Canon PowerShot SX240 HS Review

May 24, 2012 | Mark Goldstein | |

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#1 JS

Decent IQ at 12Mpx…good job Canon!

12:01 pm - Thursday, May 24, 2012

#2 Chandrasekar.P

stunning image quality sx240 is a great camera, why image quality is 4 to me its like 5

12:37 pm - Thursday, May 24, 2012

#3 Chandrasekar.P

kindly post some night shots

7:50 pm - Thursday, May 24, 2012

#4 Fabio

Stunning samples, I had the SX260 and it wasn’t anything like this , I sold it because image quality wasn’t what I expected. I can’t imagine what’s the difference between both, but these samples makes me wan’t to buy it tomorrow morning. Macro is very important to me and Canon focus is usually too slow to shoot insects, wish reviews could show samples of macro, night shots , and scene modes, it seems that they always test small sensors cameras the same way they test DSLRs .

4:56 am - Friday, May 25, 2012

#5 wyoming

interesting camera. all in all the pics are good, it’s also interesting to see this reviewed together with the 16Mp ixus.
surprising to see how they could manage to squeeze a 20X zoom in a camera so small (also the 21x samsung).

8:45 pm - Friday, May 25, 2012

#6 zebarnabe

Impressive results, a bit soft at wide angle and a bit of CA, dispersion at telephoto… but with 20x on such compact body one cannot complain about small things, a very good ISO 800 performance on those jpegs, even though I think they are a bit ‘over-cooked’ for my taste (but I think that is controllable in the settings).

Video sample looks quite smooth when panning in telephoto range.

This makes old bridge cameras look like a bad joke :]

If it had some brighter lens ... but you can’t ask for that in such a compact design.

1:08 am - Saturday, May 26, 2012

#7 shd

have this camera from last week,
an awsum camera coz everything works well.
only problem is that in AUTO mode when pics are clicked in low light(with out flash) the camera bumps up the ISO upto 1600 which causes some loss of details and noise.
overall an all-rounder camera!!!! and definitely a must buy

12:31 pm - Saturday, May 26, 2012

#8 agdinmd

I agree with zebarnabe’s remark about the bridge cameras. This Canon is compact & has nearly all the features of a larger, bulkier camera. I bought my SX240 HS on a cruise (after struggling with a bulkier bridge camera). Although it’s not a U.S. model (per Canon, the SX260 HS is what’s sold here), I’m still very happy with the camera.

6:02 pm - Saturday, May 26, 2012

#9 Elson

Can i know… (anyone who brought the SX240 HS or the SX260 HS can answer)

>>During you play back the video you recorded, do the microphone(of your this 2 model) recorded the “buzzy” or “cripping” or “any weird” sound??

7:12 am - Sunday, May 27, 2012

#10 shd


i have sx240 hs and there is no such noise while playing back the videos taken from my camera.

very rarely you might hear the noise of the lens while zooming but remember “rarely”.

10:15 am - Sunday, May 27, 2012

#11 shd


i have sx240 hs and there is no such noise while playing back the videos taken from my camera.

very rarely you might hear the noise of the lens while zooming but remember “rarely”.

2:28 pm - Monday, May 28, 2012

#12 Chris

Noise on video playback.
Recently purchased new SX240 HS and generally pleased with performance however I am far from impressed with the audio noise on video playback when recorded in a silent room, constant HISS in the background……………….Similar type of noise level might be recorded at a christening.
I asked a local retail outlet to test their SX260 HS and found the same level of HISS on that unit.
So far none of the reviews I have read mention this problem?

10:58 am - Wednesday, May 30, 2012

#13 shd

today i tested my camera in a quiet environment and yes, while zooming in videos the microphone does pick up some noise of the lens movement, but i guess its not a deal breaker.

10:59 am - Wednesday, May 30, 2012

#14 Chris

I have repeated my response to your comment as it has not appeared on your site…..........

Thank you for responding.

I tested both the SX240 HS in video record when they were stationary with nothing moving in front of them therefore no focusing or zooming was occurring, however I can hear the noise being generated internally and its quite a HISS certainly enough to be irritating.

7:26 pm - Wednesday, May 30, 2012

#15 Chris

My skills are limited however I found this recording on youtube that displays similar noise levels.

Please let me know if in your considered opinion this is normal for this type of compact camera.
Thank you

8:01 pm - Wednesday, May 30, 2012

#16 zebarnabe


From the video, it looks like there is some noise from the auto gain feature and a certain high pitch hiss from what seems to be some amplified electromagnetic noise interference.

If I am correct, in videos with sound, for example a busy street, the auto gain should not kick in so high thus that noise and hiss should be reduced. If the hiss remains but the noise goes away it could be some sort of internal interference on the camera, a stable frequency sound is easily removable in a computer. There is the possibility that a bad batch of the manufacturing of the cameras occurred.

My Panasonic Lumix GH1 picks the ‘humm’ of halogen lamps together with some white noise when in a silent room, any touch on camera body will sound like a bang and even picks the noise of the focus on the supposed to be silent 14-140mm lens.

12:36 am - Thursday, May 31, 2012

#17 mery60

help me ...what is buy ? sx230 or sx240 ? video in fullHD is good or ?

or is best panasonic lumix or sony hx7v or hx9 ?

help me ? Mery

5:48 pm - Thursday, May 31, 2012

#18 zebarnabe


You should make that decision by yourself, what I can tell you is that Canon Powershot SX220 HS and Canon Powershot SX230 HS are the same camera with the added GPS in the 230 model.

In a similar way Canon Powershot SX240 HS and the SX260 HS are the same camera with the added GPS on the more expensive model. Both SX240 and SX260 replace SX220 and SX230 respectively.

Because SX220 and SX230 are older models you might find their price more atractive.

The pitfalls of those 2 older models (specially on the hungry GPS of the SX230) is the battery and a bit of chromatic aberrations.

HX9V is a very good camera as well. When the ISO gets at higher values the Canon models seem to fare better though.

The older model of the Panasonic Travel Zoom, the TZ20 or ZS10 (depends on the market/country) wasn’t very good, the new TZ30 is quite good.

All the models have some fair video quality and all the models have their own personal quirks, I suggest you check image samples that exist here and in other places, print a few even, check the video samples, check online foruns for possible problems.

Compare all that with the budget you have and make your choice.

As a personal choice, I don’t like Sony cameras, I liked what I saw from Panasonic TZ30, but, unless you live in US, Canon SX240 is more fairly priced. (here a TZ30 costs almost 500€, where a SX240 is a bit more than 300€). Of course, I already have a camera, so won’t be buying one any time soon.

You have to do your own research, see what pleases you most, that way you can’t go wrong with it. On the URL of my username I left a link to an old entry on my blog that might help.

Good luck :]

6:04 pm - Thursday, May 31, 2012

#19 Fabio

To mery60

If movies are really important for you the HX9 is hard to beat, image quality is outstanding and stabilization is so good that it seems that you are using a steady cam, never saw anything like it, much better than Canon, I had the Canon SX260 but photos were soft and with too much aberrations, the examples here are much better, so it could be my model, the 260 is made in Japan and the 240 is made in China. The new digitall zoom is fantastic and pictures taken at 40x zoom are sharper than the ones taken at 20 x optical zoom, at least in my SX260.
Focus with Sony are faster and more precise and you have much more usefull features like Handheld HDR, sweep panoramaI (Canon still uses stitch panorama, very difficult to work) , multi burst modes for low light situations (Canon has one too ) . If photos are your priority it’s a tough choice, but if movies are very important then Sony is the way to go. I would’nt buy the HX9, the new HX20 or even the HX30 are much better regarding noise and operational speeds, and some new features like paint HDR, watercollor and illustration are amazing.
    The diffrence between HX30 and HX20 is wifi, I think this will be one of the most important features of any camera in the near future, not just to share your photos but to control and live view via phones or tablets. that will make swivel LCDs a thing of the past, I imagine composing a picture looking at the retina display of the new Ipad while taking macros , or holding the camera in impossible positions, Panasonic has a budget model with that feature.

11:01 pm - Thursday, May 31, 2012

#20 shd


get you facts right buddy, i have a sx240 hs and its made in JAPAN.

2:34 pm - Friday, June 1, 2012

#21 shd


for pure Image quality go for - Canon powershot S95/100

for excellent video recording -HX9V

an allrounder that is image plus video-SX 230 HS or sx 260 HS/240 hs(if you dont want the GPS)

2:38 pm - Friday, June 1, 2012

#22 Fabio

My SX260 was made in Japan and a friend of mine got a SX240 2 days ago that was made in China, but as was mentioned that’s not a rule ., the fact is that mine was made in Japan and at least that model wasn’t impressive at all in terms of image, the results were very similar to those found in the review here at phrotographyblog for the 260, images were soft at long zoom and had a weird look that looked like a chromatic aberration in every edge of the picture, soft but annoying.
  I sold my Sony HX9 to get the SX260 and I regret my decision, I need a pocket camera to go along my Sony HX200 and Fuji X10 that I carry almost all the time, while I wait for the new Sony HX30 I found a cheap Casio, the ZR100 , absolutely extraordinary, sharpness and fast focus makes the difference, Zoom is just 12,5 x but Casio created a multi burst for digital zoom that blends 4 pictures and creates one single very sharp picture even at 25x zoom, really impressive.
  My experience with the SX260 was not good , not beacuse it’s bad , but because the hX9 was better, the samples here for the SX240 shows a different story and I can’t wait to get my friend’s camera and do some tests. Thank you all.

3:03 pm - Friday, June 1, 2012

#23 mery60

1.-  what is APS ?

2.-  IQ what is ?

whay i buy IXUS 220 or powershot sx240 ? hlep

7:44 pm - Friday, June 1, 2012

#24 ABadger

SX240 bought this week from Amazon UK - clearly marked ‘made in Japan’.

On another point, there seems a very pronounced lag as the image is processed and stored (Class 10 Integral card, formatted in the camera).

It’s bad enough to make fast moving subjects quite hard to handle.

Any comments from fellow users? I’m wondering if it could be a one-off fault or a card problem.

1:55 pm - Sunday, June 3, 2012

#25 shd

hey ya canon makes its cameras in japan, whereas the battery & charger as well as the accessories are made in china.

im using class 4 card and its working fine, not much of a lag.
yet to test my class 10 card.
may be compatibility issues?

6:41 pm - Sunday, June 3, 2012

#26 ABadger

Thanks, SHD. I’m going to try another card to see. Unfortunately, none of my old cards are the recommended Class 6 or above, but maybe I’ll be able to borrow one.

It did handle video OK, though.

10:52 am - Monday, June 4, 2012

#27 henri pelissier


I completely agree with you concerning the HISS in the background (well, foreground!!) during the recording of a movie clip! After purchasing my Canon Powershot sx 240 I made a video with an interview of a normally speaking person in a completely silent room, and the hiss was/is prominent and irritating, almost making the voice inaudible. I went back to the shop with my powershot sx 240HS to point this out and they agreed to give me another, new sx 240 camera. I tested it today and the hiss (rustle, noise…) is identical to the preceding camera. So it seems to be something in all sx 240HS cameras?? I am deeply disappointed, because I bought this Canon (after all, a quality brand!) to make video clips of interviews. All the reviews of the Canon Powershot sx240 are enthusiastic, but I am not… Any experiences with the sound quality of videoclips are welcome.

7:19 pm - Friday, July 20, 2012

#28 shd

@henri pelissier

its true that sx 240/260 HS gives this hissing noise, but wht do you expect from a 20x zoom lens which pops out so much.
look at sony hx30v & 20v, i have watched youtube videos and found similar noise from their models too.

see, the reason cheaper P&S models have optical zoom disabled in video mode is this noise.

ya its kind of a problem, but if you can live with it then njoy the camera!! :)

2:50 pm - Monday, July 23, 2012

#29 Betty

I need help.
I take pictures on trips and of my grandkids.

I want:
great pictures
very good flash

Which canon?

9:11 pm - Monday, July 23, 2012

#30 shd


if you need the 20X zoom go for either powershot sx 240/260 HS

for pure Image quality powershot S100 is the one for you.

2:11 pm - Saturday, July 28, 2012

#31 Bruce McLean

SX240HS - Auto setting used to take two photos of person in room. One photo room light off taken and colors seem fine. Second taken exact same in Auto with room light on and colors are out of balance with too much yellows and pink. Also experienced hissing when doing video in silent room. Happened on first and also replacement unit. Is this normal? Is there a fix? Users dependent on the Auto to give same consistent results as old Canon SD890.

5:37 pm - Monday, August 6, 2012

#32 shd

latest powershot SX240 hs youtube Videos

slow motion video

2:17 pm - Wednesday, September 12, 2012

#33 JoeGoaUk

I have this camera SX240HS, bought one month ago.
India, Goa.
So far, I have observed the following:
Video Filming:
Zooming is noisy, noise is lowder when no other background music etc. The noise can be noticiable
unless you take of the sound replace with new one.

Zooming is is not as smooth as my previous camera TZ10 etc (Panasonic)

It had ruined my first important video footage of a solo singing performance. It gave louder hissing sound and I don’t know how it happened. I nevr had that problem again. However, it may have happended because I set the ‘wind cut’ on as the pvt. party singing took place in an open air.

funny Camera flash
It pops out and in with jet speed.
It can even hurt you finger

Hope Canon take into account the above problems in their next productions or upgrades

Otherwise, the Camera is very good.

4:31 am - Sunday, November 11, 2012


I bought Canon SX240 HS powershot camera from Croma center, Vadodara, Gujarat.

Please guide me how to stitch photo frames: Easy-to-use guidelines simplify the shooting of aligned multiple frames that can later be combined (using bundled software) to create panoramic photos.

8:48 am - Saturday, November 17, 2012

#35 gio

overall is a good camara.
but i dont understand why, when i take slow motion videos with the best resolution and size and when i watch it on my computer the videos are very small and when i expand the vid window it pixelates :S what can i do?

7:41 am - Tuesday, November 20, 2012

#36 zebarnabe


There is nothing you can do, however you have, as stated by the specs, 2 super slow motion modes (this is for european models, it my may vary):
(L) 640 x 480, 120fps
(M) 320 x 240, 240fps

at 640x480 is should be clear enough while slowing the action by 4 times, this is the old VGA resolution that is used by many cheap web cameras. The old Canon A800 recorded video with this resolution at best.

at 320x240 you will get 8 times slower than real time when played at 30fps, but detail will be half of the previous mode.

In practice it is a trade between spacial resolution and temporal resolution, the camera can only deal with that much information.

There is only one consumer grade camera, that I’m aware of, providing substantially better slow motion video, that being FZ200 from Panasonic that allows:
720p - 120 fps (NTSC) / 100 fps (PAL)
640x480 - 240 fps (NTSC) / 200 fps (PAL)
The bright aperture of 2.8 helps as well.
It costs 3 to 4 times more than Canon SX240 HS…

If you need more temporal resolution, some old Casio cameras would provide up to 1000fps… albeit with a really tiny resolution.

There are also pro-grade cameras (that can do 1080p at 500fps or even more)... but those have a price a bit prohibitive for the normal consumer.

12:34 pm - Tuesday, November 20, 2012

#37 JoeGoaUk

Looks like I have naother problem with my camera SX240HS.
There was a 10 day long programe with live bands.
But none of my footage came out good, in many cases it was horrible.
Don’t know it has something to to with the blasting sound system 12,000 voltage. I had similar problem initially.
here a clip in youtube

Don’t know if I missing any setting on my camera.
Help in this respect wud be appreciated.

9:29 pm - Wednesday, November 28, 2012

#38 Jackie Mclennan

I am looking for a camera for my 75 year old mother to replace her point and shoot non digital camera that is on its last legs. I need something easy to use, that can cope with a bit of camera shake, that the fully automatic function is really good as she is a techno phobe and won’t adjust anything.
Is this the correct camera? Don’t think the Powershot 220 is for her as takes 6 actions to delete a photo althouh the dial to adjust what sort of photo you wanted sounded better (as had kids, scene and portrait straight on the dial). This camera would have to always be on auto. Any help would be really useful.

11:32 am - Wednesday, December 19, 2012

#39 Bangboy

No one have problems with too high ISO in auto mode ? Like 400 iso in day light Sun ? Let me know please, i don’t know if my can be a bad model

11:52 am - Sunday, December 30, 2012

#40 jorj

CHDK is now available. There are amazing RAW photos.

9:02 pm - Friday, January 18, 2013

#42 Sashna

I checked out the SX240 HS and it seems to impress me, however I am not sure whether to go for a Panasonic lumix DMC or this one…one good sales man managed to convince me that the Lumix is better.

10:09 am - Wednesday, February 20, 2013

#43 laqui

You say: “Image quality is on a par with the previous SX230”, however you rates image quality 4.5 for the SX220/230 and 4.0 for the SX240. Here you are making a mistake.

1:07 am - Monday, March 4, 2013

#44 david.machita

I have this camera, it takes perfect photos in eny light condition da of course ,,Made in Japan”, I hate chineese tech products.

1:44 pm - Sunday, March 10, 2013

#45 Shadreck Phiri

Very good camera,all weather friend.

1:03 pm - Thursday, May 2, 2013

#46 Joe

I have just made video clip using SX240hs zooming
‘Moon watching’
Check it out here

11:35 pm - Saturday, May 25, 2013

#47 Christa

I just bought my SX240 HS with a WP-DC46 waterproof camera housing. Does anyone have experience in using this camera for underwater photography during diving? Any recommendations on settings to use, etc?

2:51 pm - Saturday, June 29, 2013

#48 Bhoward

Bought the PowerShot SX240 HS on a cruise when my DSLR developed a problem and I couldn’t shot with it. The Canon Sx240 now has a problem with the CCD Sensor where the display screen goes black and makes the camera un-useable.  Canon in the US will not repair the camera as it is from the UK.  Does anyone have any information on how I would go about getting this repaired via the UK?  It should still be under warranty or should I just take it to a camera repair shop and pay the bill.  Has anyone experienced a problem with the CCD Sensor?  Thanks.

11:18 pm - Monday, July 22, 2013

#49 shd

xoom test

10:48 am - Thursday, September 12, 2013

#50 Poetry6666

I think the SX240HS is an excellent all rounder. I have had mine for 18 months now and its been a great travel companion. I mainly visit stately homes, gardens and landscapes. The garden pictures always turn out well saturated with good contrast and clarity. I do occasional flowers and some macro as well.

I have owned quite a few Canon camera’s now from the S3iS, Sx10iS, SX230, IXUS220HS/ELPH300HS and for the last 18 months the SX240HS. I think this is one of the best Canon’s I have owned especially as I have a bad back and cannot carry a heavy camera around any more. The 25-500mm lens is amazing and pretty sharp at the top end too. I also find the image stabiliser very good in this camera especially at the top end of the zoom and at low shutter speeds.

During the summer while visiting stately homes I started to photograph the interiors as well, something I have not done in the past because of noise with high iso’s. Not a problem with the 240HS as I have been using up to iso1600 and the images have been very clean with hardly any noise.

I have thought about getting the new Canon SX270/SX280 but there seems to be a problem with battery discharge. I still love my 240 so have decided to keep it till Canon announce the new super zoom travel camera’s in 2014 and see what they will have to offer.

But all in all I would highly recommend this camera to anyone.

11:10 pm - Sunday, October 27, 2013

#51 Ram

Yes, there is an internal-noise when video is recorded and is irritating during playback. It seems there is no this can be prevented.
The 20x zoom put to this model is really impressing. The Panaromic picture capturing method this camera has is really sloppy and disappointing. I used to have a Samsung-Jet cellphone that had a very easy built-in Panaromic picture capturing mechanism 6 years back and I wonder why Canon has not given importance on this to SX240.

1:00 pm - Tuesday, November 12, 2013

#52 SECook

Wyoming, when I bought this camera a year ago, the camera shop clerk told me that there was some significant feature on the 260 that made it take pictures differently (and not as well) as the 240.  Sorry I can’t remember what he told me.  Bhoward, yes I am just now experiencing this sensor problem and I know that my camera was made in the UK, too.  I’m not too happy to hear that I can’t get it fixed here.  Am taking it back to camera shop tomorrow and will let you know what they tell me.  I did, after all, BUY it in the U.S.!

11:05 pm - Wednesday, March 5, 2014

#53 Mary

BHoward - I am having this same problem, with the CCD Sensor causing the screen to go black (but it still takes pictures…I point and guess).  Unfortuantely, my camera is past its 1-year warranty.  Can you tell me if there was a solution?  I called the Canon call-centre, and they said to send it in, and it is an automatic $149 bill to fix.  Wow.  And I’ve been so happy with this camera until this happened.

4:42 pm - Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I just re read my previous comment about the Canon SX240.  I see I promised a followup and have not done that yet.  So here’s what I found out.  I took it back to the camera shop and they sent it to Canon.  In two weeks it was back with a terse note saying they WOULD NOT fix it…not that they couldn’t but that they wouldn’t.  They explained that they had no way of knowing if it was a bogus, aftermarket camera.  I have the paperwork from the original transaction, from a very legitimate camera shop, and I know it is not an aftermarket ripoff camera.  But Canon is not listening.  I was so angry that I vowed I never buy another camera from Canon.  So I bought a Sony point and shoot.  Alas, it is not the Canon.  It takes good pictures, but I am used to the Canon which took exceptional photographs.  Because I love that Canon so much, I am keeping it and taking it with me next time I go to the UK to see if I can get it fixed. The camera shop said all it needs is a new card!  Good luck to the rest of you

2:16 am - Thursday, December 18, 2014

#55 Bondy

I had same virtually black screen with my SX240 camera. Was over 1 year old but used very little. Pictures on memory card fine. Battery fully charged. Initially reset if battery taken out and refitted. Then that also stopped working. These are the first comments I have seen of same problem.  Alas no fixes. Wrote to Canon - no help.

2:28 pm - Tuesday, April 28, 2015

#56 jay

Be proud of what you have and be sports in whatever you do.Thanks for sharing your article and keep on posting.Visit my site if you have time.

2:27 am - Friday, September 18, 2015

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