Fujifilm FinePix HS50EXR Review

May 1, 2013 | Mark Goldstein | |

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#1 Webgod

The Images are okay for small prints but not for more. Why so much zoom and then so bad quality?

5:51 pm - Wednesday, May 1, 2013

#2 Dan

The pro focus mode seems a bit rubbish, and at level 3 it makes your face look like an alleyway :)

7:36 pm - Wednesday, May 1, 2013

#3 Tux Kenobi

Fuji made good improvements to the HS20 - HS30 line, it is definitely an interesting upgrade from those models. But let’s face it a small sensor, specially EXR type, won’t do any magic no matter how fancy is the package. Plus U$500 for that is a bit too much.  In my view Fuji should drop the HS line entirely and dedicate to the X-Sn line as the top bridge cams on the market.  I’ll just wait for the X-S2 with the new X-Trans sensor of the X20,
I’m sure it will be the best bridge around.

2:58 am - Thursday, May 2, 2013

#4 Cameron

Hey I am a Nikon and Cannon fan but the Fuji film in my mind isn’t exactly the best.

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4:42 am - Thursday, May 2, 2013

#5 Rin

It’s a joke? How can this camera highly recommended!

5:24 am - Thursday, May 2, 2013

#6 Color Experts International

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7:23 am - Thursday, May 2, 2013


Why so much zoom and then so bad quality?

Sensor size - a 1000mm lens on a 1.2 inch.

8:50 am - Thursday, May 2, 2013

#8 El Manque

Image Quality = 4
Please! I do not understand

10:52 pm - Thursday, May 2, 2013

#9 Alex

Image qualitiy is poor.

1:50 am - Saturday, May 4, 2013

#10 Simon

I really feel Fuji are missing a trick with their HS line of cameras.
The pro’s- great handling and layout (and glad the HS30 ditched AA power…)
The Con’s- Ghastly IQ- and from what I can see, the HS50 doesn’t buck the trend.
That EXR sensor is CRAP… Stop it Fuji, please… you’re ruining a potentially decent,fun camera.
For goodness sake, drop in a standard issue 12mp (or so) sensor in it and stop messing about.
Hell,I’ll even turn a blind eye to the poor edge sharpness at wide angle if you ditch that sensor…!
And in the meantime,I’ll stick with my fast,sharp Panny FZ-150….

10:34 pm - Monday, May 13, 2013

#11 Daniel

I had for 2 weeks used the smaller HS35EXR I had other camera brands Olympus, Leica and my Nokia 920 but this HS35EXR is fun to use it can do so many things with a picture thats the other don´t allow me to do, when I process them DxO the pictures from all my cameras looks same. So I will only imagine what this HS50EXR can do and maybe I buy it just to try it out. Photography is fun and not only picture perfect specifications, the EXR sensor is playing with light and another way to understand the light processing and discover how the eye functions and see things.

4:35 pm - Thursday, August 15, 2013

#12 Mike

I have previously been using an Olympus PEN PL-1 for over a year, but without splashing out more money on a bigger lens, then having to carry the extras around with me, I decided the smarter option would be to go with the HS50EXR. I really liked the large zoom capabilites it had, and the fact it looked more like a conventional DSLR then my Olympus. After a week and a half of owning it, I have to say I’m thorough disappointed at the image quality. I know the sensor is small, but I found that unless you happened to be shooting in strong bright light with an ISO of 100, there was a good change the images would start being affected by noise - at 800 ISO I found the noise really obvious, and the colours were also bland and soft. I have tried all various combinations of settings and had the same results. Even more annoying than the noise was the paint-brush effect - fine if the image is view at a small size, but zooming in it is clearly noticable. I also found the effects under the EXR mode (Resolution Priority/High ISO & Low Noise/D-Range Priority) made no noticible differences at all. I’m so disappointed with the camera I’m now returning it for a refund and splashing out on a proper DSLR: a Nikon D7000. I would say that the HS50EXR is good for beginners, but I’ve had better results from my cheaper point-and-shoot Cannon iXUS. All in all I feel the camera is really a gimmicky, dressed-up-as-a-DSLR point&shoot; camera and a too-high retail price!

2:29 pm - Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Hace dos semanas que me hice con la nueva fuji HS50EXR, es fantastica en todos los aspectos, de hecho todo lo que he leido se queda corto, tiene una optica fujinon que es una perita en dulce, soy proprietario de una nikon D5100 y lo siento por ( LOS PURITAS DE LAS REFLEX) pero para poder conseguir los mismo resultados con una reflex tendria que gastarme una fortuna en objectivos, ademas todos los extras que tiene la HS50EXR no los tienen las reflex , en el apartado de video tampoco se queda corta ya que graba video FULL HD a 60fps hasta HS 320×112 a 480fps, la verdad me encanta descubrir ciertos movimientos en camera super-lenta, esteticamente es preciosa y muy agradable al tacto, te da ganas de empuñarla y la calidad de los materiales no tienen nada que envidiar a los de la nikon, por lo contrario son mas agradables.
En resumen es una camera fantastica sin los engorros de los cambios de objectivo de una reflex, una todo terreno para cualquier ocasion con la cual seguro tendreis unos resultados fenomenales.

7:41 pm - Friday, October 4, 2013

#14 Alfred

Your sample images are not really fair as they are mostly at high ISO. Plant images, which are good for judging the quality of the due to fine details are all at 400 ISO. You give a photo of a wall at 100 but that is no good to judge the image quality.
With the Canon HS510 all images are at base ISO 80, so it unfairly represents the Canon. Can you upload some more ISO 100 images?

11:12 am - Monday, November 18, 2013

#15 agogohome

The reviewer seems to have forgotten about the excellent video function. Apart from that, much of the text has been copied form the HS35EXR review…which was itself copied from the HS20EXR. LOL. I know there’s some similarities, but they’re very different cameras.

Anyone who has owned a previous FujiFilm EXR bridge camera will find this latest version a breath of fresh air. They have listened to criticism and corrected almost all the old issues - even the video autofocus works properly now :-) 

3:09 am - Sunday, November 24, 2013

#16 yofrankieyo

bought the camera hs50 pics so bad returned as faulty oh dear Fuji your gonna go bust with this crap

8:44 pm - Sunday, July 20, 2014

#17 Julian

You STILL didn’t understand that you MUSH shoot 8MP with ALL EXR cameras? Really? RTFM!

5:53 pm - Sunday, August 24, 2014

#18 sukamsi

i like this camera cause very easy for beginner
Thank you hs50exr, very easy for use.

3:00 am - Friday, November 7, 2014

#19 Steve

The specs for this camera are quite high considering the price point. If you wish to compare it to a dslr then you are showing your own photographic and mental limitations. Can you imagine putting a APS-C sensor in this camera and then a 24 to 1000mm zoom? It would be quite a bit heavier, much bigger, and incredibly expensive.
As it stands I’ve ordered this camera for holidays, days out, and as a general carry about for a one-stop solution. I don’t for one moment expect that Fuji intended it to be used otherwise.

4:19 pm - Sunday, November 16, 2014

#20 Blue

I bought this camera mainly for the manual focus ability, but as it turns out, without the typical SLR focusing methods (split ring screen, or Diamond Grid focus system or a combination of both - Yashica). This focus system was strictly via the matte screen method and though it has an outline highlight indicator which can be switched on/off via the menu system, in the end I simply left the camera use the uber fast auto focus. Also the manual focus ring practically freely spins around with no noticeable stops. The ability to use F11 was really nice and the depth of field over typical cameras in this range which stop at F5.6 was a bonus for me as I use this for the super macro abilities (two steps - macro and super macro). The lens does focus as close as 10 mm from the lens surface but it is only a slightly closer close-up than I anticipated. In the end I opted for using x2 to x4 macro filters which thankfully this camera can take (58 mm). Also I found a x2 telephoto double on eBay that screws directly to the 58 mm filter mount and it in no way reduced the F stop to any minor degree. So now my 42x is an 84x and can be digitally zoomed to 168x woo-hoo!!! screw looking at close up moon pics… I was looking at the actual craters filling the screen.

9:02 pm - Tuesday, February 3, 2015

#21 Ichsan

I bought this camera a week ago. Picture quality is great only at 50% crop, at 100% crops a lot of noise. Focus speed are great, very fast and image stabilization work well even at 1000 mm zoom.
In my opinion, this is 8MP camera, 16MP sensor is just to give detailed picture at 50% crop, that’s why it only 8MP camera.

2:06 pm - Wednesday, April 22, 2015

#22 TK

You are right, I use it mostly at 8Mp mode gives you more dynamic range which is more important than the extra ressolution.  The real efective resolution of this sensor is about 10Mp, so there is actualy little benefit in using 16Mp mode, unless the light is perfectbwith low contrast areas shotting at iso100 and you need to crop later.

IMHO Fuji should replace the 16mp sensor by an 8 or 10Mp one, 4K TVs are out so 8mp ishould sufice, and forguet abou the exr thing.

But if you understand this is a 1/2” 8Mp camera with awesome lens that can be used up to iso400 with good quality for small prints and 4k tvs, then you will be very happy with it.

It has a 58mm thread on the lens that allows filters, macro converters, fisheye, extra tele converters, very good as a learling tool !

just don’t expect th IQ of a larger sensor cam, it doesn’t have one ;-)

1:17 pm - Thursday, April 23, 2015

#23 Ganeshram

To all Greetings
I have a 50 EXR and have shot more than 300GB of Photos and videos, since I bought it in 2014.
Let me say The Colors Reproduction is almost the same of the subject.
Recently on my Tour to Siem reep cambodia , I shot 36GB of Angkor Wat Temples , and the Images wre Great.
In fact while watching TravelXP HD channel, they show almost the same photos I had taken and is matching the images taken by the Channel using Much Superior cameras.
The Videos are great.

Thanks to FUJI , the 1000MM Zoom is wonderful
and image reproduction is great.
I will definitely Give it a 5 Star Rating
It has never Let me down
It would have been great If the 1"Sensor in XS1 wasused

12:48 pm - Sunday, July 10, 2016

#24 lesley

Using the continuous shooting option on 3fps setting, how do I then see all 3 shots taken and save them all? Ive worked out how to see them on the camera but not on the downloaded image

10:00 am - Tuesday, July 26, 2016

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