Sony RX0 II Review

June 20, 2019 | Mark Goldstein |

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The RX0 II is unusual and impressive in some ways, but it doesn't offer a compelling all-round package for most people. If you want an action camera, then the GoPro Hero7 Black or DJI Osmo Action are better bets. And if you're looking for a tiny vlogging camera, then the DJI Osmo Pocket or a Sony RX100 V are ideal. The RX0 II's electronic image stabilisation isn't great, which means it only really excels on a tripod. If this is the main way you like to shoot, and you're prepared to put up with its foibles, then the RX0 II could be a handy addition to your filmmaking arsenal. But vloggers and travellers should look at its cheaper rivals.
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Pop quiz, hot shot. What looks like an action cam, is tough like an action cam, but isn’t actually an action cam? I don’t know either, but that’s kind of the best way to describe the Sony RX0 Mark II. It’s a $700, video-centric, GoPro-shaped camera that could perhaps be called a travel camera or a vlogging camera. When the stars align, it shoots stunning footage. When they don’t, it’ll leave you scratching your head.
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With the introduction of its second gen RX0 II action camera, Sony wants to convince action sports enthusiasts that paying nearly double the price of others from GoPro, DJI and YI is worth it. With a unique crushproof metal design, flip-out screen and great color reproduction, Sony hopes that consumers will overlook the RX0 II's lack of a larger touch screen and user-friendly interface — as well as its $700 price. But in the end, you can get better performance from cameras that cost half as much.
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