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May 26, 2010 | Mark Goldstein | |

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#1 Nick

In conclusion you say it shares the same lens and backlit sensor as the S90. The S90 does not have a backlit sensor!


1:07 pm - Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#2 J S

The S90’s sensor is larger as well. They’re not the same at all. Backlit vs not backlit, cmos vs ccd and smaller vs larger.

1:26 pm - Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#3 Yianni

That’s a huge error regarding the sensor being the same as the S90.

I’ve spotted way too many of these errors in a lot of copy and paste jobs from previous reviews as well.

A website starts losing credibility if such errors keep happening and reviews cant be taken seriously.

1:48 pm - Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#4 F Bennett

I would not recommend anyone purchase a camera in the IXUS range unless they are never going to take it outside. I purchased an IXUS 200 IS for my wife for Christmas the first time we used it was at easter in Orlando the camera failed before we got it home. We are told it was to do with water. It did rain on 1 day but all the cameras the group of us had with us were stored in the same type of places, including another small Cannon (older model) JVC camcorder, Canon SLR. but it was only the IXus 200 that failed. The circuit boards are corroded Cannon say its not their fault and want £160 to repair it, but look on the web others have suffered within the same group of cameras. The other smaller cannon has been dropped down the toilet and dried out and still works fine. Try reading documents about corrosion of circuit boards. Basically don’t buy one if you want to take photos outside.

3:33 pm - Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#5 Mark Goldstein

We’ve removed the references to the S90’s sensor.

Just to clarify, the IXUS 300 HS uses a back-illuminated CMOS sensor that’s physically smaller than the S90’s CCD sensor.

4:55 pm - Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#6 Alan

I was quite startled by your concern with how difficult it is to delete images.

What you are doing that makes you need to delete images in the field?

You can’t possibly be filling up a memory card before the battery runs out - the camera doesn’t save RAW - and you might as well change cards while you are changing batteries - or upload while you recharge.

As you correctly point out, this is not a penny-pincher’s camera - the buyer can & should have card capacity for all foreseeable uses.

Are you deleting so you won’t be embarrassed when you upload? To destroy the evidence of your oopsies? That is silly - there is quite often something to be learned from those mistakes that is lost if you delete in haste. Or possibly even an unforeseen use.

There are better things to be thinking about during shooting than whether an image is a keeper or a wasted shot. Don’t waste either your attention or your battery juice. Move on.

The facility for deleting an image is really only useful so inappropriate or unauthorized images can be removed to satisfy somebody else’s concerns - and there’s no reason why that should be easy.

Buttons and high level menu functions should be dedicated only to making better images easier, not for false economies or sheltering easily bruised egos.

6:00 am - Thursday, May 27, 2010

#7 George

As an owner of a Fuji F100fd and F20 before that I know how frustrating it gets over time when a camera has a stupid menu logic. And having to press 6 buttons to delete an image is too much, whether you like the idea of deleting in camera or not.
As for the rest- good low light, yes, but even the tiny sensor Canons always had very good IQ at base ISO and this was sacrificed here.
And Canon, why are you so stubborn and stupid not to offer 3:2 image ratio? Im only use that. rrrr16:9 on

9:31 am - Thursday, May 27, 2010

#8 WhatKinda

Why didn’t they actually compare it to its real competition.  Backlit sensor to backlit sensor.

Sony DSCHX5v

??  For the same price range, the sony gives you more zoom and gps. 

/shakes head

2:55 pm - Thursday, May 27, 2010

#9 antong

I suspect there is still the option as on every other Canon camera, to delete a photo during the review period immediately after taking a photo.  I dont see the delete as being a big deal.  I do really like the feature on other canon cameras to program a button on the back to be a quick function to an option you get to pick.  Every camera should have one or two programmable buttons.

3:00 pm - Thursday, May 27, 2010

#10 Simon

Take a closer look at the London Tower Bridge sample photo (right tower): there’s WAY too much distorsion for an 28mm shot!

Anything else seems to be great to me.

7:40 pm - Thursday, May 27, 2010

#11 sd4000 owner

just picked one of these up today in black
nice finish on it not slippery kinda a grippy feel to it.

I am a photographer for a living and also have a post production company and do a lot of PS work for other pro photographers

my pro gear is to heavy and big to haul around daily so I have a Olympus Pen the e-pl1 to be exact and love it great small camera that fits in my baggy cargo short pockets or a messenger bag etc..
but to big for surf short pocket or wife purse
our old P&S died on us so time to get a new P&S camera
other true pocket P&S I have owned that compare wont got into older cameras :)
canon SD500 Canon SD870 DMC-ZS3 (SD3500 but returned it right away)

what I wanted in a camera for my wife ?
easy to use and small and light to carry along with great video and good pics ! nothing compares to a pro camera like a 1D model of current variety or a 5D of current variety with L glass so I can be picky but also can be real this is why I have a pen camera ? blows away a P&S like the S90 etc.. when it really comes down to turning everything off but the size is not portable

so was also loooking at the panny ZS7 and the sony DSC-HX5
but from owning a Panny while they are popular I did not like the noise or how the noise was handled ? just looked to blotchy for me so comparing the ZS3 to the ZS7 things looked close enough that after owning a ZS3 I wont own another panny ? just dont like the image quality
want to clarify something
NO P&S is good to me so its a give and take in quality and overall appearance so its a choose the one you like ! others love the panny I did not ? nobody is wrong or right its a personal choice so those panny lovers I am glad you are happy dont take it as a panny bash take it as a hardened pro shooter who wishes for to much !
and really it comes down to features and what you like the latest P&S I got down to are all good and all seem to have choices of what you want each one has something the others do not
yes I wish I could combine them in a perfect package but this is the real world so I say choose one be happy and enjoy

the sony I played with in the store but also looked at the samples here and many other real world samples and just did not care for the way it smashed some colors but I did love some of the features ! like the pano mode and the twilight mode teh video samples I have seen are not the best though ? strange coming from sony ?
I think I would have been happier with the Sony over the panny though ?

so why the SD4000 ? I am used to canon they build nice P&S across the board the video is nice and the pics are nice I would prefer a touch soft but hold detail and not smash it up over smashed up over processed details so the image quality is what sold me and the 2.0 lens !!!! this is the one thing the others did not have

things I wish it had GPS the twilight and pano mode of the sony

so I guess show me a camera that shoots good HD video that has a 2.0 lens that can fit in your pants pocket or wifes purse ?
and when it comes down to getting the shot I would take that 2.0 over the pano mode which is a fun thing but would not use it as much the twilight mode ? cool but chances are I wont be in that situation with this camera

the 2.0 with the video is very nice to have

so that is my reasoning why the camera ?

quality of the image I feel is good for a P&S and its better than the other cameras I have owned but no where near the pen so I am lucky I can carry a pen or my pro gear and this can be with the wife in her purse so we truly have it every day
if we go out for the day with the kids I will take the pen so we are covered ! if we go to shoot some stuff I can take my pro gear so I might be in a unique position

I will have to get more time with this before I know how it handles but from one night playing with it ? seems decent ? dont know how it will work with the kids this is where the pen sucks they are not quick cameras in the focus area ! but the images when on are very nice for a smaller package then a DSLR

7:31 am - Friday, May 28, 2010

#12 GreenTea

“The main problem for the Canon IXUS 300 HS is that £379 / $350 / €419 price-tag and its positioning within the Canon range. A little more money will buy you the PowerShot S90”

Hmm, the S90 is roughly £100 *cheaper*, current Amazon prices:

S90 - £282
IXUS 300 - £379.00

12:00 pm - Friday, May 28, 2010

#13 John Smith

I remember when new IXUS cameras were continually born into this world at an even more eye-watering price of $499 (Canon S100, S110, S200, etc…) Maybe $349 is not so much.

2:05 pm - Friday, May 28, 2010

#14 sd4000 owner

to me the camera beats the S90 easy since the S90 video sucks in comparison

if video is not important then the S90 would be the better camera in the canon line thats a for sure
if video is on your list of wants then the SD4000 is back on top

a little more money will buy you a pen which will blow the s90 quality out of the water big time !
but its larger in comparison but the quality is worth it to some to carry around that extra size since its smaller than a DSLR

I guess the nice thing is we have some great choices these days for our needs

5:54 pm - Friday, May 28, 2010

#15 Vidar

I cannot get over the feeling that the sample images have too much noice in them.
I realize that they are soft. That is fearly easy to correct as mentioned in the review.

But the Noise in the images. Look at 100% and compare them towards the TZ7 images for example.
Sure they have not been saved in a “non jpeg” licensed software along the way before they where published?

10:05 pm - Tuesday, June 1, 2010

#16 Per-Otto Larsen

I have read a lot of reviews now, but I cant find any info on what I’m looking for. Is it possible to take time-lapse videos with this camera?

11:25 am - Thursday, June 10, 2010

#17 Claus Marnix

I fully agree wat the review say.
The S90 and LX3 is better.

I like the reviews on this site,and yes it is my first post here.
but I reed alot of reviews,and here is the better one :)

11:14 pm - Thursday, June 17, 2010

#18 Gary Holland

Hi, this a response to the Author of the review, to help you out, the wheel on the back of the camera has the same functionality of the previous models, but they have removed the physical pictures of the flash, macro and delete, but it still works, so when you playback your pictures, just press down on the wheel and it gives you the option to delete(see the ixus 130, the layout is the same, you just have to know which way to press the wheel, up, down, left or right), hope this helps


10:55 pm - Monday, June 28, 2010

#19 Don van Riet

Just back from China and a full workout on this new camera the following +/- user experiences:
- excellent under lowlight conditions in auto, manual (AV usage for depth control), but just as well for video in very dark environments
- digital zoom works under video too, at least doubling the normal 3,8x range proves quite usefull, much more than for photo’s.
- for video always add a heavy weight to this lightweight camera (on longer zooms a monopod) I’m thinking of attaching an extra weight at the bottom of my monopod for filming loose from ground
- automatic whitebalance often jumps to wrong values and is focal length (aperture?) dependent. Compensation in-camera takes too much time
- tends to overexpose on night video’s of neonlight: using the exposure compensation in video solves this problem well
- battery life for photo’s is quite OK, for video even original CANON batteries lead to chargelevel warnings after a take of a few minutes. CANON original 1000 mAH Batteries do recover after switchoff though, but replacement types of e.g. 800 mAh provide a much lower number of minutes. The maximum duration of videoclips of 10 minutes seems battery-dependent, not file related!
- my camera shows firmware errors: sound on videoplayback disappeared by itself, 1st by engaging mute-function by itself, 2nd time a reset to factory default provided the only solution
- another probable firmware error to my opinion: when set to PAL-standard, video is still recorded in NTSC-framerate of 30 and importing clips in videoprogrammes fails in a unpredictable way. Converting the MOV-files to moving JPEG solves most import issues, but filesizes expand and much more space is needed. For now I recode all clips in Total Video Convertor in MOV, because the CANON zoom browser software and its MOV-recode does not solve importproblems for postprocessing

I have chosen the Wide format for photo’s for later presentation on my 16:9 LCD TV. For prints I will cut back too 3:2 format. When setting the camera to 4:3 a grid can be chosen for identifying the 3:2 area. In 16:9 Wide no such grid for 3:2 exists, although its use would be quite logical. The same holds true for digital zooming: 16:9 in video zooms well, but in photo’s it is blocked?!

Overall I’m quite satisfied, because I find this a light and very snappy camera indeed. And minor postprocessing on videoclips (cutting on beginning or end of the clips) is also handy. I also expect CANON to solve some firmware errors in future (my existing FW is the very first 1.0.0. version)

But I do have my doubts on the MOV-files and the missing PAL-standard in imagerate of 25 images/s. Video on the LCD TV in 720p-mode via an extra HDMI-cable works well though…

11:51 am - Monday, August 9, 2010

#20 saintez

I have purchased a Canon SD1400IS. Used it once & now wont start up. No power - just black screen without lights.
Replaced battery - camera has not been damaged - no shocks etc.
Any ideas? Please help

11:28 am - Tuesday, August 17, 2010

#21 Don van Riet

Any camera malfunction beyond a dead battery and a reset to factory defaults can not be solved by the owner. So if the screen stays black with a charged batter, only the manufacturer can repair. Reset to factory defaults is not even possible in this case

On my trip to China, ambient temperatures rose beyond the 40 degrees Celsius (approx. 100 Fahrenheit for Americans). One older Olympus compact gave up shooting altogether, but kept its photo’s already taken. A one year old Panasonic Lumix TZ7 failed intermittently when reading its memory: one day failure, next day working, later failure again and so on. And one Canon SLR 1000D went fully dead, like the compact from Saintez. Mine however never failed (playback sound to be restored by reset excepted)...

So in the context of this camera evaluation this Canon P&S family does NOT show any differences with other brands. Never forget that any camera contains highly complex integrated circuits, that may fail. Mostly when the camera is new or at the end of its lifetime. For early failures the manufacturer provides sufficient guarantee.

4:20 pm - Tuesday, August 17, 2010

#22 BazaBoy

I bought the Ixus 300HS as I wanted a small compact camera that took good low light shoots. This camera is the best I’ve seen in low light at the price point and size… I’ve tried Panasonic with little success and I will never use a Sony Camera again… I’m also really disappointed that both Panasonic and Sony are misleading consumers claiming that the use Leica and Carl Zeiss lenses when they are licensed products. The best way to know this is the lack of use of the word lens. If the camera does not say lens after the claimed brand name it does not use it. Very disappointing from these big brand names. At least I know I’m getting a Canon lens in my Canon camera.

2:59 pm - Friday, October 22, 2010

#23 Mathias

Question is - Canon sd4000 or Samsung EX1 to buy for travelling?

11:58 am - Friday, November 26, 2010

#24 Don van Riet

Samsung EX1 is a high-end photocamera with a low-end video feature (only VGA) and a lens with a 1,8-3,4 aperture range and 3x Zoom. For the photo performance a comparison with Canon S95 or Panasonic LX5 is therefore more logical than with CANON 300HS (all the others support RAW, HD video and possess lenses with large apertures starting on 1,8 or 2,0 aperture). The EX1 has the smallest zoom range of all three from widerange 24mm to a moderate 70mm. So if video in lowlight is essential go for Canon 300HS, if not see whether you’re statisfied with Samsungs 3xZoom (it is a nice range, like the Panasonic LX3 once had).
If low light is not so vital, but large zoom ranges are, many more alternatives can be found, e.g. Panasonic TZ10, Sony HX5 and Canon 210IS.

12:19 pm - Sunday, December 5, 2010

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