Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 Review

June 11, 2014 | Mark Goldstein |

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The original Samsung Galaxy Camera was notable because, although it wasn't the first dedicated camera to use the Android operating system as its user interface, it was the first to integrate an up-to-date version of the operating system with great success. It made a lot of sense, was a great Android device that could rival many smartphones, and yet it missed the mark when it came to some of the more critical camera features. And given that it was supposed to be a camera first and foremost, it therefore failed to deliver on its full potential.
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Now, Samsung has updated the original Galaxy with the Galaxy Camera 2. It has many of the same specifications as the original, making some tweaks along the way for improved performance. Interestingly, Samsung has also taken the decision to remove 3G capability from the camera, making it less 'phone-like' than the original, but it retains Wi-Fi functionality.
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The Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 was announced in January 2014 and is the successor to the original Galaxy Camera - it has the same sensor, lens and screen, but now has a new design and processor as well as running the latest version of Android, v4.3 (Jellybean). The new Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 is available in white or neo black and costs around £330.
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