Samsung ST1000 Review

February 10, 2010 | Mark Goldstein |

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The Samsung ST1000 is what you get when you combine a super-slim camera with the latest wireless-connectivity and touchscreen technology. Samsung's experience in mobile-phone design surely plays a part here. We've seen wireless cameras before, but this, at last, is how it should be done.
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However it is the ST1000's extra features that set it apart, because it combines a range of high-tech gizmos that are more usually found in advanced mobile phones. The most obvious is the big 230k 3.5-inch touch-screen monitor which occupies almost the entire back of the camera, but it also features a built-in GPS receiver for automatic location tagging, high-speed Wireless internet and Bluetooth connectivity, and DNLA home network compatibility, used for viewing photos on TVs and other devices that support this standard.
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