Casio EX-H20G Review

January 31, 2011 | Gavin Stoker | |

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#1 Casey

Have had my EX-H20G for well over a year and use it for travel documentation. It’s very lightweight, pocketable, and perfect for my purposes. The hybrid GPS with compass allows me to take photos which, when transferred to (for example) Google Earth, not only show where the photo was taken but in what direction. The usefulness of the hybrid GPS function is not limited to potholes as you sarcastically suggested. Inside a cathedral, for example, the photo metadata shows where the photo was taken and in which direction so that, for example, a fresco can be identified. Again, within a mall the photos are metatagged perfectly.
The images in low light conditions are sometimes noisy but are easy to correct with Photoshop noise reduction if that is a problem with a specific photo.
For me the hybrid GPS is the deal-maker here. I don’t know why it isn’t in widespread use (or maybe it’s patented by Casio ?).

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