Canon PowerShot S110 Review

November 21, 2012 | Mark Goldstein |

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The Canon PowerShot S110 hits the shelves a little less than a year after the release of Canon’s previous high-end S100 compact. But, oh, how the high-end compact landscape has changed in that short time. An abundance of releases with all sorts of varying sensor sizes - such as the Sony RX100 with its 1-inch sensor and Panasonic Lumix LX7 with its less-than-1/1.7-inch sensor - have shaken up the field.
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The S100 was a sleek little expert compact that was well received by critics. Updating it was therefore always going to be a delicate matter for Canon. But the firm has played it safe with the S110, a camera that looks very similar to its predecessor. Here, the main new features are ergonomic rather than photographic, with the arrival of a multipoint touchscreen and onboard Wi-Fi.
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The Canon S110 is the most refined little pocket camera Canon has ever made. The core design of the S110 remains unchanged from previous iterations. But with a little streamlining and some key new features, it’s inched one step closer to perfection. Are you looking for the highest quality possible in a small point-and-shoot? Check out your new camera.
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