Samsung ST550 Review

December 10, 2009 | Mark Goldstein |

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The Samsung ST550 - or Samsung TL225 as it's known in the USA - has two LCD screens. The primary touchscreen on the back, with a smaller screen on the front too. May sound a little absurd, but it's actually fairly criminal it's not happened before. How often do you see holiday goers trying to take self portraits (unsuccessfully) at an arm's length? The ST550 sets out to eliminate this problem, but it doesn't shun the rest of its performance - with a 3.5in touchscreen on the back the Samsung ST550 looks to be a real crowd pleaser. The What Digital Camera Samsung ST550 review gets snapping...
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The Samsung ST550 is extremely clever in some respects, but pretty ordinary in terms of picture quality. As an exercise in interface design and an electronic plaything, it's just fantastic. It's the number of ideas and the way they've been integrated into the design that impresses.
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It's squarely aimed at the MySpace/Facebook/Twitter crowd, who tend to create interesting self-portraits for profile pictures. The quality of photos taken with the Samsung ST550 are good enough for use on these sites; it's not a camera that's meant to take stunning photos, but merely ones that are good.
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