Vampire Photo-Novel VLADRACUL Exhibition

March 30, 2004 | Mark Goldstein | News | Comment |

Goethe-Institut Washington Press Release 29/03/04

Vampire Photo-Novel VLADRACUL Exhibition / Washington (USA) 2004
Goethe-Institut Washington
NW Washington, DC 20001-3718 / USA
May 19 - August 29, 2004

after the success in los angeles and hong kong johnny de brest brings his photo-novel “VLADRACUL” to washington.

johnny de brest’s photo-novel “vladracul”, a modern-day allegorical spin on the dracula tale, shot in berlin and poland. “vladracul” was culled from over 15.000 images, from brightly-lit contemporary clubs pulsating with under-currents of darkness to shots of auschwitz, that are simultaneously horrific and beautiful (LA WEEKLY).

loosely based on bram stoker’s “dracula”, the real star of de brest’s “vladracul”, is the berlin of the 90s, caught in the chaos of its transfor-mation. it is energetic, decaying and full of contradition: the love parade, the construction works of the potsdamer platz, the run-down charme of the east, the club scene. punk. pop. trash. berlin - a dangerous and fascinating place to be.

johnny de brest is using cinematic terms to tell his adaption of the dracula tale. but “vladracul” tops any film, because each time it is exhibited, it’s new, based on the location and de brest’s selection of photographs. therefore each exhibition is, in essence, a new director’s cut.