Canon EOS 6D Review

January 7, 2013 | Mark Goldstein | |

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#1 JS

And I am waiting for FF compact for 1500$....

6:23 pm - Monday, January 7, 2013

#2 jim

i think, nikon D600 beats 6D hands down…. superb AF, 100% viewfinder coverage, 39 AF points, in built flash, amazing image quality, less processed look of images, outstanding dynamic range!! and of course the worlds third best sensor performance as rated by DXOlabs. now where does the 6D have a chance?

7:56 pm - Monday, January 7, 2013

#3 Nick

Sorry I cant understand why so many reviewers are comparing the 6D to the 5D Mark III considering the price difference?

Given that the 5d Mark II is now end of life, they can still be purchased new and the 6D and the 5D Mark II have a very similar price.

I am looking for a travel and action sports camera but cant decide between the 6D and the 5D Mark II.

1:21 pm - Tuesday, January 8, 2013

#4 Vignes

D600 beats 6D in AF but 6D beats D600 in low light performance. if manufacturers makes cameras with the same spec, then they’ll be just competing on price. Sensor performance is one thing but overall camera performance is another story. For e.g. the 5D Mk3 has lower sensor scoring than D600 in DXO but would you consider 5D Mk3 inferior to D600? I initially thought 6D spec was disappointing but as more test/review is published about it, i’m starting to pay more attention to the 6D because the most important performance I look for is low light shooting (priority 1) than comes others. it all depends on what we want not what others want. DXO ratings is bit funny Pentax K-5 and 6D rating are the same. I own the K-5 and i seen 6D shoots. the 6D shoots are much2 cleaner/nicer to my eyes with both cameras shoot with decent glasses.

2:19 pm - Tuesday, January 8, 2013

#5 Nicko

Nick, for travel, the 6D beats the Mk II hands down - it’s smaller, lighter and had that wonderful low-light ability, especially massively better low light AF, the Achilles heel of the Mk II. It’s close to the perfect travel camera, certainly miles better at this job than the D600 - this is what the 6D really excels at IMHO. And if you need GPS and/or WiFi, it’s absolutely a no-brainer.

The 6D isn’t a great sports or action camera, but it’s a bit better at the job than the Mk II - AF is a little better, and shooting speed is up from 3.9 to 4.5 FPS.

3:07 pm - Tuesday, January 8, 2013

#6 jake

I am a Nikon shooter for now with a couple of D800 bodies but I am really tired of dealing with huge RAW files from it , I shoot 1000 image a per day when I work for a wedding or portrait session.

I am considering switching to Canon or just replace one of my 2 D800 bodies with the D600.
But the D600 has the infamous dust issue and poor lowlight AF inherited from the D7000(which I used to own).
So, can you tell us how much better the 5D3 AF in real life compared to the 6D AF especially in low light(in a dark church,etc)?
I also hate the D600 build quality and design , it is so cheap and it is really hard to hold still, if it had a bit better grip , I did not even buy a couple of D800 bodies because I knew I wwould not really need 36mp resolution but usable ISO3200(I consider the D800 at ISO3200 useless).

8:31 pm - Tuesday, January 8, 2013

#7 Vignes

I’m in the midst/decided of buying a Canon 6D. I’ve being testing the 6D and 5DMk3 in the stores. Just walking around - taking shots in the store. I did a bit of shots in the storage area of the store (lights off/poor light). 6D and 5D Mk3 would do good job in low light shoots. I usually use centre focus point. If you usually use centre AF point then the 6D is sufficient but if you require more than centre AF then the 5DMk3 is a better choice. Spec wise, the centre point of the 6D is more sensitive (low light) than 5DMk3.
Your case is tricky, if you’ve have been shooting with D800 then you’ve already invested on good Nikon lens. It’s going to be a costly exercise to swap systems. Also, I feel the D600 is more balance option vs. D800 in regards with spec vs. usability vs. cost – at least for me.

Your case is tricky, if you’ve have been shooting with D800 then you’ve already invested on good Nikon lens. It’s going to be a costly exercise to swap systems. Also, I feel the D600 is more balance option vs. D800 in regards with spec vs. usability vs. cost – at least for me

4:52 am - Thursday, January 10, 2013

#8 jake

First off, thanks Vignes.
>Your case is tricky, if you’ve have been shooting with D800 then you’ve already invested on good Nikon lens. It’s going to be a costly exercise to swap systems. Also, I feel the D600 is more balance option vs. D800 in regards with spec vs. usability vs. cost – at least for me.

I know that. But if you just look at and read its spec sheet , the D600 looks nice but in real life it is not a very good camera(especially in low light).

I mean the D600 has excellent sensor but it cannot focus well in real bad light.
Iguess what I really wanted from Nikon was a real D700 successor(D800 type of body with the D600 sensor).

I really think many reviewers are biased towards Nikon or just want to see things by just sensor quality alone.
But in real life there are many more things to consider than just quality of a sensor.
Well, as for lenses I already have all zooms I need for both(N and C)systems .As I said , I am a Nikon shooter now but I’ve owned both and I always keep all lenses for N and C (never sell lenses for Canon and Nikon).
And I heard that the Sigma 35mmf1.4HSM(an excellent lens even beats the Zeiss T*1.435ZF2)would not come in Nikon mount anytime soon.

I really want the Sigma 35mmf1.4 very soon.
For me really reliable AF in bad light is much more important than a bit better DR at base ISO or a big megapixel sensor that performs well only in a studio or at DXO benchmark.

8:15 pm - Thursday, January 10, 2013

#9 Jim Rhinehart

I have been a Nikon owner for many years.  I have a N8008s, F100, film and now a D300s digital.  My F100 and now my D300s have the rubber covering coming off.  This has been a problem with Nikon for many years.  I am going to switch to the Canon 6D for a full frame digital with new lens(s).  I was going for the D600 but with all the problems and the rubber covering coming way am I going to spend money on something that should not happen in the first place.

9:02 pm - Friday, January 11, 2013

#10 Torben Christiansen

Great review of the Canon 6D. It really sounds like a great deal of a camera if you want a full frame camera from Canon.

10:22 pm - Saturday, January 26, 2013


I think the canon t3i 600d is a better and cheaper option for a beginner.

2:56 am - Thursday, February 7, 2013

#12 Jim H

Nice review. Covered all the points. Didn’t seem to be too biased one way or another. I think the 6D, like all but the most basic beginner cameras, needs to be viewed as a solution to a particular type of photography. First, if you’re already a Canon APS-C shooter with any kind of investment in EOS lenses, the 6D is a no-brainer as a F/F upgrade, unless you have the big bucks to go to the 5D/III. 7D owners might grouse at the AF system, but 6D, 50D, and Rebel owners will be more than satisfied. The 6D has everything the 5D/II has, and more - better, faster AF, newer Digic 5+ processor, and the IQ of the 5D/III. I was very nearly a 5D/II buyer, but when the 6D prices dropped to BELOW the left-over 5D/IIs, I could see no reason not to jump on the 6D.

8:30 pm - Friday, February 8, 2013

#13 JimH

Of course, I meant 60D owners, above… sorry.

8:31 pm - Friday, February 8, 2013


This camera can use for aerophotogrametry.
Inspeciton of jobs in engineering.

5:57 pm - Tuesday, February 19, 2013

#15 Dom

Guys check out this link on video and picture quality of the 6D.  I think you will be very impressed.

5:57 am - Thursday, February 21, 2013

#16 Andrew LAN

I was a film only (because digital wasn’t an option yet) shooter, took a break and hopped on the dslr bandwagon with the first rebel. I have. No preference for brand, just what works. Had a chance to “restart” lens collection, choice was either the 600 (Nikon) or 6D. I commend this site for pointing out the relative strengths/weaknesses of both the Nikon and Canon. I still find it a curious affair, the accepting of marketing designation eg; beginner/hobbiest/semi-hobby/amateur/kind of amateur/part-enthusiast/half-pro/beginning pro/full time beginner…of course I’m being a bit goofy here…just a bit. The same phenomenon exists in audio recording- any studio mic under 3000$USD is considered almost-kind of pro. I don’t recall the M9 Leica having continuous phase AF /w multiple X type AF points, obviously no one would shoot sports with a rangefinder, I’ve yet to hear any review calling a Leica an entry level camera. Specs are specs, right? I’ve seen many photos taken with “ancient” cropped dslr’s=beautiful.

Excellent (and one of the first) review comparing relative strengths for each camera (Nikon/Canon). I hate trashing another persons instrument for creative expression- 1600$ or £ should by 2013 be ENOUGH money to purchase a body capable of “professional” results which it is!

After using the Nikon (600) and 6D (I made sure minimize bias by avoiding DxO mark results, other reviews), conclusions were similar to what I’ve read by real-world users:

Nikon has the tech. lead for action
Canon is a low-light portrait monster

In hand, the Nikons’ construction was lagging behind the Canon.

Flash/lack of could could be a major annoyance for some.

The Deal-maker was menu/button setup. It’s easy to shoot/change modes/important functions with the 6D; I can shoot using 1 hand, Nikon=buttons and buried menus.

Point is, both cameras are very capable “beginner FF” (I’m joking) machines. Nikon out of the box better for action, Canon, portraits/landscapes.

Great comments by everyone here!

Refreshing to come across a site like this one. Don’t get that “Mac vs Non-Mac” vibe. The brand-bias wars become depressing after a while!


12:03 am - Monday, February 25, 2013

#17 Vignes

I thought you’ll should see this video:

11:43 am - Monday, February 25, 2013

#18 Andrew LAN

Vignes- thanks for the link! That’s a great video comparison (am unfamiliar with the guy, is he the author of the 6D EPub/PDF manual?)?)?. Geez, I thought I was a “real world over spec” kinda guy- the author/reviewer redefines it. It’s obvious from the get the care he takes with his “antecdotal” observations- his demeneur and communication style is a thing that seems to be lacking in the present day (esp. Product of tech comparison on YouTube no less!). Best of all, I learned a lot…not which camera is “best”, rather the many ways foreign to myself regarding camera specs; what and how to consider when making a decision for purchase ie; he quantified difficult to describe subjective factors that usually are known as “it works good/nice to use”!

Tech can be a blight upon the land as we know. I shutter (bad pun, sorry) to think of the 100’s of hours spent researching techy things related to art/work/livelihood.

It took 25 years+ for me to get the formula right and it’s an easy one in concept. Simple version: you get what you pay for (assumption=there’s prior knowledge). When younger it was built in the psyche…a well made pre-amp costs as much as several flashy lit-up ones which do everything albeit not so well, plus they break. Analogy- lenses! They’re investments, minus counterparty risk. The day will come soon enough when a camera body will have the equivlent~perfect everything (on paper)...but the construction/quality will be the price maker (I think).

Again TY for the link.

Oh yeah- A camera question!

I’ve looked all over and asked around, still can’t find a definitive answer-

The 6D takes the new UHS-1 format…Using Sandisk for ref..

Pro card (read 95/write 90) and the Sandisk below (ultra?) read 90ish/write 40->the pro is 2x the price. The Extreme Pro is used in most benchmarks, have yet to read anything specific if 2x write bandwidth makes a difference. Do you/anyone here have XP using both cards with the 6D?

Thanks again. (Long post, whoops!)

4:58 pm - Monday, February 25, 2013

#19 Brian G

I want to look at some of the raw file examples in LightRoom, but although when I hover over the image, it says it’s a .CR2 (raw) file, when I download it, it downloads as a TIFF. Can you tell me how to download the raw .CR2 original?
Right click and “download as” also only loads TIFF or jpg.

11:25 am - Sunday, March 3, 2013

#20 Vignes

Brian, i use a Mac. right click and select download link As… it downloads as CR2

12:45 pm - Sunday, March 3, 2013

#21 Brian G

Thanks for that Vignes.
In Windows, when I point to the file thumbnail, I’m told it’s a .CR2 file.
If I click on the file to load it, the save dialog then says it’s a TIFF file, and that’s what it’s saved as.
I can’t right click the thumbnail and “Save as” because it says it’s a thumbnail and wants to save it as a jpeg.
The only place I’ve found where I can download a .CR2 file is from Imaging Resource, and they don’t have images that I want to work with.

2:38 pm - Sunday, March 3, 2013

#22 Brian G

Problem Solved!
It was another Internet Explorer ‘bug’.
I viewed the site with Firefox, and the file saving options include “Save File”, which allowed saving as a .CR2 file.

8:22 am - Monday, March 4, 2013

#23 Nick A

Thanks for posting such a thorough review.

As a wedding photographer this looks like it could be the perfect camera for the wedding photo business. Like myself most wedding take place in dimly lit churches and poorly lit reception halls. The ability of the 6d to focus down to -3ev is a god send. As far as the number of focus points, most wedding photographer focus and recompose, (things just happen to fast, no time to select a focus point).

thanks again


9:24 pm - Thursday, March 7, 2013

#24 steele

Personally I picked Canon 6D due to its wireless feature, which I really like. Also, I would say the 6D is best camera for the money for the average hobbyist. You can read a detailed review here, comparing Canon 6D with other similar DSLRs, including 5D Mark III. Good luck with your choice!

Canon 6D Detailed Review

3:35 pm - Monday, April 22, 2013

#25 Paul C

I wonder if someone can tell me if a camera with the low light capabilities of the 6D means that you can get by without a flash?

8:29 pm - Thursday, June 27, 2013

#26 JimH

#Paul C - I just got back from a jaunt to the Mercer Museum in Doyletown, PA - a huge old concrete pile about 7 stories tall built by Henry Mercer in the early 1900s. He stuck about a million pieces of wooden Americana in it, and now it’s open for business. The whole place is dank and dark, and I just shot about 200 pix there with nothing but Auto ISO and F/5.6, handheld. I have not had any time to process them but I stuck one on Flickr real fast just to show you - and the short answer is YES. Where 99% of other cameras would need a flash, the 6D’s AF and high ISO capabilities come through with high marks.
Mercer Museum - Test by Jimbo in Jersey, on Flickr

(if no link shows, just Flickr “JimboInJersey”)

1:56 am - Friday, June 28, 2013

#27 JimH

Yes, in many cases you can get by without a flash. I just returned from a day shooting in a museum, and I just stuck the 6D’s ISO meter on “Automatic”, set the lens to f/5.6 and blasted away. I’m not sure I’d try to capture action in that kind of darkness, but for static shots, with just a bit of light, the AF system worked fine and exposure was usually spot on.

2:22 am - Friday, June 28, 2013

#28 Paul C

Thanks for that Jim.
I’ve been comparing the Canon 6D to other similarly priced and spec’d camera’s, and it is top of my list in terms of value/performance. With feedback like yours I just might be tempted to buy one soon..

3:22 pm - Friday, June 28, 2013

#29 Gerald Keil

I just picked this camera up to become my primary and omg is it amazing. I love the noise even at high iso. It’s simply one of the best camera I’ve used in a while.

5:28 am - Sunday, July 7, 2013

#30 Javaid

Hello Guys, I can not connect my iPhone 5 with my Eos 6D ,
  once i enable WiFi in 6D then i gave nickname to my camera then i select easy connect from camera the camera show Encryption No also , But in my iPhone whe i open WiFi it shows my camera by given Nickname , when i try to select my camera network in my iPhone it doesn’t works and the message popup in my iPhone is” Unable to connect Eos 6D ” anybody has experience so please share here thanks .

4:51 pm - Saturday, April 26, 2014

#31 Walter

Hi Folks, nice review…

I moved from the D300 to the 6D last year and thought I have made a big mistake by not getting the D600/D610.  On paper, the D610 was better and I just loved my D300’s button layout.

I went to the shop, ready to do a trade-in, only to realize spec is spec but the camera must also feel “right” in the hand.  So, keeping my 6D… The D800 felt much better and love the D300 style button layout difficult to justify the need for all that functionality & price, for my style of shooting.  Better to invest in nice glass.

That said, I went home feeling still not connected to the 6D…. until I installed Magic Lantern and now with focus peaking in live view/video…. and assorted other features, wow!  Now the 6D has everything I need, except maybe a pop up flash for fill in usage…  Cant win them all.

As for only 1x cross type focus point, lucky with the way I shoot, I mostly only just use the center point anyway…. but would be nice if the ⅓ position points are also cross type.

8:53 am - Friday, June 13, 2014

#32 Scharretje

Just bought a second hand Canon 6D. It’s my first Canon camera ever. I’ve shot with Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic and Fuji cameras, Full frame, APSC, MFT and compact cameras. It’s nice to hold and use a real DSLR again, after so many years of smaller mirrorless cameras.

The camera is very good! Great ergonomics, relatively lightweight and compact, fast and accurate auto focus and excellent image quality. I have nothing to complain about. Great value for money.

9:49 pm - Friday, May 29, 2015

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