointer to help you with orientation and alignment.

At a glance: Aperture F = 2.8 | LCD: 15x9 mm | external TFT display: 3.6 cm / 1.4“ (360 x 240 pixels) | slot for microSD memory cards up to 64 GB | photo format: JPG | video: MOV (H.264) | TV: NTSC/PAL | system requirements: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 or higher and Mac OS X | HDMI, USB, AV output, external microphone input | up to 100 minutes recording time with a fully charged battery (without back-up battery) | rechargeable lithium-ion battery | extremely wide range of accessories – especially designed for sport diving.

The Rollei Actioncam 5S WiFi Diving Edition will be on sale from early June for a recommended retail price of EUR 349.95.

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