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#1 Sean Patrick Leydon

I’ve been digging around for a solid review of the W90 since I saw it in the summer B&H.  Thanks a lot.

10:05 pm - Friday, May 14, 2010

#2 effegi51

I bought this camera two days ago and brought it back to the seller yesterday, because of the very poor image quality. I made a careful comparation with my two-year-old Sony DSC-W130, which I paid 150 euros - I am from Italy - vs 289 euros of the Optio W90. The image quality is definitely better in DSC-W130, even in “supermacro” mode (subject: a tiny insect, about 1,5 mm long).

9:42 am - Sunday, May 16, 2010

#3 amv

I bought the day it came out because i was headed for a beach vacation. The image quality is mediocre under the best conditions, and generally poor under all other conditions. Since I used it in the water I could not return it. :-(

5:23 pm - Sunday, May 16, 2010

#4 shaowey

I recently got the W90 and I too felt the image/HD video quality lackluster.  I was hoping to replace my old W30 and found the W30 images much more pleasing and cleaner (lack of artifacts).  On the other hand, the 1cm macro w/LED lights on the W90 is really neat, I was pleasantly surprised to find it working in video mode.  You can get some cool clips with this.

6:34 am - Monday, May 17, 2010

#5 dsi r4

Pentax has released the Optio W90 rugged compact sporting a tougher body than its predecessor. The camera is also waterproof down to 20 feet. I didn’t like is that the batteries it comes with don’t last that long. The Pentax Optio W90 is a new all-action, go-everywhere camera. The Pentax Optio W90 has a standard 12-megapixel 1/2.3-inch CCD sensor, 5x optical zoom, and 28mm wide-angle lens. The quality shift is uncanny when we look at underwater compared to the outdoors.

8:42 am - Monday, May 17, 2010

#6 Rich Media Marketing

I bought this Camera 1 month ago and was not satisfied with the image resolution

10:36 am - Monday, May 17, 2010

#7 Bobadger

Your review is spot on!  Bought a W90 primarily to take on flyfishing outings and to the beach.  Wanted something I didn’t have to worry about getting wet or bounced around.  Doesn’t have the IQ of my D90, but so far it has served its intended purpose well.

2:48 pm - Monday, May 17, 2010

#8 sean patrick leydon

Most amateur reviews or comments on this review seem to miss the primary function of the W90, to be Very Difficult to Harm or Destroy.
That is what I want, it should be a given that a tough camera has difficulties with image quality.  I need a small camera that can live in my pocket and take hits without me worrying about it, my DSLR is not that camera.  It would seem that the W90 is.

10:54 pm - Monday, May 17, 2010

#9 shaowey

To “sean patrick leydon”, I bought the W90 because of its “primary function”, and as a replacement for my W30 (older brother in the series), of which I’m very happy with except the “ancient” video mode.  The W90 may be tougher against the elements, but for my causal uses (water park/beaches)the seemingly poorer image quality compared to W30, and “harsh/artifacted” video (can’t think of a better word. My other cams, M43 or Sony PS all produce smoother HD videos) just makes you feel it took a couple step backward while making one step forward in one direction.  I guess it comes down to your usage or expectation.  BTW, the W90 also has the good looks, but the old W30 has its own advantage too - it’s unassuming and looks just like the any other P&S - when I drop it into water, the looks on people around me are priceless.  :)

12:27 am - Tuesday, May 18, 2010

#10 amv

“Most amateur reviews or comments on this review seem to miss the primary function of the W90, to be Very Difficult to Harm or Destroy.”

The primary function of any camera is to take good pictures. What good is a camera if you can take it anywhere but the pictures aren’t worth viewing?

As for what you consider the primary function my W90 broke the first week I had it, after it’s second dip in the water. Pentax was nice enough to send me a new one. I’d be happy to give you a really good deal on what in effect is a new camera(got it last week) if you want it?

12:55 am - Tuesday, May 18, 2010

#11 Ficus

The reason to buy a camera is to take pictures. Well, this camera allows you take pictures in harsh environments which is good, but the image quality is sub-standard. The W-60 takes photos with more range and less artifact. The same image shot side by side with the two cameras (especially in low light or high contrast situations) is very, very different and the old camera wins hands down

3:25 pm - Tuesday, May 18, 2010

#12 sean patrick leydon

Yes I misspoke when I used the term “primary function.” All I was aiming to say is the reason to buy a W90 is to own a tough camera.  Since I have been planning to buy a smaller camera, this has been my main concern.  I’ve reached the technical limitations of what my Canon Rebel XTi DSLR can do.  I plan to upgrade to the 7D when I can scrounge the cash.
The W90 would never be considered my primary camera, it would serve to simply document whatever I see and to remind me of subjects or ideas to come back to later.
I do have concerns with the reports That W90 doesn’t handle water well, but the few who have had these troubles are certainly more likely to report it than those who have had no problems.  Knamean?

4:12 pm - Tuesday, May 18, 2010

#13 amv

If you are even thinking of a 7d this camera is not for you.  I have a 40d and bought this for the reason you gave. However much I was willing to compromise on picture quality this is way too much of a compromise.  As for only a few reports of problems in water may be due to the fact that the camera just came out and it’s still spring time, percentage wise this may be higher then you believe.

4:47 pm - Tuesday, May 18, 2010

#14 sean patrick leydon

Damn.  Well if you put it that way I’ll just have to keep this camera in mind and keep an eye out for an updated model with a bettor sensor or processor.

8:01 am - Wednesday, May 19, 2010

#15 Fred

Thanks for the helpful comments.

I’m looking for a drop-poof, water-proof camera for my 6 year old.

Being 6, I’d rather not spend too much money, and I’d prefer a resilient body.

I really like the durability aspect of the W90, but it’s pseudo “image stabilization” is a joke.

Going cheap, the WS80 fits the bill, but isn’t drop-proof and starts at a 35mm focal length. Also has a bigger joke IS.

Fuji Z33 is nice and small, but also starts at 35mm (little kids like arms-length self portraits with friends, and 35mm won’t do that).

Olympus? Forget it for the price. Image quality just doesn’t stack up.

Canon? Great. But big (good if you’re snorkeling).

Panasonic. New TS2 is fab. I don’t like their video ADH???? video codec.

Ended up choosing the Sony TX5. 25mm wide-angle. Easy to use touch screen. SMALL! 100cm3 compared to 150cm3 for the Panasonic and 160cm3 for the Pentax. Also, with the backlit sensor, better low light ability than the others above.

Down side? Looks fragile, easy to scratch, and the sliding lens cover looks like a sand/water magnet.

This segment will only grow. How many of us want hassle-free point and shoot cameras?

> Photographtblog, thanks for the review. I enjoys your site.

5:00 pm - Saturday, May 22, 2010

#16 Richard

what is better - the pentax w90 or the lumix dmc ft2? never mind the price.

7:42 pm - Tuesday, May 25, 2010

#17 Fred

Ignoring price? The Panasonic.

This is coming from a Pentax DSLR user.

The Pentax is ahead of the Olympus 8010 in my book though.

5:19 am - Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#18 Sean

I did a side by side comparison of the w90 and the w60. I went and shot a lot of different subject matters using both cameras.  I found that the quality of the photo were about the same but that the saturation was more intense on the w90.  The greens and yellow were bit more electric with the w90.  For true color the w60 beat the w90.  As for the darker shade they were on par with each other.  I really like the w60 but the w90 has some other features, like a wider wide angle that are nice.  I am going to try to contact Pentax and see if I can reduce the saturation.  I know that the camera has a adjustment for it but not sure if that is a camera setting or just for the photo you shot.

6:08 pm - Monday, May 31, 2010

#19 Darrin

I recieved the W90 yesterday and am so far not totally satisfied with the IQ. I have however done quite a bit of trial and error with all the different settings and have tuned it in pretty good. My hopes were to replace it with my sony DSC-10 which I have had to sent back to sony 2 times over the past 5 years, (one for getting a bit wet and the other for leaving it in my truck during the winter). I guess my biggest question is why do rugged outdoor type cameras have to compromise image quality ?

6:43 pm - Friday, June 4, 2010

#20 Anton

I recently bought w90. I wanted it to completely replace my 10year old almost wore-out Olympus Mu 300. I thought anything new would be times better.
Now I do side-by-side pictures and cannot believe w90 is so much worse in darker conditions.
Most of the images I ever took with olympus were perfect for their 90K size without ever knowing the word “shutter speed”. And with w90 I studied all the options and still make gigabytes of garbage…

It the sun is not glowing dont shoot, save the battery. Dont shoot underwater ever: theres dark.

10:55 pm - Friday, June 4, 2010

#21 Darrin

Well I spent the weekend (all weekend)  taking pics with this camera on every different setting combination imaginable and wore myself out trying to get any consistent quality. It is on its way back to Pentax as we speak for a full refund, shame everything else about the little guy was exactly what I wanted, but what good is a camera that doesnt take pictures woth looking at !!

5:35 pm - Monday, June 7, 2010

#22 Clint

At the end of the conclusions they mention a waterproof housing good to 60m for the W90.  Has anyone seen one or know where I can buy one?

6:13 pm - Sunday, June 20, 2010

#23 Catherine

Now I am more confused than ever.  I am looking for a good rugged camera, easy to use, takes good pictures .... waterproof is a bonus. The Pentax W90 was mentioned to me but now that I have read the comments, I am not sure if this is the camera for me.  I travel a fair bit but I am also a technaphobe…

In short should I purchase 2 cameras, one that is waterproof and one that isn’t?  As one person commented why do we need to give up quality of picture to have a waterproof camera… hmmm Has apple come out with anything lol


10:48 am - Monday, August 2, 2010

#24 Anton

Catherine, if you just want to occasionally take some pictures under water, maybe you just need elastic waterproof case. It does not take as much space as extra camera.
W90 is very convenient and I decided to keep it, and the quality of video is very good (often it will be better than of still picture). However for travel it is also too battery hungry.

12:06 pm - Monday, August 2, 2010

#25 Catherine

Thanks Anton, the fact that it is ‘battery hungry’ is an issue. 

Any advice on a regular camera that is sturdy etc. price range under 500 British pounds.  I currently have a kodak AF .. which i purchased out of necessity when in Cairo, but when it is bright outside I can’t see a darn thing, so I never know what or if I am taking a picture in focus.

12:33 pm - Monday, August 2, 2010

#26 patrick

The W90 macro is very inferior to that of my ancient Optio 33WR. The wider zoom delivers poorer resolution but I think that is common to all compacts, more zoom means less clarity.
I will keep the camera for my forthcoming hiking trip in the Rockies. possibly as a spare for my 33WR which is showing signs of packing up.

3:57 pm - Tuesday, August 10, 2010

#27 Patrick Ford

I have read on this blog that a waterproof housing is available for the recent released Pentax W90. I have since checked on the Pentax website and there it says there are no plans to introduce one. Can you tell me where your information comes from, and if one is available who makes it?

12:57 am - Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#28 Gavin Miller

I love my w90, good pictures good quality but, after many times in the water a little water leaked in, it might just be the battery, it blinks red when charging, im not sure what to do.

6:49 pm - Friday, September 17, 2010

#29 Ron Walker

I bough this camera to replace my W60 which replaced my W30 due to the 30fps HD video setting on offer after reading your review.
I wish I hadn’t bothered as the image and especially the HD video quality is very very poor. No matter what settings I use the videos always look over exposed. So much so that my partners 4/5 year old Sony Cybershot VGA video and images are much clearer and sharper.
I work as a mountain /instructor guide and use the camera while climbing and skiing to take videos for clients and for YouTube so was looking for the best compact, all weather camera on offer.
I read your review and parted with my hard earned cash as soon as the W90 was available but have since very much regretted it.
I’ve been taking and uploading climbing videos onto YouTube for a number of years and have been successfully using basic non weather proof cameras.
The video of climbing the Rebuffat Route should give you an idea of how poor video quality from the W90 camera is when used in an alpine environment. Whereas this one is of far better quality was taken with my Panosonic Lumix TZ7.
You can see some of the other videos on my channel at

1:54 pm - Friday, October 15, 2010

#30 Ron Walker

Poor W90 HD video quality link from my last post
Whereas this one is of much better quality taken with the Lumix TZ7 at

2:05 pm - Friday, October 15, 2010

#31 mamu (??? ?)

just bought w90 yesterday and now im confused if i bought the right camera or not… just hoping for the best for my w90 camera wish me luck guys thanks!!! smile!

4:21 am - Monday, October 18, 2010

#32 Tord S Eriksson

My wife tried a few different water-proof cameras, and wanted one that was fairly rugged, and yet slips into a pocket easily. She couldn’t abide the ball-like form of Canon D10 - just too thick to bring along every day, and the Panasonics too big.

Then she accidentally found the Sony DSC-TX5, and loved it, even before she found out that it indeed was waterproof, thus was a possible alternative!

Lovely macro, nice touch screen, selects modes on the fly, so it switches to what is most suitable automatically! In short, just great! You can move the focusing point by touching the screen and just point where you want it, and so on.

After a few months of use there haven’t been a single problem, and its macro capabilities is superb!

9:49 pm - Monday, November 1, 2010

#33 Omer

what is better - the pentax w90 or the canon powershot d-10?

3:30 pm - Sunday, November 14, 2010

#34 Tord S Eriksson

The W90 is more pocketable, the D-10 seems sturdier.

The W90 looks cool, the Canon don’t!

Try to Sony!

10:29 am - Monday, November 15, 2010

#35 John

First got the camera a few days ago and had a few of the issues I have been hearing about in this thread, but then something happend. I read the manual and practiced with it.  And I found that many of the things that I had originally thought were bad about the pictures were fixed. At first I thought the picture looked kind of warm under tungsten light with the auto white balance. Well, turn the white balance to the tungsten light setting, and it looks better! Thought the colors before were a bit over the top, even skin tones. As it turns out, on the brightness setting, the default setting is “bright” and not “natural”. Place it down to natural, and it looks well, more natural! I wanted to see finer detail in my pictures when I used the zoom function to magnify the pictures in playback mode. What to do? place the iso corction in auto setting to 80-200. Amazing! the pictures had much higher definition when compared to the default setting of 80-800.  Also puttting the picture quality setting to three stars helped.  Now this little pentax is not going to beat my 20D in picture quality by a longshot, but many people simply fail to learn their cameras and the settings that can remedy many of the things that most of the people who just got this camera for a few days are complaining about. For those who know cameras and it still was not what they hoped for, by all means replace it with a better one. But for those who have not perhaps even read past the first pages of the manual, perhaps you are being a little too fast to trash what is a good performing camera, if you know how.

8:29 am - Thursday, December 30, 2010

#36 mamu (??? ?)

still can get to maximize my w90 cam please help.. and i think my shutter is already having a problem in 3 months time… :(

4:47 am - Tuesday, January 4, 2011

#37 Darrell

I found your review highly misleading. I bought the W90 to do pictures for reports. I thought it would be rugged and I need a small camera that I can carry everywhere.

1. There is no lens cover so I have scratched the lens already - I have gone back to my Canon SD1400 which has a retractable lens with a cover.

2. Set on the report setting, I may as well take pictures with my Blackberry, they turn out better. Again I have gone back to my Canon SD1400

Unless you are taking pictures in bright sun and at the 12 Megapixel setting the pictures are unusable.

The waterproof, dustproof aspect appealed to me, but my old SD1400 Canon which has everything worn off is still performing better even though it is not intended to be abused like I do.

12:32 am - Sunday, January 9, 2011

#38 Canadians traveling to New Zealand

I plan on giving this camera to my daughter in April for her birthday and prior to going to New Zealand in September and October this year.  I know it isn’t a perfect camera but I think it is totally suitable for my daughter and I can take advantage of the timelapse feature to record stop motion video of some kayaking trips etc.  Unless Pentax comes out with something better, this is the camera I will be getting her.

5:32 am - Thursday, February 10, 2011

#39 amv

Don’t. Read above. There are much better options.

3:34 pm - Thursday, February 10, 2011

#40 Tord S Eriksson

Pentax has just released news about a new camera, looking very much like the W90, but called WG-1, which maybe is a better choice!

No tests available, yet!

10:10 am - Friday, February 11, 2011

#41 Tord S Eriksson

10:25 am - Friday, February 11, 2011

#42 Margaret

This camera stopped working after my first snorkling trip in Thailand. Very disappointing as otherwise I liked the camera.  Once I got back from my holiday I took it to the store I bought it from and they still haven’t done anything after a week and a half.  Another disappointment.

1:54 pm - Tuesday, March 1, 2011

#43 Anton

Same happened to mine. This seems not repairable, they should send it to Pentax for replacement. Mine was replaced in 30 days.
Now I only dare to bring it in sea inside soft cover.

11:18 pm - Wednesday, March 2, 2011

#44 Margaret

Yes it does seem like I just shouldn’t put it in the water - but I paid about three times more to have a camera that was water proof.  It is very frustrating.  I would really like my money back so I can get another camera.

10:46 am - Thursday, March 3, 2011

#45 Anton

I also do not put it in the pocket: the screen is so fragile it gets scratches of cloth. Yes frustrating. This camera taught me to care of cameras.

11:43 am - Thursday, March 3, 2011

#46 mags

i think pentax should return our money its a waste of time and effort for all the hassles!!!!

2:49 am - Friday, March 4, 2011

#47 mags

used my pentax w90 for the first time underwater only for a few feet maybe around 3 or 4ft. and the water just got in the camera and now its broken!!! what a waste of money!!!

4:42 am - Friday, March 11, 2011

#48 Wes


Purchased this camera as we were planning a family vacation at the end of January that was going to involved the going on a cruse and being around water.

Wanted a camera that was going to be able to capture our family vacation in and around water without being destroyed.


By the second day of only taking it into the 4 foot deep pool on the boat it started taking video with lots of little squiggly lines going through it. By the end of our cruse the unit would not even turn on.

Took it back to Henrys and after a lecture about how purchasing their extended service plan would have meant an immediate replacement I was told that it would be around 8 weeks turn around for repair service.

This camera has now spent more time with Pentax warranty service than with me since I purchased it. I have a bunch of crap photos and videos from a once in a lifetime family vacation. I wish I had purchased the fuji underwater camera as my neighbor has it and it has worked great since he purchased it over a year ago and has spent many hours in his pool without issue.


.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

2:01 pm - Wednesday, March 16, 2011

#49 Tord S Eriksson

The Olympus submersible variants are good, too!

My wife has the Sony DSC-TX5, which is a technical wonder (and very stylish), and that is water-proof, too! Hasten to add she hasn’t yet tried it in earnest, underwater!

8:18 pm - Wednesday, March 16, 2011

#50 James O'Malley

We had an older Optio that we were very pleased with so bought this as an upgrade. It lasted 4 days on a 16 day vacation. IT IS NOT WATERPROOF. Both sealed compartments were breached and the camera is now unusable. I am still waiting for Pentax Canada to reply to my emails. (2 and counting). Do not buy this camera if you plan to get it wet.

10:52 pm - Friday, April 1, 2011

#51 Vinko Radonic

This was an excellent choice as addition to my larger digital SLR ;-). I bought it in February, used it a lot over next few months, but mostly during my summer brake in Croatia for underwater photography where I had some excellent photos from.


I fell on a floor while walking Edinburgh streets in April with camera attached to my wrist, which might be the reason why my camera doesn’t work anymore :-(. During the summer (July and most of the August), I’ve used it a lot, especially for underwater photography, which 100’s of my friends admire on Facebook, and I had a very positive reaction from my friend’s husband who is professional photographer (aerial views from airplanes and helicopters) which made Pentax W90 right choice for this summer ;-)

I’ve used camera mostly in shallow waters, but not deeper than 3 to 4 meters. I can tell you that I haven’t seen ANY water inside or any other related issue, apart from battery cover that moves slightly (couple of millimetres) to the left, but should stay firm in one place. I can only put this to this fall in Edinburgh, but wandering WHY I didn’t have this problem just after accident or when I’ve started to use camera underwater?! When I would move that cover towards left (those couple of millimetres) I would see battery FULL green sign going to RED empty square as it is empty?! That was the only issue, apart from fall, that I can tell you about.

I am now talking to company in Manchester, official Pentax repairer, to try to sort this out, because I cannot start up my camera now :-(

BRIEFLY: Excellent camera that takes amazing shots IF you master shutter pressing in right moment ( a bit slow). I wasn’t happy at all with video (too grainy in my opinion), buy A FEW extra batteries, if you want to take a lot of pictures during the day, away from any power source. I had six, and used 5 during one day, but usually 2-3 will satisfy my moderate daily needs for taking photos. I have two 16Gb memory cards, but I’ve never used second one.

2:13 pm - Saturday, August 27, 2011

#52 Tord S Eriksson

In DPReview’s latest waterproof camera test the Sony DSC-TX10 (the TX5’s newer, better, twin) and the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 were winners. They did like using the updated (W90 replacement) WG-1 but it was not quite as good as the other two!

9:01 pm - Saturday, August 27, 2011

#53 Tord S Eriksson

In the latest DPReview test of submersible cameras the Sony DSC-TX10 (latest version of the TX5 line)
and the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 were by far the most popular among the testers, with the Pentax WG-1 quite popular, but not brilliant!

9:35 pm - Saturday, August 27, 2011

#54 Ullas

DO NOT BUY! Biggest waste of money! I had to purchase this model for school and upon testing it under water, it broke. Luckily Pentax replaced it the first time, but the second time it went under water, it broke again. Now Pentax refuses to fix or replace it, nor respond to any of my emails. I will NEVER buy Pentax again!

11:20 pm - Saturday, October 22, 2011

#55 Vinko Radonic

Just update on my previous feedback when I’ve sent my W90 to Photopia for repair:

They couldn’t, so Pentax sent me WG-1, which was very nice gesture, but so far I am not happy with a quality of photos as with W90 for some reason (didn’t took many photos so far). Will update you on this ;-)

8:18 am - Sunday, October 23, 2011

#56 Michael Rogers

Pentax does not back up this product. We purchased the camera in Canada and weeks later in Africa the camera leaked water at only 1M.
We contacted the store of purchase, they said Pentax would refund the amount if we purchased the same product in Africa. After an extensive search we found the same model (good thing we were still in Cape Town). Of course in Africa the same product was twice the amount in Canada.
Upon return we had to fight and wait a considerable amount of time and only to receive the price paid in Canada.

6:15 am - Friday, December 23, 2011

#57 Gary

I bought my W90 when it first came out, since then it’s been mounted to my ATV, Kayak, mountain bike, carried in the basket on my trap line (in the bitter cold.) Thanks to the guys from I’ve mounted my W90 to my telescope for astronomy classes in college, and for those of you that know anything about “springers, they don’t call them scope killers for nothing,” I mounted it to the scope of my Diana 48 for videos. This year I’m going to attach the W90 to my bow for archery season. All my experience has been with the Kodak Easy Share, and Casio line of cameras, they are cheap and take nice photos. Unfortunately, bump the lens just once when it is extended and your photo session is over. As far as battery life goes, I bought two of them off of eBay around $10. I snap pictures all day long. From reading all the negative comments I guess I have the one in a million well built W90. ALSO if you read the manual, Pentax suggests that you have the seals replaced in your camera to keep it waterproof. The only thing I haven’t gotten my camera to do is take a nice clear photo of the full moon. It’s only a matter of time before I find the right combination of settings and time to achieve it. The owners manual helps you and your camera work together to achieve your visions, read it and Happy Shooting!

3:12 pm - Thursday, January 12, 2012

#58 David

My W90 is a lemon. 

Sent in for repairs twice.
In total it worked for under 10 days (between repairs)
It is not waterproof. (it may be classed as water resistant, but do not use it under water for any length of time)

Only buy this product from a store that stand behind the brands they sell and has good customer service.

11:29 pm - Wednesday, March 21, 2012

#59 Cedric Kho

I “purchased” this camera about a year and a half ago using my air miles and boy do I regret it.  I will re-iterate a comment that has been made many times on this comment board, the point of a camera is to take good photos.  I didn’t expect SLR quality photos, but I did expect photos that were better than any camera that I had purchased 10 years ago.  That’s great that it is resistant to water and dropping and what have you, but so is a brick.  To call this a bad camera is an insult to bad cameras.  I have tried playing with just about every setting to improve the quality of the photos, but the photos just end up being “fuzzy”.  I’m pretty sure I could get clearer photos with a homemade pin-hole camera.  Judging on the overwhelming number of bad reviews, this is clearly not a user related issue.  It is simply a unbelievably embarrassing excuse for a camera.

1:03 am - Wednesday, July 11, 2012

#60 Donna Walker

After all thah everyone has said. I think I need to draw your attention to that little tiny thing called the price. Now oin al honestly we all know you get what you pay for.
At £269,minimum in the UK. We really did get what we pad for. It’s an alright camera that does what it says on the box now stop with the whining-sorry

10:24 pm - Monday, December 10, 2012

#61 Anton

You there have hard times in UK.
Im still using that w90. 1 time replaced by warranty and 1 time repaired. I tried to put it inside soft waterproof case, but the funny thing - no one produce waterproof case which suits internal zoom cameras and is not garbage (I mean its lens port is made of some sort glass not polyethilene).
So I swim with that w90 inside not too matching case and have picture cropped 2x or so.
Another 2 funny things:
* the shiny ring around camera lens reflects off case lens and is visible on the picture as white circle. Another 4x crop or so.
* below 10m or so the water pressure locks shutter button. So while you swim the camera does its own things.

Now I definitely off trying any rugged cameras.
The best thing I can do is buy something like canon s100 with dedicated UW box. The box nearly doubles the price but compare it to w90 case. Did you see it opened? Its all fragile plastic and all the electronics directly exposed.

11:25 am - Tuesday, December 11, 2012

#62 Vince Kuipers


I have this camera as well, a ski magazine said it was the best for ski pictures and of course durability. I bought the camera and discovered that the picture quality is worse than a early digital camera that I purchased about 10 years ago with a tenth of the resolution. I have been extremely disappointed with this camera as I went out of my way to find it. My question is, how did the pictures on this review site get as good as they are. The pictures I was viewing are great, maybe there is some settings I can change? does anyone know what setting on this camera would be good for snow, the built in setting for snow doesn’t make it happen at all.

1:52 pm - Thursday, January 10, 2013

#63 Vince Kuipers

Anton, unless someone can show me how to take better pictures with this camera, the price is too much if its over 35.00 since my old antique Canon digital camera take’s better pictures.

1:54 pm - Thursday, January 10, 2013

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