Olympus E-PL2 Review

January 26, 2011 | Mark Goldstein |

Review Roundup

Reviews of the Olympus E-PL2 from around the web.

ephotozine.com »

The development of the mirrorless interchangeable lens camera has been fast and led by keen consumer interest and demand. Removing the mirror box reduces the size of camera bodies and lenses considerably, giving us the promise of DSLR quality with compact camera size. Olympus has been at the forefront of this revolution, combining its Micro 4/3 format with the retro appeal of the Pen SLR design. We look at the latest offering in this range, the E-PL2, a light and compact alternative to the DSLR, providing of course that the quality level is there to match that of the larger cameras.
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neocamera.com »

The Olympus PEN E-PL2 is the entry-level Micro Four-Thirds SLD from Olympus. This digital camera is built around a 12 megapixels Four-Thirds sensor with a maximum ISO of 6400, 3 FPS full-resolution output and 720p HD video capability. The E-PL2 is one of the most compact ILCs with a rectangular body featuring a small hand-grip, a built-in popup flash and a hot-shoe with an accesory port which supports an optional add-on EVF.
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