Honor 10 Review

June 25, 2018 | Amy Davies |

Review Roundup

Reviews of the Honor 10 from around the web.

techradar.com »

Honor’s last few top-end phones have impressed us, and the Honor 10 is no exception. There’s a lot to love here, especially considering the price compared with other flagships, and we particularly enjoyed the camera, the display and the overall design.
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androidcentral.com »

Last year's Honor 9 featured a reflective pattern at the back that was made up of 15 layers of glass, and the Honor 10 outmatches that with its Aurora Glass design. The phone comes with a "nano-scale optical coating" with the Phantom Blue and Phantom Green color options that consists of 15 layers of shimmering color, and the result is breathtaking.
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theguardian.com »

The Honor 10 is Huawei’s cut-price premium smartphone offering that hopes to go toe-to-toe with iPhones and Samsungs for about one-third less than the average price.
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