Google Pixel 3 Review

November 19, 2018 | Amy Davies |

Review Roundup

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Google’s third attempt at a Pixel phone is its most successful yet. The Google Pixel 3 is an excellent device with a nice display, truly stunning camera and the best version of the Android software.
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Now that every major 2018 smartphone launched and the Night Sight update is available though, I can definitively declare that the Pixel 3 is indeed one of the best phones of the year, and my top overall Android pick. It truly is awesome, and it includes the best camera you can currently get in a phone.
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The Google Pixel 3 has the best smartphone camera you can buy today. Don’t let the raw specs fool you: its very ordinary sounding single 12.2MP rear camera with an f/1.8 aperture is enhanced by machine-learning software, Google’s secret sauce to making your photos better. The phone design doesn’t stand out and the battery life is underwhelming for power users, but Google does pack in a 5.5-inch screen and dual front-facing speakers into a one-hand-friendly phone. It’s Google’s best phone in a smaller size.
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