Canon PowerShot SX210 IS Review

March 29, 2010 | Gavin Stoker | |

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#101 jan

I had this camera for about 5 months and I’ve done some great shots. There was occasionaly some color distortions (specialy in auto mode), but that can be fixed in a computer program and I usualy used manual controls, so I haven’t realy had any problems with that. So in general I was very sutisfied with this camera. The battery last for more then 1 day, and I mean heavy shoting (cca 200 pics) and continuously turning the camera on and off, filming, zooming, using flash, previewing the pics ect. The flash poping up was not an issue once you get used to it and deleting pics neither (just 3 steps: down-right-enter) and once you get used to the camera, that allows you full manual control, you just love it.
What I missed was the continuous shoting (it is an option, but only 0,7 pics/sec) and making 2 or 3 pics at a time with diferent exposures, so I could make HDR out of them. Also pics with ISO>400 (without flash) at low light are not that good and out of sharpness if not used with a tripod.
Recently I’ve been on a long vacation on the other part of the world and unfortunately the camera’s been stolen (and most of the pics,grrrrr) and now I don’t know, wether to get another sx210, or wait for the new canon cameras in the coming months or maybe try the fujifilm f300 that by specifications seems very promising. The fact is that I want full manual controls, I want a wide angle of apx 25mm and a zoom of 14x or higher. Since I’m used to canon cameras (this was my 2nd) I kinda prefer canon, but I’m not sticking with it at any cost, so if I find something that suites me more I’ll go for it.

12:17 pm - Friday, October 8, 2010

#102 Judy

101 Jan, I have no answer to your question but a question of my own.  If you are looking for a wide angle of at least 25mm then you didn’t have it with the SX210 in the first place!  That is what stopped me from buying that model.  I too am a Canon person and am waiting for them to finally realise that Canon fans are waiting for a wider angle than 28mm!

12:37 pm - Friday, October 8, 2010

#103 jan

hehe, yes Judy I know :) that was a compromise I took when I boght it (28mm was ok, but 25 would’ve been better) and that’s why I didn’t run directly to the store to get another sx210 right after I got from my vacation… For now I’ll just wait and hope canon will soon come with a wide angle p&s. Because if the camera would’ve had a wide angle and as I mentioned in the previous post, continuous shoting and the possibility of making more pictures at the time with different exposures, this camera would be perfect…

1:03 pm - Friday, October 8, 2010

#104 Kevin

I’ve been holding off the purchase of a new camera with hopes of this model being better than what the reviews show. With the advent of the SD4500, it puts some real pressure on this model.

In my humble opinion, if they merged the two, manual controls of the 210, and seemingly better performance of the 4500 (1080 video, faster operation, more accurate auto focus in lower light situations), they’d have a camera that no one could touch.

My next camera will be a Canon, the question is what model.

1:47 pm - Friday, October 8, 2010

#105 Monica

Thank you Jan, Judy and Kevin….Since I have waited this long to upgrade… I think I am going to hold off my purchase until the release of the new models….

3:28 pm - Saturday, October 9, 2010


yep..i"ve waiting waiting & waiting for canon to release a 24 wide wide angle with a 14 os so zoom…so what do they go and do ..they release the isux 1000 hs. 35mm with a 10 zoom..arrrrr!!!.i passed on sony hx5s 25-250mm…i bought and shortly after returned samsung wb650 25mm-360mm..the lumix tz10 still has problems in low light ( or so i keep reading).so now i see fuji has brought out a fine pix f300exr ( in australia) i just hope it takes good photos…anyone own one of these cameras..if its good , then canon have lost me as i have tired of waiting on them to get competitive and get with the program…any feed back on the fuji would be helpfull..tks in advance

11:34 am - Monday, October 11, 2010

#107 jan

I’ve read on forums that the f300 performance is not that good and produes low IQ despite promising specifications. Most of the users were disappointed and returned the camera, so I lost my interest in this camera. But probably if you handle the camera for a longer period of time and you give it some time to get used to it you should be fine with it and pics just can’t be that bad… I guess

11:56 am - Monday, October 11, 2010

#108 Canon Girl

If you dont like a Canon Camera then you will find all kinds of problems with it, I love taking pictures and I have had my share of Cameras along the way, I recently got a Canon PowerShot 14X SX210 SI for a gift and I really really love it!!! If your intrested in becoming a Photographer then this would be a excellent start then upgrade to the Canon Rebels, nothing can go wrong with a Rebel. This Camera is light weight and its got good quality pictures, you have to play around with it till u find your pictures at good quality. Nothing Beats a Canon camera!!!
I love it and I’ll always buy a Canon Camera

11:51 pm - Thursday, October 14, 2010

#109 carla

my husband bought me a digicam:powershot sx210 is as a birthday gift…nakakafrustrate lang kasi yong 1st cam namin has a dead pixel on it..we rushed it to the canon service center and replaced it after 2days. unfortunately, the 2nd cam has the same problem, much bigger dead pixel… i just can’t believe it that di nyo napansin ang problem prior to distributing the cams to your respective outlets… canon should take a look more on quality control.

now, we have on hand the third cam.. though i noticed some minor probs like slightly movable lens barrel (which i am not sure if it is normal or not)and unnecessary flicking sound when turning it on or off (seems like grounded), i just wish this one will be ok.. we will be calling canon service center again tomorrow to make sure…

so far, i like the quality of the photos taken… i super love the video and most of all the zooming effect up to 14x…

3:19 pm - Monday, October 18, 2010

#110 crowie

I’m confused… I ‘ve read so many comments and I’m still confused…
I’m chosing b/n this camera and Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ38 ... on one hand- canon is CANON… and this camera is lighter and thinner… and there are sooo many good previews and glad customers… on the other hand lumix would give me more options and it’ s more… hmm… professional if I may say so…
the difference in their prizes here in Bulgaria isn’t that big…some 25 euros or so… but lumix is heavier, there are customers that say there is a problem when they try to focus on red subjects and there is noise at high ISO…. but still… i can see a blur in high ISO in pictures taken by this canon camera….
so, what would you tell me… please, give me some decent advice…. someone who has an experience with canon and panasonic maybe… or a person who really understands photography…
I’m intending to go into photography… not that deep that I should buy a DSLR but still I wanna go deep into that matter…
thank u

11:41 am - Tuesday, October 26, 2010

#111 Jaz

Can anyone help?
I wish to know which camera is best? Fujifilm FinePix F300EXR or Canon Powershot SX210is?

4:58 pm - Friday, October 29, 2010

#112 JJ

Canon Powershot SX210is better or fujifilm F300EXR?

5:03 pm - Friday, October 29, 2010

#113 rory

question to uumode (or anyone):

can you elaborate on exactly
how one should do the downsizing
to make image quality better
(if i’m getting this right) as uumode
described in his comment below.

is it something you do in photoshop,
in the camera, or are you just speaking
figuratively for the sake of comparison?

here is the captivating quote:

“However when comparing like for like, the journos forget the face you need to downsize the Canon’s 14MP to match (or shoot in 9MP mode). When downsized the extra amount of pixels the Canon has to start with confers it an advantage in image quality courtesy of downsizing. Everything is that much sharper and defined.”

very interested in info on this !!!
thank you

8:01 pm - Monday, November 1, 2010

#114 Ernest

Hi, after reading the whole 113 comments, one by one, I still have some questions which I’d like someone to answer me.
First, I’d like to say that I’m 95% sure that a Powershot SX210 is what I want, but after reading some comments I began to have some doubts about that:

1- Some people say that they press the flash to stop it from popping out, but I’d like to know, isn’t that capable of damaging the camera? or damaging the flash?

2- Is it true the problem about the battery, that it lasts very little time?

3- Are those 14 MP real, or is it an upscale? Because this is very common in some cameras, I have no idea if canon does that…

4- Does the focus work well when recording a video? Because I read a comment saying that the camera was constantly focusing while recording a video, especially in low light conditions.

I’ve watched a lot of sample/test videos in youtube about the PowerShot SX210 and I have to admit that they have convinced me. The videos are really good. But could someone tell me more about it? (bitrate, picture quality, sound bitrate, format…)

In my case, I want a camera, apart from taking good pictures, to record excellent videos. Some people put image quality in first place, but apart of image quality, I also put video quality in this first place.
I want a camera that can take good pictures and that can record perfect videos (For me the Powershot SX210 is the one) but I’d also like to know the disadvantages, most of all about the videos.

When taking pictures, I normally use the “Personal” mode, and I always use the flash, doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, the flash is always on. So I don’t really care about strange or exotic features. As I said, I put the video quality next to image quality in first place.

So, in conclusion, I’d like someone to help me decide if the Powershot SX210 is the best choice for my requirements or I should keep searching for another camera (I’ve also noticed the Lumix TZ10, but I think it’s way too expensive)
I’m also very concerned about the price.

Thank you! :)

1:16 pm - Sunday, November 7, 2010

#115 Ernest

I forgot to ask about the differences between a PowerShot and an IXUS:

Which one makes better videos (I’m talking about 720p and 30 fps)
I’ve heard that the IXUS is less expensive than the PowerShot, but does it worth the price of an IXUS compared to a PowerShot?? (In the price I’m talking to video AND image quality)

1:23 pm - Sunday, November 7, 2010

#116 jan

Hi Ernest,
Here are some answers to your questions:
1. You cannot damage the camera or flash by manualy preventing the flash to popup by holding it down-it is designed to work that way. Nor you can damage the flash or camera by opening the flash again. This was an isue in the previous model (sx200) and fixed with this one-sx210. The flash also has a small grip, so you can pull it up more easily.
2.I had used the camera on my trip all days long and in the evening checking the pics on the camera ect. with no problems. But I had to charge the batteries the same evening, just to be sure, that the next day I’ll have enough energy. If traveling, you should bring an extra battery. Anyway, it’s true that the battery should be better. But again, you have at least one day of autonomy with a fully charged battery.
3. The 14MP ar not real, as are not in any other camera. The sensors in almost all pocket cameras cannot exceed 5MP, but the pics are nice anyways, and those extra Mpix don’t hurt ;)
4. I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to record videos before my camera had been stolen, but as much as I remember, the focusing was ok and very qick, so you can hardly notice it, and the few videos I have are of a very high quality, despite not beeing 1024 full HD. I don’t know about making videos at low light situations though. But I have to mention that in video, you can hear the zooming if you are making a video in a silent environment and zooming while making it…

8:22 pm - Sunday, November 7, 2010

#117 rory

Jan, or anyone, (but since you, Jan seem to be the most proactive in answering people’s questions right now, can I ask you to elaborate a bit on how the SX210 (and other tiny cameras with small sensors like this) get only 5 MP?

it’s not a super remote concept to me, but i would like more clarification.  i have a sx210 and it is
VERY clear that my, “antiquated” Digital Rebel with only 8 MP, takes far far far better photos, image quality wise, low light shooting, etc, than the sx210, so i AM a “believer” in what you say,
but would like to know a bit more.

plus i was very curious about uumode’s comment
that the 14MP does have certain significant advantages in image quality, and seems to recommend downsizing to 9MP, but i do not know how or why, nor if he means doing this in Photoshop, with which I’m very comfortable, or in a camera setting within the SX210 menu.


4:36 am - Monday, November 8, 2010

#118 jan

well, I am not an expert, I’ve just read arround on the web. But as I remember, the sensors in all digital cameras have much less pixels then the actual image pixels. Even the dslr cameras have only abot 5MP sensor. But those cameras have larger sensors, so the pixels are larger and the density of the pixels is lower (2,5MP/cm2 in dslr VS. 50MP/cm2 in p&s). This means: 1.because pixels are larger they get more light=better IQ compared with p&s cameras. and 2. because of a lower density there is less “void” space between pixels, and this results in less light loss. And those are the differences between dslr and p&s cameras and this is why you cannot compare those photos.
Now, the pixels they advertise (10MP and higher), are for printing larger pics, and to increase the resolution. If you don’t plan to print large photos, you don’t need more then 7-8MP. To double the resolution, the amount of pixels must be times two, both in length an width. So actual amonunt of pixels must be times four. Example: 4MP sensor = 16 MP if you want to double the resolution. That means that the difference between a 14MP and a 10MP camera is practicly invisible. But, because of the void space between the pixels and because the pixels are smaller in the 14MP camera (if the sensor is of the same size), this camera has greater light loss, so the IQ in theory is worse. And this is probably (I suppose) why you have the feeling that your older camera makes better pics…
To increase the picture quality, you have to increase the high quality pixels, so you have to reduce the length and width of the images to get decent pixel quality. Sometimes that means, that in the end you’re left with a 2MP camera even if it is specified as a 8MP for example…
At least this is how I understand those pixels :-)

9:40 am - Monday, November 8, 2010

#119 rory

thanks Jan.

amazingly clear explanation!

in uumode’s comment on the previous page, he mentions that somehow the 14mp still is an advantage as when you reduce the image size
you get higher quality.  so how are you
reducing the image size but still utilizing
the 14mp as an advantage?  do you know?  is it in photoshop, or simply a setting in the camera?

(i realize you might not know what was in uumode’s mind when he made the comment.)

i notice you said you’re thinking MAYBE of the fujifilm f300 ?

i looked at its specs and it would offer ME a lot of what i need.
1. i DO need the telephoto.
2. by the way, i DO make large 17x22 high resolution prints with archival inks on
archival paper.  (epson 3800 printer)
3. it also has a wider angle lens. 24mm i think.
4. it also seems to have better low light
ability, especially with the “boost” which i assume lets you shoot in very low light as long
as you’re willing to live with the poorer quality image.  (but in some cases it’s the difference
between getting ANY usable image or nothing usable… i do street photodocumentary work a lot).

so what do you think of the Fujifilm f300 ?

i used Nikon (nikon F) exclusively from the
early 1970’s through 1990 when i totally converted to digital and have exclusively used
Canon so i trust Canon very much.

it seems, however, on this one camera, the 210,
it gets worse reviews than, especially, the
competing Lumix dmc-zs7 or that’s what it’s called in the u.s.

do you have any ideas on the fujifilm?

10:40 pm - Monday, November 8, 2010

#120 magiwhisper

we don’t buy camera’s often… so taking some time to learn this particular camera; BUT takes incredible pics, and vids! has a great zoom, tripod mount and badassed 3” view screen.

4:03 am - Sunday, November 14, 2010

#121 rory

I’ve had the SX210 in my possession for about three weeks (still in the 30 day approval period) and hence all my redundant questions I’ve posted above.

HOWEVER, i must admit i’ve recently made some rather awesome 17” x 22”  prints from images shot with the camera.  (432mm x 559mm ? don’t know metric very well).

I’ve never had ANY compact digital camera before.  I went from shooting film from the 1960’s (i used to work at times for Ansel Adams Yosemite seminars when Mr. Adams was still alive, and knew people like Imogen Cunningham and some truly great photographers).

I switched to Canon DSLR’s from the year 2000 on.

To me, even operating these little compact cameras feels like trying to take a photograph with a canister of dental floss, or maybe a toothpaste tube, so you have to weigh my feedback with a grain of salt.

I do not relate well to all the sample images posted on this and other sites as my main focus is high resolution photographic prints using archival inks on archival rag paper.  Not web images.  (although i’ve built some elaborate websites, with thousands of images, but none of them were designed for studying camera quality)

I print with an Epson Stylus Pro 3800 and an Epson Stylus Pro 7800, and on Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper.

Anyway, this in no way dismisses any and all flaws the SX210 camera has,
but I’m starting to get
some mindbogglingly good prints.  sharp as a take, rich color, and, especially surprising, at least in these (accidental?) incidences, good chromatic subtleties in dynamic range.

(maybe i’ll try to post some photographs of the prints and post them… maybe comparing to my finger, or a dime, or other objects to help give reference.  don’t know how you post on these sites?)

I put the little camera on my huge Linhoff tripod with gitzo ball head and shot some images indoors with good light coming in from the windows (not direct light).  Shot at about 1/25th of a second.

I’m making the prints on rag paper, which is a matte surface.

[as an historical note:  Digital inkjet printing, ironically, quickly surpassed classic photographic printing in the area of matte prints, which had always been unsatisfactory, and which is why photogravure is still used by elite black and white printers who like matte.  photogravure basically transfers the photographic process to a classic etching/mezzotint print methodology, hand inking, and printing off a zinc plate with the photographic image acid etched into the plate.  you get nice thick deep velvety blacks on matte paper that way, but NOT with classic darkroom photographic printing. i’m an etching printmaker also, so i know photogravure process to that degree).

Anyway back to the digital world and my anecdotal results with the sx210:

i’m printing at 2880 dpi and have had some very very good results although I can’t say the camera on the whole is anywhere close to the reliability and reliable assured quality using a good DSLR.  (although a couple of the prints I made were so good that one would be very hard pressed to tell that I had shot the images on the dinky little sx210). 

They used to say that the Nikon-F was so well made, and could take such a beating, (the fully manual original models… which i shot with for years), including by war photojournalists, that it was dubbed “a hockey-putt that takes photos”.

My evaluation of the Canon Sx210 right now is that it is like a metallic slippery wet bar of soap that takes photos, and at least in the one area I have described, some very good ones. 

I am still very concerned about low light ability and hence I’m still interested in the Nikon Coolpix s8100 as it has the CMOS sensor, and also purportedly takes much faster images, with a much better continuous or burst mode.  I would love it if any relevant options had viewfinders, but i will have to dream away on that.  staring at the screen from a distance to compose a shot, and waiting for what feels like an eternity for the image to be captured, is still something I’m getting used to.  i do a lot of photodocumentary street photography and you have to move fast.

In terms of options with low light ability:

While I read a lot of reviews with very mixed impressions of the Nikon s8100, it’s very new, and just the other day infosynch did a review on it, comparing it against the canon sd 4500, which while not entirely satisfied with the video (i don’t shoot video), gave it a pretty strong review in making stills.  you can google their review, including a live youtube like review that’s fairly informative, although i always worry these people are getting paid by the camera manufacturers, but i have no idea how one discerns such.

Again, I’m interested in anyone else’s personal experience on the Nikon s8100.  One mixed review of it on Nikon’s own page on the camera (and they did have one totally negative review i think, also) was a person who loved the results with the s8100 but dropped it onto her tile kitchen floor and it busted to pieces.  she said she was still going to buy another one, it was so good, but warned people not to drop them.

I was very tempted to try dropping my sx210 on the concrete sidewalk, after i read that but, Lordymercy, then what would I do?

That’s another question I have: does anyone evaluate how durable one camera is compared to the other.  The sx210 body, to me (again totally ignorant in these realms) seems rather solid, but I do not know if it would shatter as easily.  Any feedback on that?

sorry for being so wordy.  i got excited when those good prints birthed themselves through my epson 3800.

5:06 am - Sunday, November 14, 2010

#122 SDG

Being a fellow Brit, I enjoyed reading Gavin Stoker’s review on Canon SX210 IS. A joy to read a well written article. Many thanks Gavin, from which it generated very interesting and stimulating comments. Thanks to the contributors.

Thanks Jan, a super explanation about the size and number of pixels in relation to light and density. Also, skipping to the the most recent blog, I enjoyed Rory’s input.

Not being a professional/enthusiastic photographer, I think the Canon SX210 IS will suit my needs to photograph & video interior & exterior of houses, being in the real estate business, as well as scenic views when kayaking. I wish the Canon gang of executives read all these comments => then we would get, as someone wrote, the “perfect” (small-sized) camera.

5:29 pm - Sunday, November 14, 2010

#123 SXavier

Can anyone tell me how long does the battery last (assuming you take a lot of pictures in one day, like when you are travelling to a foreign country)?

Thank you

5:08 pm - Monday, November 15, 2010

#124 RK

@tara said ” In particular, I notice that green grass always has a bluish tinge to it.”

I agree with you!!. I have noticed quite a few cameras manufacturers appear to be flavour enhancing their photos and it is totaly unnatural.

For instance, blue sky are made bluer and green grass is made out be pop-out green. This is a bit of a hit and miss. And when it goes wrong you can see the sky is a purple tinge or extra blue. The likes of Nikon (compact), Panasonic and Canon are guilty of this.

I am struggling to find a good camera. My current Olympus camera which is a 5MP has far *real* colour in them then many of the newer cameras.

I like the Canon’s clean crip shots, but not the colour representation.

It would be nice if if reviewers took out the 10 different cameras and took the photo of the same scene at the same time to make a fair comparison.

6:08 am - Monday, November 29, 2010

#125 Katerina

I am very dissapointed with night shoots images. Can’t get a clear picture on any mode. Any suggestions??

9:26 am - Monday, November 29, 2010

#126 rex

Can someone tell me about the low light photo quality

5:12 am - Tuesday, November 30, 2010

#127 Dars

If you really enjoy taking pictures, don’t waste your time…

Buy a Reflex.

It’s way better then a compact camera.

I have the powershot SX 210 IS and I must say it’s very good, I have took some very nice photos with that, but I recently tried a Reflex and it’s way, way, way better.

There is much more interaction.

In the compact you fell like the machine takes the photo.

In the reflex it looks like you take the photo, there is much more control.

Focusing in the reflex is much easier: you just slightly press the button and it’s perfect, while in the compact it takes a while to focus.

Also the reflex is usually much faster.

Another thing, the zoom, since you move that ring around, there is even more speed because in the compact you have to press the button and wait for the mechanism to put the zoom the way you want.


If you just want to take photos to regular stuff like birthdays or so, the best choice is a cheap camera, like a samsung or a cheap sony cyber shot.

Don’t know why, they relate the city with Canon Ixus a lot. maybe because it’s slim like a cell phone, anyway, if you live in the city and want something cool but not to expensive, maybe Ixus.

If you want a camera to take pictures outside and some with zoom, Canon Powershot SX 210 IS,  or other like the panasonic.

If you want great quality but not zoom, and some indoor pictures, canon s90.

If you want artistic pictures, probably anyone that costs more then 200 (altough some cheaper cameras also work), but the 210 IS, the panasonic and the s90, i think that do a good job.

Finnaly, if you enjoy taking photos AND good quality AND it doesn’t upset you to give more then 500 for a camera, try a Reflex.

Sorry for my super big text, I think it’s worth it.

1:49 am - Sunday, December 5, 2010

#128 Btbp

Neophyte about to buy his next P&S, wants as much zoom as possible, and to be able to zoom and record, for the wife to use while I’m surfing.

I didn’t even know this cam had 14x, and was about to buy the Fuji but have held back due to wildly varying reviews.

Any recommendations?

3:24 am - Sunday, December 12, 2010

#129 Btbp

Sorry, the top part didn’t come through, I was referring to the Fujifilm FinePix F300EXR versus the SX210

3:29 am - Sunday, December 12, 2010

#130 Bre

Hello, I Bought this camera a couple months ago, and was having fun with the effects like color swap, fish eye, beach and snow, and miniature effect, but that was when it was new and I was fooling around on all the settings. Then I was just taking normal pictures for a while. Then I tried to find the special effects section again and I can’t! It’s like it disappeared! It actually has the color swap option in the recording section, thats the only place I can find it now. And it is not in custom color like I thought it was. I already reset my camera settings too, and that didn’t help. So I am confused. Help?
Otherwise I love it! I love the manual focus and adjustable settings.

10:35 pm - Friday, December 24, 2010

#131 Amberley Jenkins

The price has dropped significantly on this camera now so it’s well worth it.
Just hold the flash when you turn it on (tend to do this without noticing anyway) and it doesn’t pop up.
You can quickly delete images by pressing the arrow down when in Play mode so it’s not 6 steps to achieve it.
I love it already! And the purple (pinky to be fair) is fab!

4:46 pm - Thursday, December 30, 2010

#132 Kim

I bought this Cannon xs 210 IS and the Fuji 300 EXR.  Did my own field test.  Took same photos with each.  There was no comparison in pic quality when shooting indoors at night.  This Cannon was much better. Especially in low light. Photos and video both were much better, brighter than Fuji 300.  I was using both cameras just on their automatic modes.  I was surprised at how much difference.  So far, I like this camera.  My first point and shoot.  I am used to a digital Nikon SLR.  I did a lot of on line research before deciding to try these.  I am happy with this choice.

2:41 am - Sunday, January 2, 2011

#133 Martini

Hi, I have been agonizing last few days over the choice of Canon NX210 and Nikon S8100. My main features that I am looking for is (of course) good picture quality, good video with optical zooming and low light performance (in hand not using tripod) and size. After reading like 100’s comments and dozens reviews I am going to buy both and run side by side home race. I’ll post in few days which camera stays and which will go back. I tried them just for a little while in the store and only thing I can tell is that there is a BIG difference between the S8000 and S8100 (low light performance was much better on S8100). Both cameras (NX210 and S8100) go for same sale price (C$250+13%tax). Pros on Canon - it’s wider and 14x zoom, I love Canons (bought Panasonic few years ago, after dropping my Canon on the floor and got very disappointed with the Panasonic, fortunately got rid of it fast, and went back to Canon and never regretted). Pros on Nikon, it seems to have better low light performance. So I’ll see.

4:52 am - Thursday, January 6, 2011

#134 omybuddha

ok i bought cannon power shot sx210 is.  ..under normal shooting conditions getting great photos even on full zoom..but when shooting moving people or objects i"m getting blurred images, even on different shooting older cannon captures moving objects without the blur..frustrating 2much..also getting yellow skin tones on subjects while taking night shots..jaundise images…any surgestions?..maybe faulty camera?..hope not!..thganks in advance

7:20 am - Thursday, January 6, 2011

#135 marberfa

Not sure why omybuddha is getting blurred images in normal light (there are too many possibilities to go into here)...I can only say that after about seven months of heavy use, I have never had that problem. fYI:I manually check and set shutter speed and light levels before shooting.

Over the past couple of years, I have transitioned from full DSLR to bridge (SX10) to the SX 210. While I still use the two larger formats for specific assignments, I find that the SX 210 gives me enough quality for about 90 percent of my needs.

Persistence, intelligence and a modicum of talent will allow the SX210 to perform at a level far beyond your original expectations. Just stick with it.

2:56 pm - Thursday, January 6, 2011

#136 Martini

Out of luck, to buy and try the SX210 and compare to S8100. SX210 sold out everywhere (10 stores) one of the chain store even had it on “clearance” and that usually mean waiting for the new model. Other store had it for C$330, sold last in the morning.

As for omybuddha - your problem sounds strange, so either exchange it (hope you bought it in store not on line)and try again, or try it in the (any)store and/or if you not happy with it return it.Cheers

12:50 am - Friday, January 7, 2011

#137 Martini

Sorry, correction - “the other store for C$330”, I meant $230.

12:53 am - Friday, January 7, 2011

#138 Kim

The Best Buy stores can order you one from their warehouse if you go into their store.  On line they show no stock.  But, if you go into the store, they can get you one because their warehouse has a bunch.  I did this and my brother did this last week.  He is a professional photographer with established studio, but wanted a reliable point shoot for fun. Also, the Best Buy store at “Brickyard” in Indianapolis had a dozen of them last week. 
Again, I had far, far better pics with this camera than the Fuji 300 EXR - all on auto settings.  I don’t use manual.  But, there was no comparison.  Good luck!

4:20 pm - Friday, January 7, 2011

#139 eddie

bought the canon 210is and it awesome,everyone wanting a good compact camara shld get that.can anyone help me with setting the self timer.

8:06 pm - Monday, January 10, 2011

#140 Luis A. Perez

I do not own a pocket digital camera jet, but I have dedicated a lot of time reading reviews and watching videos all over de web for few weeks, that its what I do before taken a decition of buying. What I do not understain is why people put a lot of negative energy to the putup flash in this model in particular. I`ve seen other models with the same putup flash system and not body have complained about it when in fat in my sincered opinion this is a cool innobative add. If you need it live it up, otherwise press it donw. This can not be an obstacle for a humman being also not important. What really matter is to take a good pitures and know also HD videos, What else could be more important. There are a lot of choises out there for you to decide.
I have also noticed that sometime profetional opinion are very confused, looks like some one is pretending to hide some importante issus on some hight end digital cameras.
Before buying read some reviews, from senior editors and buyer customers, where you get the most helfull opinion much of the time, also try to whatch owners you tuve videos and you will see how the produt you like really performance. I hope my experince bring you some help, I am just another confuced buyer.

4:21 am - Tuesday, January 11, 2011

#141 Luis A. Perez

To #56 Murali
If I have to chose I will go for the Canon all the way. If you look at any you tuve video the Fullyfilm alwayz have terrible problem when focussing when doing videos, not a very sharp zoon, and unable of printing date and time when printing pictures.

4:30 am - Tuesday, January 11, 2011

#142 Martini

Comparing Canon SX210 to Nikon S8100:
So I finally got both cameras, for C$250+13% tax (East of Toronto area). I am upgrading from Canon SD870, that’s still an excellent small camera, but only 3x zoom (28mm-105mm). Heck for this price I can keep them both, I think I paid over C$500 back then for SD870.  Few reasons for upgrade: I was not happy with shooting in low light conditions, like when the kids are at school on stage, or any stage performance in that matter, or when objects are beyond the flash range. Also better zoom range. Use of optical zoom during video mode. All in some practical small package. After some research, I found two cameras, that would fit. Canon SX210 and Nikon S8100 (I also considered Panasonic, but from my previous disappointing experience, I eliminated this maker). There is quite a few makers, that can manufacture great lens etc.., but in digital photography the thing that will distinguish them is the processor and I think Canon with it’s digic4 is still on top.
First the Specification comparison (numbers are for Canon // Nikon) : Sensor size: 1/2.3”  // same size, Number of pixels: 14.1mil // 12.75mil, Sensor type: CCD // CMOS. Nikon is superior for low light picture taking ability, it’s amazing, but NOT for video, also it seems that below certain threshold of low light, pictures taken with Nikon will be worst then Canon. Nikon needs certain amount of light, then the pictures look like as if taken with flash. It looked to me, that below that threshold, CMOS picture brightening (backlight) will not kick in. Never the less, Canon has very decent low light pictures (much better then my old SD870). In low-low light, where Nikon will be almost totally dark, you can actually see something (but amybe that can be manually adjusted on Nikon, Canon can get little bit more light through the lens in wide lens mode. Canon has MUCH better video in low light, it looks like Nikon in Video mode has CMOS backlight switched off completely (unless I missed some special setting). Also when picture taking, Canon tries to compensate with “low light” mode, where it automatically downgrades to 3MP (2100x1600), so it would not be as sharp on the large print, otherwise it can still be very good picture. Maybe for 2011 Canon will come up with CMOS. Lens: 28mm-392mm // 30-300/ Canon MUCH better range. Also f 3.1-5.9 // 3.5-5.6. Canon more light in wide. LCD monitor: TFT 230k/921k , Nikon has superior screen. LCD size: Canon size is across 3.25”, but it’s a “wide screen”, so “normally” it actually is only 2.5”, Nikon at 4:3 size is 3” across. That means Canon is larger at wide mode, but the sides will be “cut” during 4:3 mode. Nikon’s screen at wide mode is “cut” at the top and the bottom and it will look quite small. Image stabilization: Lens shift // Lens shift + electronic (in picture mode), so Nikon has little bit of upper hand here when picture taking. Shatter speed: 15s-1/3200s // 4-1/4000s. ISO setting: up to 1600//3200. Nikon is higher, but I am not sure if it is of any practical use. Camera size: almost the same, so is the weight, battery size almost same too. Also, if you previously own Canon (e.g.SD870),  it is the same battery ( NB-5L). Video format:  MOV H.264-720p max//MPEG-4 AVC-H.264 1080p. Video would theoretically look better from Nikon on large screen TV, but Canon has 30fps as oppose to Nikon 24fps (Nikon manual does not mention that), so Canon’s video should be smoother. As well compression is significantly higher in Nikon, 4GB memory card will last 55min in 720p, as opposed only 20min in Canon, even at 1080p Nikon’s 4GB will last 35min, so that tells me that overall quality should be better in Canon. Nikon offers interesting feature of recording - High Speed movies in up to 240fps, but only for max. of 10s and with no sound (time limit, I guess, is due to the use of internal high speed memory as a buffer). Also Nikon can take pictures while in video mode, but it’s the same size as the video recording.  I think pictures can still be extracted from Canon video recording latter on computer.  Flash: range 3.5m // 4m. Nikon 0.5m more, probably due to better low light CMOS sensitivity, but Canon’s 3.5 m range is very decent, above average at this size of the camera. Canon also offers use of external High-Power flash, HF-DC1.  Nikon (not sure if the Canon can) when connected with HDMI cable to TV (that’s HDMI-CEC compliant), can use TV’s remote control for camera playback (it was not mentioned in Canon manual). But Canon can use TV as a monitor while shooting (this feature was not mentioned in Nikon manual). Also both cameras have Wink detector, but when this feature is “on”’ Canon will take snap shot second or two later, while Nikon will only give warning, also both cameras have smile detector, Canon has Fish eye effect. I am not sure if they have a “person” detection during delayed – timer taking mode, some cameras now will start count down only after the extra person is detectecte on the scene. One of the major complains in both cameras is the pop-up flash at the top left of the camera body, where one of the fingers is usually resting. What I experienced though, is that Canon seems to be o.k. if flash is hold down or manually closed, camera will detect it as No Flash setting, and will not try to “force” it open.  Nikon will give you warning, that the flash is not up, but will take picture with settings as if the flash is on, if you keep the flash close with you finger. Also Canon’s flash will close automatically, when camera is switched off, while Nikon’s flash has to be closed manually. Overall Nikon looks more “expensive” with metallic body and super sharp LCD. So I took few pictures and videos around the house and outside. And there was no clear winner, under different condition one or the other did better. E.g. Nikon was great in “mild” low light condition in both inside and out (zoomed). But Nikon had some problems focusing in contrast lighting conditions, over-all Nikon focusing seemed to slower also under some condition I could hear Nikon’s AF servo making quite annoying rattling noise. Canon seemed to have more natural looking pictures, colors were more as original, specially some shades of red,  looked orange with Nikon. Canon was the clear winner though in video taking. At the end, it was tough choice, but I kept the Canon.
So, Canon’s Pros: Excellent Zoom range, Better Low light & smoother Video. Even better snap shots at low-low light. Classic look. Nikon’s Pros:  Excellent low light (to a certain threshold) picture shooting. If there is enough light, pictures will look as if the flash is being used, so was the snap shots taken in the early evening with zoom. But late evening/night videos looked terrible compare to Canon. Canon’s video looked very close to what you can actually see with naked eye. Nikon’s video will look considerably darker then it actually is. Nikon has totally sharp LCD screen and Cool looking, metallic body. Also Nikon seems to offer little bit more choice of settings (for people who likes to fiddle with it), but Canon offers more simple / intuitive / natural navigation (but maybe it’s just because I am already use to it). Nikon offers 2 years warranty. But camera warranties maybe “tricky”, I notice in the photo store, that warranty maybe rejected, if there is any sign of external damage (even if it is not related to the problem, so e.g. if the camera has some dent, then year later it fails for some reason, warranty is void). Canon is still (traditionally) made in Japan, Nikon is made in Malaysia. But probably because of that, Canon has to “cut” the price somewhere, so Nikon has (Semi) metallic body (middle part seems to be plastic, while front and back seems to be rubberized metal), Canon’s is all plastic. One interesting thing, I noticed the batteries are almost identical, Canon claims about 10% more capacity.  I could actually use the same charger from Canon to charge the Nikon battery. Neither of the cameras have HDMI cable in its package, only USB and Composite video cables.
Manuals in pdf to be found at :  Canon:  Nikon:’s-manual—-coolpix-s8100—-guide-to-digital-photography

10:23 pm - Monday, January 17, 2011

#143 Photography

About 2 weeks ago i bought powershot210 .The picture was perfect. With a high resolution, this picture has a nice quality included. I like the video module too. It’s rather smooth than it’s class. Reccomended to be bought.

4:00 pm - Thursday, January 20, 2011

#144 misha

hey.. need help which do you think should I buy?? SX 210 or SX 120?? really need your answers..

5:54 am - Monday, January 31, 2011

#145 Kim

First of all, the 120 has a newer version… its the 130.
But, also the 120 and the 130 are much larger in size than the sx 210.  The 120 has less zoom and fewer megapixels. Also uses regular batteries.  The 210 has a rechargeable custom battery with a small portable charger.  I prefer that to batteries.
I would get the sx 210.  its smaller but takes great pics/movies.
Has manual modes if you want them.  I doubt you’d be disappointed. 210 is worth the extra money in my opinion.
good luck

3:34 pm - Monday, January 31, 2011

#146 misha

@Kim, thanks for the help uhmmmm, how about choosing between SX210 and A3100?? which should I choose??

2:50 pm - Friday, February 4, 2011

#147 Kim

The 210 is just more camera and better.
More zoom, megapixels.

Look at Cannon’s web site - there they list their cameras in groups.
You will see the the A series ones are lower status.

Get the 210 already - you will love it.

4:24 pm - Friday, February 4, 2011

#148 jan

Panasonic just released a new (lumix dmc-zs10) super zoom camera with 16x optical zoom, wide angle of 24mm, 3D pics, GPS…
And if considering that the previous DMC-ZS7 was considered one of the best p&s cameras and in tests many times rated higher than the canon’s sx210 it is worth a consideration in my opinion.

7:34 pm - Friday, February 4, 2011

#149 sisir

can anyone suggest whether the SDHC class 10 memory card can be used with Canon Powershot Sx 210is.

8:27 am - Monday, February 7, 2011

#150 JinRoh

There is a newer model, 220is that adds 1080p…

Will you post a review? I wanted to buy the 210 but now I don’t know what to do

1:04 pm - Tuesday, February 8, 2011

#151 Ryan

I don’t know if I’d trust this site. The image quality on this camera compared to a $70 sony my parents have is poor. Look at the shot of the chrome. It’s all distorted and hard to see. There is so much noise. Most of the image is out of focus. I’m not talking about the back ground, but areas that should be in focus are not.

They gave this camera a rating of “4” for image quality. I’d hate to see what a 1 or a 2 is. I’d give it a 3 at best. It may be fine for casual around the house stuff. But I’d never take a photo with it I intended on keeping and showing everyone based on what I’ve seen here.

5:54 pm - Tuesday, February 8, 2011

#152 Kim

So, you have not actually used the 210 camera, personally?
wow. OK

6:16 pm - Tuesday, February 8, 2011

#153 Rachel

Those have to be the worst set of samples I`ve seen to date from P-Blog, why they didn`t stick to the standard London set which you can compare to other cameras is a total mystery but even if that`s not possible (different reviewer) a standard set of landscapes, zoom shots, portraits and Mall ISO shots would have helped.. Please, Photography blog, stick with the standard London set or at least useful samples !

9:24 am - Friday, February 18, 2011

#154 Rebecka

I’m a food blogger and currently use a Canon PowerShot SD550.  It has been an amazing little camera but I need to find a camera that not only has great macro features for close up food photography but also HD video with excellent sound quality. The SX210 is at the top of my list but I have a few questions.

What format does the SX210 save video, MP3, MP4 or wmv.? I would like to be able to download video in wmv or MP3 to Windows Movie Maker for editing purposes.  MP4 is not recognized by window movie maker.  I have another editing software that will convert the MP4 to MP3 but I don’t want to waste precious time converting files.

Also, are the Macro features as god as the SD500?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

3:36 am - Sunday, March 6, 2011

#155 Rebecka

Another question…how does the Canon SD3500 rate compared to the Sx210 for video sound quality and macro?

3:41 am - Sunday, March 6, 2011

#156 Threnners

I used it for a month before the LCD blew. 

Color me underwhelmed both in performance and image quality.

7:01 pm - Monday, March 14, 2011

#157 omybuddha

could"nt understand why my new canon 210 was taking such horrable photos..grainy..motion photos were blurred..out of fucus..tried all sorts of things…using the modes…restored origional settings..tried other sd mem cards… alsa to no avail..sent it back to canon and guess what??? i had bought a dud…a damm faulty camera….but they fixed it..could"nt believe what they had to replace.. seems to be working well now….on reflection i wish i had of bought the pano tz10 for all its extra features..and more frames per second..wider angle…ect..oh well!..maybe next time

1:35 pm - Tuesday, March 15, 2011

#158 austo

so when is canon going to bring out a 24 or 25mm-400mm????..i bought a 210..did’nt use it much…then disscovered photo quality was notttt good at all… returned repaired it under warrenty…but i had to pay postage..cheep charlie canon…

1:45 pm - Tuesday, March 15, 2011

#159 Judy

§158 austo

....the one you are waiting for from Canon is the one I am waiting for too, and probably many others are waiting for as well.  Add a large sensor and you have the ideal travel camera.  Canon, are you listening?

3:40 pm - Tuesday, March 15, 2011

#160 sue

I do have this camera and love it, but do struggle to suss out the best settings.
I have my son’s Rugby Tournament coming up and would like to take photos and would love someone to tell me in laymans terms what settings I should use to get the best action shots.


12:28 pm - Saturday, April 16, 2011

#161 julienne

Could anyone help me figure out what setting to use when there is backlight.  I.E. taking a picture of an animal in a window.  The animal tends to look pretty dark on the auto setting.
Thanks,  I’m just learning my way around the camera.

5:14 pm - Saturday, April 23, 2011

#162 Maria

I cannot decide whether to buy the sx210, sx220 or the slimmer ixus 220. I want a camera with good image quality, longer zoom and for nice pictures in low lights both indoors and outdoors. I am not an experienced photographer but want to get great images while learning =)

What is your opinion?

4:23 pm - Friday, April 29, 2011

#163 Lee

Maria, I have the exact same problem.
The Ixus 220HS or the SX210??? It’s such a Dilemma!

Their both about the same price, But the Ixus 220HS comes with 1080p video capabilities whereas the SX210 has better zoom and more features.

I just can’t make up my mind!! HELP!

2:19 pm - Sunday, May 1, 2011

#164 Alex

Does anyone else’s sx210is rattle when the lens is closed?  I just got mine and when the camera is shifted around and specifically shaken side to side, there’s a distinct feeling that something inside is loose.  This does not happen when the camera is on and the lens is extended.

5:47 am - Thursday, May 12, 2011

#165 Tamas

To Alex : it was my very question when I sent my camera to the service: something is lightly knocking within when it is switched off and I am moving it back and forth. They say it to be a normal phenomenon, as the so called stabilisator doesnot works within the objective, when it is switched off. ( I can only hope, that they are right.?!)

1:15 pm - Thursday, June 2, 2011

#166 martini

Comparing Canon SX210 to Nikon S8100:
I made some comments back in January 17 and few days later. I end up buying Canon after few day of playing at home with both camera, but after few months unfortunately I must say I am disappointed with picture quality. All the features are great, popping flash does not bother me at all, in fact it’s nice manual over-ride. But picture quality is very uneven, sometime it’s great, but often, pictures come out (even outside under relatively good light condition)with unnatural face colors - even two faces side by side. E.g. when using flash I am getting like almost white spots at some parts of the face and or face colors come way to white and way to dark, kind of brownish (when one face has little bit more sun tan then other) with two faces side by side etc…I have had Canon SD300 and lately SD870 and picture quality is much better (except low light condition). SX210 has still great movies with ability to optical zoom and under low light, but I think Canon did a lousy job when it comes to picture taking. I guess it can be compensated with manual settings, but I don’t have time to play with this. Would not recommend it anymore.

10:11 pm - Friday, June 10, 2011

#167 claire

I am trying to purchase a compact superzoom and the more research I do, the more confused I am becoming.

I have narrowed it down (from about 200) to the following:
-Canon SX210 IS
-Fuji Finepix F500 EXR
-Lumix TZ10

In terms of ergonomics, I love the Fuji but have doubts about low light performance and lens quality.

I don’t like the small LCD for stills on the 210, or the zoom lever. Do these hinder?

The TZ10 was initially off my short list due to its chunky size, but do the positives outweigh this.

At the end of the day I am not interested in video or gimmicks. I just want the sharpest stills with the most vibrant colours.

Please please could someone help me make this decision. Dare I go for the Fuji?


12:15 am - Tuesday, June 28, 2011

#168 Nick (Romania)

No one comment here anymore ?!?!... I want to know wich is better between Canon SX 210, 220 or 230 ?...
I want to mentioned that I rok in mass-media and I wnat a better zoom, good stabilisation, panoramic mode, good brust shutter and, ofcourese, quality on pics. Plzzz, write here your opinion. Thanks.

10:53 am - Saturday, August 20, 2011

#169 Nijeesh

I am not satisfied with the Pic Quality,may be the problem with me,the image size only 2.3MB when i took the photo in LARGE size

5:00 am - Tuesday, November 15, 2011

#170 nir

i quite disappointed of the camera

its very poor quality and the image is very soft and not sharp (average size 3 MP)

even the old powershot a720 i have outputs better images!

5:50 pm - Friday, December 23, 2011

#171 roberto

ho la canon SX210 is da un paio d’anni….vi parlo da nikonista reflex, la canon SX210is in manuale da dei risultati ottimi con calibrature di luce perfette,display LCD nitido e ben leggibile anche in stato di forte luce….che dire mi ha accompagnato gia’ per 4 viaggi intercontinentali entusiasmandomi sempre piu’!la consiglio di cuore!

7:10 pm - Sunday, January 1, 2012

#172 Alice

its great taking pictures with mikro mode but i agree with some of you that pics aren´t sharp. My 5-year old Olympus M700 is even better but unfortunatelly it stopped working and i needed to buy a new camera, i chose CANON but very DISAPPOINTED

11:10 pm - Monday, January 2, 2012

#173 Jeremy Collinge

I’m sorry but the image quality of this camera leaves a lot to be desired.

It regularly burns out skies. 

It is terrible at high ISOs.  My brother comes back from his holiday with indoor shots of a cathedral at 800.  Horribly mottled.  Same outdoors at night with high ISO.  Really bad.

On a sunny day without high contrast conditions it produces decent pictures but then so do most cameras. 

I think this is definitely a camera to avoid (I was recomnmended it by an employee of Jessops despite already having reservations from reviews).  The follow-up I believe (220is?) is supposed to be a bit better.  Can’t believe the reviewer didn’t have issues with the 210is’s image quality though.

2:20 pm - Friday, January 13, 2012

#174 armando

Cannon sx210is, take allsome water pictors. mode use most fireworks & pet mode,learn how use mode
take better pictors,you cant go wrong take pictors in eazy my family loves cannnon take pictors,some of us good take pictors but
some of need litte help too,more use cannon better
become take pictors,

9:27 pm - Tuesday, May 1, 2012

#175 Nick

How do I delete old pictures in Canon 210SX

8:33 am - Thursday, July 19, 2012

#176 Nick

How do I delete pictures in Canon SX210 ?

8:35 am - Thursday, July 19, 2012

#177 Seymour

Can you help me find the manual I can download for power Shot SX210 iS

6:54 am - Friday, December 7, 2012

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