Nikon D600 Review

October 1, 2012 | Zoltan Arva-Toth |

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The Nikon D600 is one of the most affordable full-frame DSLRs ever, so is it the camera we’ve all been waiting for? We find out in the What Digital Camera Nikon D600 review
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The Nikon D600 packs unrivalled technical image quality into the smallest full-frame digital camera ever from Nikon. D600 images can be astounding, while the D600 is also inexpensive, small and light. The Nikon D600 is very quiet and refined. The D600 is a little quieter than the D800, and much quieter than the D4. All have "Quiet" modes, but none work very well for general use.
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Nikon has been rather busy over the past year, having already released the D4 and D800 in quick succession. But the company isn't taking a break just yet. The Nikon D600 aims to fill the gap between the hugely capable and professional Nikon D800 and the enthusiast-level Nikon D7000.
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Some cameras launch with a huge amount of anticipation and fanfare, some are surprises from far left field, and some are simply such poorly kept secrets that the manufacturer might as well just have skipped the announcement. Although the Nikon D600 falls squarely into the last category, I think photographers in the world were pleased when it finally broke official cover. The camera itself breaks almost zero new ground technically – it doesn’t push boundaries in any way. Not quite what you expected me to say in the first paragraph, I bet. This is not to say that it’s a bad camera; far, far from it.
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The Nikon D600 boasts professional camera features in the lowest cost full-frame DSLR on the market. Its large 24 megapixels CMOS sensor is capable of shooting continuously at 5.5 FPS and capturing full 1080p HD video. The durable body of the D600 features an extra large 100% coverage viewfinder and weather-seals against dust and moisture.
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