Rollei PDF-S 330 Pro / PDF-S 390 Pro

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The Rollei PDF-S 330 Pro and PDF-S 390 Pro.allow you to digitise your 35mm and medium-format transparencies and negatives quickly and easily. Equipped with a 9-megapixel area-array sensor, each scanner comes complete with holders for loose strips of 135 and 120 format film, as well as a holder for 4 mounted 35mm slides. Additionally, the Rollei PDF-S 330 Pro can also be used to digitise prints of up to 10x15cm (4x6”). Both scanners feature Rollei’s Magic Touch technology for dust and scratch removal and both come equipped with 2.7” colour displays and SD/SDHC memory card slots. The recommended retail price is €329.95 for the Rollei PDF-S 330 Pro and €289.95 for the PDF-S 390 Pro.

Rollei Press Release

Slide and photo digitisation at the push of a button: Rollei PDF-S 330 Pro and PDF-S 390 Pro.

Just in time for the IFA launch, Rollei presents two new optimised slide and photo scanners: Rollei PDF-S 330 Pro and Rollei DF-S 390 Pro. With both scanners you can finally scan your old medium format slides and reminisce about times gone by!

The Rollei PDF-S 330 Pro boasts a 9 megapixel sensor and a scan resolution of 2400 dpi (interpolated: 3600 dpi). Colour negatives, loose and mounted slides in 36x24mm format and paper photos up to a size of 10x15 cm can be scanned without problems with this all-in-one wonder with a 2.7 inch colour-LCD display (6.85 cm)! In addition it is also possible to scan medium format (6x6 cm, 6x4.5 cm).
The stand-alone device can digitally scan slides, negatives or photos within a few seconds without connecting to a PC. The already successful special Magic Touch technology removes dust and scratches from slides and negative scans at the push of a button. The PDF-S 330 Pro uses a second infrared light source to check the inserted negative or slide for irregularities. In this way, with the aid of the film material, the scanner recognises that the black dot in the sky is a speck of dust. Thanks to the SD/SDHC card slot the pictures are saved directly onto SD/SDHC cards. Connection to the PC is via USB 2.0. The colour depth amounts to 10 bits per colour channel.

Rollei DF-S 390 Pro

The Rollei DF-S 390 Pro is a stand-alone scanner and is above all impressive for its compact design (dimensions: 240 x 160 x 155 mm) and very simple operation. This lightweight among slide/film scanners weighs just 930 grams ? the ideal solution for fast digitisation of loose slides as well as negative film strips. (Max. scan area 36x24 mm).

The DF-S 390 Pro also offers the opportunity to scan medium format (6x6 cm, 6x4.5 cm). A 9 megapixel CMOS Sensor and a maximum scan resolution of 2200 dpi (3600 dpi interpolated) round off the technical features. Slides and negatives are scanned and displayed as previews on the 2.7 inch colour display (6.85 cm) in record time. The renowned Magic Touch technology ensures that scratches and lint are removed.

Included in the package:
The PDF-S 330 Pro and DF-S 390 Pro include in the package a slide holder (35 mm) for four framed slides, two film holders for film strips (135 mm and 120 mm) with up to six pictures, a power adaptor, a USB cable and a TV cable, as well as a user manual.

Availability and price:
The Rollei PDF-S 330 Pro will be available in shops for a recommended retail price of EUR 329.95, and the Rollei DF-S 390 Pro for EUR 289.95.

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