Nikon D610 Review

November 12, 2013 | Mark Goldstein |

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#1 Kayla Bryson

This review is absolutely wonderful! There is so much detail! I really appreciate all of the different photos you provided. I’m big on visuals, so it really helps to actually see the outcomes of photos taken with different parameters set.

I’m really glad to see that the D610 for you didn’t have the same oil/dust issues that the D600 had.

I wrote my own little review about this camera as well:

But in my review I discussed more about the issues that D600 owners have had with their cameras, as well as with Nikon’s inflexibility when it comes to upgrading to the D610. Unfortunately for D600 owners, they’re essentially stuck with what they have, unless they decide to front another 2k for the D610. I’m just glad that I didn’t get the D600. And to think I had actually seriously considered getting it when it first came out!

5:16 am - Thursday, November 21, 2013

#2 Eric Bowles

Nice review on the D610. 

The internet has plenty of comments about the D600 and the dust/oil/debris issue.  But it is not a problem for everyone.

I’ve had the D600 since it was released.  I’ve had no issues with dust or debris - just the normal dust that is routinely cleaned.

People need to keep in mind that the D600/D610 is an FX camera.  The FX sensor is more than two times the size of a DX sensor.  And when you look at a high resolution image from any camera, you can probably find a dust spot.

If you are considering a camera and worried about dust, you need to understand cleaning options.  A blower, a dry cleaning, and a wet cleaning each have their place.  Wet cleaning is needed for only about 0.25% of the dust if you use the other tools.

Some of the testing for dust is just plain silly - take 1000 frames with the lens cap on and then crank up contrast to maximum levels and look at the image at 100%.  Of course you will see dust - especially if you clean the sensor but not the mirror box.

I’m sure there are some problems with some cameras.  Just keep things in perspective.  The D600 is a wonderful camera, and the D610 is essentially the same camera rebranded.

7:02 pm - Tuesday, January 14, 2014

#3 Yucel Photo

For most professional use, like corporate event coverage or portraiture, or even fine art nudes, 12-18 megapixels are all one needs.

I had been a Nikon user for over 30 years and have just switched to Canon because of Nikon’s push to higher and higher megapixels.

While I laud Nikon’s beefing up the D600 w a D610, they really need to address a professional model with under 25 mega pixels in the $2-3K price range.. With a feature set like a D800, without all the megapixels.

To get a true usable pro camera, you have to spend $6k with Nikon.

The D800 is worst than useless for events.

Canon misses much in way of Nikon features I’ve grown to know and love… Yet, the fewer megapixels gives me more hard drive space and much faster post processing of many images.

3:00 pm - Wednesday, March 26, 2014

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