Sony NEX-F3 Review

July 10, 2012 | Mark Goldstein |

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I've recommended Sony's NEX cameras to a lot of people over the last year or so. The NEX-7 is too expensive for most people, but the NEX-C3 and NEX-5N are relatively inexpensive cameras that offer big APS-C sensors, interchangeable lenses, and a lot of nifty features and functionality. To anyone looking for something better than an iPhone or a point-and-shoot but without the size or expenditure associated with a DSLR, the NEX cameras have been a perfect fit.
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Based on its price tag and release schedule, you might have assumed that the NEX-F3 is here to dethrone Sony's NEX-C3. That may or may not be the case (we're hoping for the latter) -- the F3 is much more a scaled-down version of the NEX-7 than an update to the C3.
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The Sony Alpha NEX-F3 is a worthy successor to the Editors' Choice NEX-C3. The latest iteration impresses with superb image quality, even at very high ISO settings, and you get a deeper handgrip, built-in flash, and support for an optional EVF.
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