Ricoh WG-4 GPS Review

June 2, 2014 | Jack Baker | |

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#1 Ari Landworth

This camera is incredibly ugly, but I think it would be amazing for vacation photography… I might have to look into it.

8:08 am - Wednesday, June 4, 2014

#2 Fil

IMHO, this model was not worth repeating, as it does nothing significant to get you better photos than its predecessor. Aside from yet another amphibious camera that the divers can’t use due to its useless depth range, the Canon D30 and Olympus TG-2 and TG-3 offer more options to water-oriented sportsmen, especially for snorkeling.
I know I keep repeating this rant, but no manufacturer of such cameras has no technical excuse for not offering some model capable of withstanding 11 Bars (-100 meters seawater), which would be instantly sold out to all the millions of SCUBA divers the World over.
Several principles should be applied for this achievement:
1. Adequately shaped casing (more convex lines, and just a little thicker monitor / front port glass)
2. PROPER sealing at lens port, monitor glass and access hatch (o-rings, instead of risky rubber gaskets)
3. Reed switches on the inside, and a magnet slider in the comb-shaped groove on the outside (one for all options on the back, and one for the shutter and zoom on the top front rim).

I have already suggested this to all major manufacturers, since all those principles have already been tested and proven excellent decades ago. Naturally, no answer ever arrived, also no camera employing those solutions.

That’s why I think users do not matter any longer. The manufacturers will produce what they please, and we’ll go on buying their ware which, so far, have purposefully added weak spots, intended to fail after certain time, so as to force us to buy another among their never-properly-conceived “new” models. Oh, well. :(

6:08 pm - Wednesday, June 4, 2014

#3 Alan Ferguson

I have a question on the GPS metadata besides the lat / long does it give the direction the camera is pointing.

4:29 am - Monday, July 28, 2014

#4 ellen

I will be sending back this camera, impossibly hard to use just setting up the flash.  It is the third of the series I have owned and a major disappointment.  Ricoh did me out of a lot of hard saved money for a deeply flawed unit.  A real shame.

11:20 pm - Friday, October 10, 2014

#5 Kpop

I don’t yet own this camera, but believe the WG-4 DOES have a panoramic mode, according to the manufacturer’s website, and other reviews.  You probably have to hunt for it, but it was also in the older version of the Pentax camera I used to have.
I’m interested in what else Ellen found that made her not want to buy this version?

12:27 am - Friday, January 23, 2015

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