Pentax K-5 IIs Review

April 3, 2013 | Mark Goldstein |

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I reviewed the Pentax K-5 II in November 2012 and found it to be an excellent DSLR, well worth the Editor's Choice accolade. Pentax have been bold in introducing the IIs variant which, like the Nikon D800E, is an option with no anti-aliasing (AA) filter to reduce the full sharpness potential of the sensor.
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In our review of the Pentax K-5 II, we briefly touched on the camera's sister model, the K-5 IIs. The IIs is identical to the K-5 II except that its anti-aliasing filter has been removed. In practice, this should increase sharpness, with the possible side-effect of aliasing, moiré, and other image artifacts. We've seen this tactic elsewhere recently, most notably with the Nikon D800 and D800E siblings. But the K-5 II has the distinction of being the first APS-C
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The Pentax K-5 IIs ($1,299.95 direct, body only) $1,007.79 at Amazon sets itself apart from the nearly identical K-5 II$959.99 at 42nd Street Photo by something it lacks: a low-pass filter. Elminating this filter allows the camera to capture sharper detail, although it comes at the risk of picking up moiré color patterns in certain shooting situations. Like the K-5 II, the 16-megapixel camera shoots at an impressive 6.2 frames per second, is sealed for use in harsh weather, and delivers excellent photos even at high ISO settings. It's on a par with our Editors' Choice Sony Alpha 77$1,479.99 at 42nd Street Photo, but a disappointing video experience prevents it from ousting that camera from its perch.
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With the K-5 IIs, Pentax has the most feature-rich DSLR currently available - again. This DSLR camera boasts built-in stabilization, automatic horizon correction, a dual-axis digital level, class-leading weather-sealing, a large 100% coverage viewfinder, a 3" LCD with 921K pixels, ISO up to 51200, 7 FPS continuous shooting, live-view and a wealth of unique photographic controls and image parameters. All this in a sturdy and relatively compact pro body. In addition to its photographic capabilities, the Pentax K-5 records full 1080p HD movies, either with a built-in mono microphone or an external stereo one.
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