Olympus FE-5020 Review

August 24, 2009 | Gavin Stoker | |

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#1 buy dsi r4

I appreciate the is review however when you show sample photos, please show important higher than320 ASA samples. As you know digital noise is one of the major drawbacks to these kinds of cameras so we need to know how noisy the photo is. You have left off right where, in my opinion, you should have started to show us ASA comparisons. Thank you. And please also show what hi asa photos look like on tripod and in daylight so we can see what the noise actually is.

10:09 am - Wednesday, January 20, 2010

#2 Evi

I love this camera for convenience and use but outdoor shots looked really washed out compared to my much older 3mp Olympus C310 on its Auto setting. I’ve not found a setting which helps to correct this so far.

3:50 pm - Sunday, April 11, 2010

#3 CD Wagner

Good luck trying to put wrist strap through a hole a paper clip won’t fit through. No carrying case either. May be great pics, but I find it to be too small for myself.

11:32 pm - Tuesday, April 13, 2010

#4 eric

This is the worst camera ever. I got a 6MP camera for about the same price two years ago and it still takes better pictures than this one.

I got it for free, so I am really not biased but really, that would be a huge mistake to buy this.

1. The CCD is the noisiest I have ever seen, whatever the zoom or the iso level. I tried them all.
2. It does not remember the last settings and setting it the way you want requires about 50 button presses, which is way annoying.
3. It can’t charge the battery via USB. Seriously?
4. That would not be so bad if it did not empty the provided battery in about two days when it is not used and switched off. Now I am getting angry.
5. As already mentioned, there is no way to put a reasonably sturdy strap. You will need tweezers and patience to fit the provided hair-thick strap.
6. The panoramic function is just lame. If you try to take more pictures to reduce deformation, the provided soft is unable to stitch them together.
7. Speaking of soft, it is of course all commercially bound and does not even provide a nice way to create a web index.
8. No published protocol, so forget about fixing it yourself.

Bad. Really bad. I read other more educated bad reviews for this camera, but all in all, I feel Olympus robbed me with a camera I did not even buy. 

I want my money back :)

7:23 am - Saturday, May 29, 2010

#5 georgi

Why do you guys do not shot at focal length more than 24mm ? Those samples shows only how bad is the lens at 24mm .I need to know how it performs at 26, 30 , 50 ,100 mm

10:32 am - Thursday, July 22, 2010

#6 Evi

Sorry, I don’t know enough about digital photography to give you better samples. (No idea what 320 ASA samples are or how to measure Focal Length) I did send the camera back to Olympus who adjusted the lens and cleaned it but it hasn’t really helped. I still get washed out colours on outdoor shots.

4:41 pm - Friday, July 23, 2010

#7 Celeste

Very dissapointing! Wanted to throw it after my first holiday! Photo quality is shocking and I agree with every comment made above. Zoom is useless… I don’t know where to start listing all the bad points, they are all bad!

1:54 pm - Tuesday, August 3, 2010

#8 willie

Awful! Just awful.

It is possible to take a good shot with this camera, but you have to find exactly the right setting—due to the horrible configuration, this is not an easy task even if you know what settings you need.

Grab and shoot with this camera, to catch that spontaneous moment, and you will get a grainy washed out picture. Seriously, the camera on my £30 phone produces better results than half of those from the FE-5020.

Then there’s the pathetic battery life, useless gimmicky features…

Did I say awful?

8:52 pm - Monday, August 9, 2010

#9 Jason Halerz

well cant say to much for other comments, had no trouble getting the wrist strap on, very happy with the pics. but are’s seemed to develope a line going across the middle of screen and would like to know what to do to get rid of it?

9:24 pm - Monday, August 23, 2010

#10 Ray

I am a yearbook sponsor. I fell in love with the Olympus Stylus 1010 camera. As these cameras suffer the damage of day-to-day use, I needed to purchase more cameras (the 1010 is unavailable?). I figured my students would enjoy this smaller, sleeker camera, and the pretty colors—which they did. But this camera (I bought three) suck!  These cameras are hidden on the back of my shelf because all the pictures taken with any of the cameras are horrible!
I do not understand why companies always want to make something “better.” If anyone knows a Stylus that is very comparable to the 1010, please let me know.

12:06 am - Thursday, October 6, 2011

#11 alice

i was given this camera to search for a data cable to charge the battery. i still haven’t found a usb cable suitable for this… I went to several hi-tech stores; they told me i need a micro usb cable but they don’t sell it there… anyway… continued my search on the internet.. i need to know which micro usb cable is.. because there are a few different ones… if anyone could tell me, i’d really appretiate..  thank you
P.S.: can’t turn the camera on (no battery).. so don’t know how pictures are..

3:54 am - Wednesday, March 7, 2012

#12 alice

can anyone tell me which cable is good for battery charge?  I know it’s a micro usb but which one??
appretiate, thanks

3:56 am - Wednesday, March 7, 2012

#13 joshpo

My friend owns this crummy camera and has complained loudly about washed out pictures. Backlit and white backgrounds destroyed the white balance, plus the images are very grainy.

I finally had a chance to look at it and test the settings. Nothing made much of an improvement til I accidentally found the iAuto setting. The set up directions tell you to use the P setting (optimal) but the iAuto (auto focus) actually works for me. Press the red camera button to set iAuto or navigate to it in Menu.

9:27 pm - Wednesday, June 27, 2012

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