Canon EOS M3 Review

June 4, 2015 | Mark Goldstein |

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Canon's M3, the company's most recent foray into the growing mirrorless ILC market, is its most promising. Canon's first entry, 2012's EOS M, had widely-reported autofocus issues that turned off many customers before a firmware update addressed the problem. Its successor, the EOS M2, was only released in Japan and China. The third in the series looks to overcome the stumbling blocks of its predecessors, but the real question is whether the M3's respectable specs and DSLR-quality snapshots can make up for its lacklustre lineup of dedicated lenses, and a lesser feature set than closely priced competitors.
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The Canon EOS M3 is the third stab at a CSC from what is still probably the biggest name in cameras. It follows the 2012 Canon EOS M, a camera that did so badly Canon didn’t even bother to release the follow-up M2 in the UK, Europe or US.
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The EOS M3 is Canon's third mirrorless camera, following the M2 and the original M. Announced in February 2015 (13 months after the M2 and two and a half years after the original M) it joins the 750D / T6i and 760D / T6s DSLRs to become the first Canon cameras to employ a 24 Megapixel APSC sensor. All three bodies share the same sensor, which supports Canon's Hybrid CMOS III AF system. This embeds phase-detect AF points for more confident continuous AF in live view and movies. Canon also claims the AF system is up to 6.1 times faster than the original EOS M.
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Of all the major camera manufacturers, Canon has been by far the most reluctant player when it comes to compact system cameras. Not only was Canon one of the last to make a mirrorless camera at all, with the EOS M in mid-2012, but it has also shown little commitment to the system, releasing just four compatible EF-M mount lenses to date. In contrast, with a head start of just six months, Fujifilm has built up its X system to 17 lenses, and Leica has already matched Canon lens-for-lens despite launching its T system almost two years later.
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The Canon EOS M3 is Canon's latest mirrorless compact system camera and features a new 24 megapixel APS-C sensor with Hybrid AF system. The camera features a tilting touch screen, plus built-in Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity. The Canon EOS M3 is available for £599 with 18-55mm IS kit lens.
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