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May 31, 2010 | Mark Goldstein | |

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#1 Kaze

Thanks for your review!
I’ve read you prefer TZ series… But between WB600 and TZ8 which is better in your opinion?
I mean, i’ve found this and tz8 at the same price and i don’t know which i should pick… and unfortunately i can’t afford buying TZ10.
I’m going to use it in my long awaited travel in japan, so brigth landscapes, but dark temples too… so i’d like to have a 15x, but also noise-free images, so the question is WB600 or TZ8?
I really can’t bring myself to decide so, pleeeease…  ^__^
Thx in advance for your answer!

7:24 pm - Monday, May 31, 2010

#2 Atari

WB stays for “wannabe”... or at least it’s what i read in samsung’s brochure…

7:35 pm - Monday, May 31, 2010

#3 zebarnabe


Check TZ7 from the previous generation as well… was one of the best cameras of its category ;)

1:10 am - Tuesday, June 1, 2010

#4 Yianni

Kaze, get the TZ8 if you want manual controls or the older TZ7 if you’re happy leaving it on Auto Mode.

The WB600 lacks in image quality and there’s too much lens distortion and soft corners for my liking. There’s also plenty of noise reduction even at low ISO.

Samsung isn’t there yet…

5:34 am - Tuesday, June 1, 2010

#5 Richard

Just a note from someone who has been using the wb600 for quite a long time now. No there is no noise no noise at either IS0 sensitivity of 200 or 400 and barely any at 800 either. And I have used this camera for a long time and in many different environments so I feel this review is inaccurate in the sense that it hasn’t been tested thoroughly enough. The Image quality is actually excellent at both full wide angle and full telephoto. It does really well in dark conditions as well. This camera has everything, the Panasonic’s simply don’t. I would really not sacrifice HD recording and 15X optical zoom for a TZ8 to be honest. The reviewer said that the pictures are too vivid, I haven’t noticed that either after over 1500 pictures.. Contact me if you want some good sample images from this camera, then I’ll show you what it is capable of.
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

10:06 am - Tuesday, June 1, 2010

#6 Elliott Landy

Please describe lenses better. Your headline listings MUST include both the focal length (in 35mm equivalents) and f-stop range To write only that it is a 10x or 15x zooom is as useless as describing the dimensions of a room in width only. Then I can evaluate. Simply repeating a manufacturer’s flawed listing does not serve your readers. Had I seen that this Samsung is only a F 3.9 at 24mm, I would have stopped considering it in the first place.

1:15 pm - Tuesday, June 1, 2010

#7 yo

i have the hz15w and love it. i had the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS1 but i sold and got the samsung and much nicer.
probaly get this one,.or the zs3 will see.

2:13 am - Wednesday, June 2, 2010

#8 kai

hey, I just went to camera store to get a touch on this camera. I am kind surprised about the mannual exposure control. the f-stop can goes down to f12..and I counted at wide angle it has total 12 stops can choose which is beyond my expectation for a compact camera..

8:01 pm - Friday, June 4, 2010

#9 ?

I was offered an engineering sample for a lower price (200$), should I take it ?

4:12 pm - Saturday, June 5, 2010

#10 Peter Hall

I got this camera (wb600) about 3 weeks ago. I noticed a fair bit of noise at first, but after a little use it seemed to disappear. Anybody else notice that. I also own a Finepix F30 and a Nikon D90. Overall I am really happy with this camera. I’ve taken some amazing shots of wildlife in my first 200 pictures. I got it in Canada at Walmart of all places for $299.

8:03 pm - Friday, June 11, 2010

#11 austo

ok..just purchased wb600..was disapointed in most shots..too vivid out doors..too dark indoors..more so in low light..guess im comparing the picture quality to my older cannon ixus 28 wide angle that produced fantastic shot..maybe i will return it..wb600 has great features but lacks picture quality..and quality shots are the bottom line in buying any camera ....right?.. o i had a samsung 1.3mp mobile phone that took much better photos..true..

5:32 pm - Monday, June 28, 2010

#12 austo

maybe i just bought a “dud”( a faulty camera) of this camera seem to be all over the place…can someone tell me if the dual image stabilization is allways on, as im confused as to why there is a mode to activate it..tks

5:41 pm - Monday, June 28, 2010

#13 K. Gopinathan

I am a proffessional Photographer Using Professiol SLR all along my life for 37 years.I bought this wb600 camera for my daughter after going through many reviews and assesments. Good looking, good features. when I used the camera for just half an hour the body of the camera got heated up. Why? Is there a defect in the manufacting or its the same for all such cameras I wonder.

3:15 pm - Tuesday, June 29, 2010

#14 Hemant

Hi All,

I’ve been looking around on the web for a compact digital camera.
One that’s good to use for taking family pictures & good quality videos(preferably HD-720p), esp. of my 6 month old daughter, and also for occasional holiday trips.

I’m willing to spend INR 12 - 15k($200-$300).

I need one that’s got (In order of importance)
1) Good - Excellent picture quality.
2) Great HD video quality- with zoom & Stereo audio.
3) Does good in low light - For a compact digital camera.
4) Long optical zoom - 8x minimum.
5) Should support SD/SDHC (maybe SDXC too)
6) Some sort of panorama feature.(Not one of my top priorities, though )

I’m really not too bothered about GPS features.

I’m still open, but so far I’ve narrowed it down to the
and others available in this price range, with desired features.

I’d like one which has decent warranty too.
Sony offers 3 yr warranty in India.

Which camera would you recommend? Thank you.

7:56 am - Thursday, July 8, 2010

#15 BLB

I owned a WB600 for about 36 hours. Image quality was bad at ISO 80 and by the time it got to 400 it was simply abysmal. Shadow noise, obvious noise reduction smearing and compression artefacts at ISO 80? No thanks. I have a 35 dollar Digital Concepts camera I bought as a lark that makes better photos than the WB600.

12:53 am - Sunday, July 11, 2010

#16 Richard

To all the guys who criticize this camera so easily, you obviously haven’t put much effort in trying to make it work! bad image quality at ISO 80? Yeah right…. Iv’e taken thousands of pictures with this camera and am very pleased with its performance. With this camera I’ve taken pictures that are 100% sharp and are comparable with pro photographers cameras to be honest. If you want the best compact image quality wise get the Lumix TZ10/TZ7. If you want the best compact which is good in low light get the Sony DSC-HX5. If you want the best super zoom not so compact, get the Lumix FZ38, and If you don’t mind so much about size and want close to dsl performance get the Fuji Finepix S200EXR! contact me for advice: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) I have also got GOOD sample pictures for the WB600

11:37 am - Friday, July 23, 2010

#17 Ed Tret

I have to agree with Richard even though I have owned the camera for less than 24 hours at the time I was writing this review. I in fact bought Olympus SP-800UZ from the beginning and tried it out for a few days. I was very very disappointed with picture and video quality although I am very impressed with its zoom power (30x). The disappointment brought me to look for another camera which doesn’t have much less zoom power and must have really really good picture quality. I ran into this Samsung camera with a a lot of skepticism at the beginning - Samsung is really a photo company like Kodak, Cannon, etc. Luckily the store I got the camera from has pretty good return policy so I wasn’t hesitating to just buy it for trying it out. After shooting almost 200 pics and 15 videos in 2 hours, I was totally sold. This is a GREAT GREAT camera I have been looking for. The picture quality, usability, controls, etc. are just SUPERB for me. I’m in fact very surprised that they are selling it at relatively very cheap price while the camera can deliver STUNNING professionally-looking quality of pictures and videos. I showed the pictures taken by this camera and compare them side by side with those taken by 800UZ. Both my wife and I instantly came to the conclusion that we would immediately return 800UZ.

I have no reservation recommending this WB600 camera.

8:04 am - Sunday, July 25, 2010

#18 BLB

I stand by what I said. Perhaps I had a very bad copy, but the iq of the WB600 was simply bad. Sharpness was fine, exposure was fine, but the noise, and in particular the detail smearing totally turned me off this camera. The WB600 sells for 300 dollars on sale here in Canada, and for that kind of money, I expected a lot better.

12:08 am - Wednesday, July 28, 2010

#19 idxhot

Anybody considering to buy a similar camera should consider the “travel zoom” group test of dpreview, although the test is for WB650. Interestingly the reviewers have taken serious offense to the GPS problems of the 650 yet declared it as the joint winner. If only they had tested the 600. The strength of WB600 is its wide capabilities and the value for money. The important thing is to identify your exact requirements. I wanted a camera with a good zoom, manual controls and low price. Was considering the cannon sx120i but got this at a price of Rs. 300 ($6.46) lower.

6:20 am - Saturday, July 31, 2010

#20 Mel

I bought my WB 600 about a week ago and have taken a variety of shots.So far I am quite pleased with it’s performance and results.I realize that for the best results,some editing should be done.This is the case for nearly all cameras…digitals to SLR’s.

I had a ZS-1 and liked it as well.The WB 600 performs as well as the Panasonic.I also owned a Fuji F 70EXR,but found it to have a very steep learning curve…and EXR with DR,HR,and Low Noise settings..a sales gimmick.You will have a hard time convincing me that using half the MP rating will improve the DR.I couldn’t see it.

Sacrificing memory card space and using max resolution and the super fine setting is your best bet for quality results.Use a 2 or 4 GB memory card if you are worried about space.

You can’t compare the WB 600 with SLR’s and DSLR’s then complain that picture quality is not up to par.

Some folks are just not happy unless they can find something to complain about.With the WB 600…no complaints…it seems to be a solid performer.At least an 8/10 in my books.

9:51 pm - Monday, August 16, 2010

#21 Rupam

Hi all,
I’m going to buy a compact travel zoom camera soon. after much research over the web for last fortnight I have short listed 4 models. Sony H55, Samsung WB600, Canon SX210IS and Lumix FZ35(FZ 38 in europe).
Pricing is not not a big issue, all 4 costs almost same.
I’m basically a holiday amateur photographer with vary little knowledge. My priorities are:
1. wide angle (samsung and sony offers better option).
2. moderate zoom (sony is little lesser among 4)
3. good auto settings (but manual control is necessary as I would like to get some expertise).
4. good photograph in different light conditions.
5. a good battery performance.

considering all these kindly advice me out of those 4 which one I should buy?

7:46 pm - Wednesday, September 1, 2010

#22 isabel

well is this one bettwer than kodak z980? z981? where can i see sample pics indoors? thanks a lot

8:13 pm - Wednesday, September 1, 2010

#23 Vashchuk Gennadiy

Dear friends. Where photo quality is better on wb600 or on sx200? if second is to pay such money for it or better to watch something else?

7:41 am - Thursday, September 16, 2010

#24 Sleepy and Confused

Am I to tired, or is it just my imagination?...
But does the Pansaonic TZ8/ZS5 in the sample pics seam to take much more soft focus/blurry/out of focus picture All Around the Edges of the sample pictures. than the Samsung WB600/HZ3OW Does???

Which camera will actually produce Better pictures/PRINTS?

11/16” or bigger/smaller…  I was going to buy the Panasonic ZS6 (from Costco)  over the Samsung HZ30w/WB600 but now I’m not sure.

Which in the real world is the better camera?

Any Thoughts on comparing their picture printing quality to the Canon. SX130 IS, or the Fuji S2800 or S1800? 

Beyond picture producing quality. are any of these cameras less reliable then the others?

I kept Reading how the Panasonic is supposed to be Noticeably Better than the Samsung, But looking at the pictures now. I’m not so sure.

I want to take and print good,(great ;-) ) outdoor scenery pics in a Wide Range of Lighting Conditions.  I like macro too, and I want the ZOOM ( AROUND 300mm Equivalent?) and wide angle to.  Outdoor “scenery/life” shots are the most important.  sure good indoor shots and video would be nice too.

The closer I study these things. the more confused I get…  Definitely need sleep, and not the computer.

Thank you for your assistance.

11:50 am - Tuesday, November 9, 2010

#25 Keith Preston

I am looking at the WB600 to replace my Panasonic TZ7.  Why?  Because the LCD screen on the TZ7 has is faulty and can fail at any time.  My failed after 14 months, and Panasonic are simply not interested (do not even reply). Not just me, there are numerous cases on the web with the same fault, all ignored by Panasonic.  As far as I can tell, the new TZ10 has the same screen, so beware any of the Panasonic cameras.

9:39 pm - Tuesday, November 9, 2010

#26 Tired

Hmm I don’t know what to say about that.  I have to try and convert TZ to ZS here in the U.S.A.
I am not sure what the TZ7 is here> the ZS5 here, I think is called a TZ8 where you are?  the ZS5 has a 2.7’ 270k dot LCD screen. the ZS6 has pretty much the same photo video features/guts as the ZS5 but it appears to be in the same chassis and the same 3” 460k dot LCD screen as the ZS7. Which sounds like a completely different and better screen.  The ZS6 does not global positioning, and some video feature, and a couple other minor things of the ZS7.  So I am not sure how the ZS6 Screen here, will compare to the TZ7 screen there.  You’d think they could just decide on one name for the “same” camera” maybe there is some difference in video transfer like with DVD’s? You seem to get higher Numbers for the “same model” . Yours must weigh more. ;-)

The Samsung does list the same size screen as the Panasonic ZS6 But I’m not sure if it has as many “Dots” it may only be 230 instead of 460?  It’s printable picture quality that concerns me. well that and reliability and being able to see the screen in bright sunlight.  Wide range of reviews and comments on the Samsung,( maybe some Consistency/reliability issues?)  I see people loving them.. not liking them at all.. saying they are great. saying they are Mediocre compared to the panasonic ZS6.  Who knows.  some people just look at a picture on the screen, of a puppy in the grass, or make a 4"x6” print of it. they don’t really have much in the picture, and never blow it up… so they think its a great picture.  I don’t know. I am still confused and frustrated.

Good luck to You!

2:20 am - Wednesday, November 10, 2010

#27 Melissa

I’m really considering purchasing this camera as the specs are absolutely amazing on this camera.  However, I received a bad review about picture quality on the Samsung L77 and are continuing to receive mixed reviews about this camera.

Does this camera work well for concerts in both video and picture mode?  My concert experience ranegs from last row seats to first row standing. If this camera does not cut it, what would you suggest? (Current Price Range (refurbished) $155 US)

7:39 am - Friday, November 19, 2010

#28 Amy

I’m with Keith on the anger over the TZ7 screen, mine broke only the 2nd time I used it, I had it repaired under warranty only for it to break slightly a couple of months later, and fully about a month after that. I also found the picture quality a bit shoddy to be honest.
I have good knowledge on how to use manual modes to get the best pictures, but some of the comments on the noise from this camera are putting me off. Is this just when people are unsure on how to use it properly, or is it really an issue?
I also like to take photos/videos at concerts (rock mostly) will this camera cope with this (regarding low light)?

9:27 pm - Wednesday, November 24, 2010

#29 Russian

????? ?? ??? ??? ?????????! ??? ?????!

8:06 pm - Wednesday, December 8, 2010

#30 Qamar Khan

Hi Friends, I am going to purchase a digital camera on this Saturday or sunday, i have to buy either Samsung WB600 or Canon SX210IS. But I am really confused which could be a best option for me, as i believe in Canon because it is one of the best camera manufacturer in the world and Samsung is giving best digital equipments.

Please please please .... give me an expert advice

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

8:33 pm - Friday, December 10, 2010

#31 Frustrated too!

I may not be an “Expert” but I am currently comparing the the samsung wb600/hz30w to the Canon SX130 IS and THE PANASONIC ZS6.
The Pansasonic ZS6 is Basically a TZ8 with maybe an extra button. And Maybe one function different.  But is does have the Better 460dot 3” LCD screen of the “TZ10”? instead of the TZ8 (smaller?)  230dot LCD screen.
( I was considering the Fuji S1800/s2800 but did not pic it up do to its size.  But I may go check it out it because these cameras are not really “blowing me away” with their picture quality, compared to the camera I want to replace. and old Kodak Z760.)

At this moment I have all the cameras sitting on my desk and I want to go out later and take some “high contrast” picture and see how they fare.  And possible some more indoor shots.  I am currently leaning towards the panasonic ZS6 and the Canon SX130 is.
The samsung hb600 Does have Noticiably more “noise/grain” on indoor photos (or did they all have more noise/grain than the old kodak) when viewed on the computer screen at “full size”
The reviews where people say it has no noise are probably people that are just looking at the screen on the back of the camera, which does Not tell you much.  or they are just Not looking closely at the shot, probably a quick glance on a computer screen. or digital picture frame.  But Definitely on indoor shots, when viewed on your computer “full size” Their it is unmistakable, An I am afraid that noise will show up when I Enlarge my prints.
And It appears it may also have more noise then the others in the Shadows on outdoor pics.  I hope to know later on today.
I don’t know if I will waist time getting the Fuji “toy SLR” to check out or not.  ( I think they all May have more noise than my old camera??)

Quickly I Have noticed that the Samsung will NOT Remember that you have selected “force flash Off” when you turn the camera off an on.
As you may or may not know, all of these point and shoot digital cameras are manufactured to “take the lazy way” out when it comes to dealing with light.
They will automatically set of the flash to go off and or raise the ISO.  Instead of dealing with aperture size or exposure time.
Usually resulting in Grainier/noisier and “washed out” pictures where everything up front and center is glowing bright and possible washed out.  and the sides and background are all in dark and off color, or just “not there” at all.
Or with landscapes it goes off and wastes the battery. sometimes affecting exposure setting and picture results, and making you retake the picture.  Wasting battery, and your time, and possibly the shot.
Or just wasting the batter on scenery shots.  it also can mess up scenery shots say if a branch or something is up front in the shot, it will be “GLOWING” and the rest of the shot “darker”  Sometimes a fun Effect but not normally wanted.  it is Often, (USUALLY when taking scenic shots) better to force the Flash Off , limit the ISO range and hold the camera still, and make it adjust the aperture and exposure time to take a good pic.
I noticed the Samsung not remember to leave the flash of when restarting the camera, forcing me to take the “same shot” twice and drain my battery deleting the first flash shot. and wast more time and battery life retaking the shot.  VERY ANNOYING.

With Panasonic you can force the flash off , and it will remember to stay off when you restart the camera.
With the Canon it has a flip up flash that you need to raise up to get the flash to go off. which is nice. and raises the flash up higher with I believe helps to naturally eliminate red eye effect”  you just have to remember to leave it flipped up when taking party shots indoors.

The Canon also does have the ability to set the Flash ” Intensity”  to 3 different levels. Which is something to consider.
I am thinking that the Canon may lean to a definite “Amber Wash”  to the pictures making thinks look more golden. and warm. ( and MAYBE a little to yellow of skin tone? ...

The panasonic seems as though it might have a bit of a cooler “blueish wash” to it…
I am going to check and make sure the white balance.  is set to Automatic on all the cameras.
I am taking all the test shots in Auto mode, to be “fair”  And since that is probably where most of the shots will be taken.
Also because I do not have anymore time to waste doing this, it is already taking forever.  And it would be endless If I tried taking shots on all the cameras.  Under all “setting modes” .
The pansasonic and the samsung bodies are simular. the samsung maybe be 3/16 wider, longer, and thicker,  And heavier.  Both are pocket able. the pansaonic being easier and lighter to get in any pocket.  they bother are basically boring play rectangles. the Samsung has a slighty easier 1 hand grip. the panasonic lighter and an alright grip.

the Samsungs Top mounted selector nob does not have much resistance. and it can more easily, ( and does) get changed when handling or removing from a pocket.  Can result in you taking a bad pic.
Then Panasonics nob has more resistance (nicer) and is less likely to be changed in handling.
The Canons nob has a much more decisive click and the way it is mounted it much less likely to accidentally get changed in handling, than either of the other 2.

The canon is bigger and heavier then other two. its looks more like a “real camera”  it has the best “one handed shot Grip” of them all.  its chrome accent is also is raised and provides something for you fingernails/fingertips to grip.
It is easier for “man hands to handle”  And the way it is designed it is the least likely for you to accidentally block the flash or the mics, or the focus light .  You almost would have to Try to block those things.  But it is heavier and bigger.  It is only going to slip in to “big pockets”.  Or cargo pants/shorts pockets.  or the Belt camera case.  not really in your shirt pocket, or semi tight pants.

Both the samsung and the conon on have 3” 230 dot L.C.D. screens.  Where the pansasnic ZS6 is 460 dots.  I think the ZS6 May only be available at “Costco”?  All 3 of the cameras screens seem to have “Adequate” function in the sun.  May need one hand to shade them when very bright direct sunlight is on the screen.
NON OF THE CAMERAS HAVE AN EYE PIECE VIEW FINDER. All Cameras costing $150 and up should!
They also do not have operators manuals.  The “manual for the Samsung is only “good for making sure how to charge the battery” The others are good for Little more.  the canon might have been the best, but still pretty USELESS.  the put the instructions on CD now to save a buck.  Then pretend like its to be “green” but it is just to save them money.  The discs are annoying to use, and Impossible to use if your not sitting next to a camera.

Perhaps we should boycott buying cameras until they put an Eye view finder on the cameras, and At Least a Proper Operators Manual.

The Samsung has 15x zoom starting at “24mm”
The Panasonic has 12x zoom starting at “25mm”
The Canon has 12x zoom starting at “28mm”
I think all of the lens Ranges will be good to take out hiking for scenic pics…
They All have “to many mega pixels” on to small of sensors.

They all are much smaller and lighter than my old 35mm film point and shoot camera I used to take backpacking.

Unfortunately I don’t think any of them,( or any digital point and shoot camera) will take as good of a picture as my old point and shoot Film camera will.
OH and I would Not say that samsung has the best digital equipment. POSSIBLY the best deals though.  ;-)

Good luck.

I need to get to Testing!

12:07 am - Saturday, December 11, 2010

#32 Frustrated

OH, and strangely I did Not notice the Samsung “noise/graininess” (or any brands?) so much on the pictures I viewed on “these sites”.  It was Obvious on the pictures I took myself and loaded onto my computer.  And viewed them “full size” ...

12:12 am - Saturday, December 11, 2010

#33 Frustrated

Yep I just proof read After posting. Plenty of typos. but you should get the gist of it.
and sit next to your computer not your camera :-))


12:24 am - Saturday, December 11, 2010

#34 Paying Atention

I have just spent some serious time testing/comparing 4 cameras side by side. the 2 at the “top” ending up being the Panasonic ZS6/zs5 and the Canon SX 130 is. 

( the other 2 cameras I looked at are the Samsung HZ30 W/WB600 and the Fuji S1800.  Samsung, more noise.  “Better over all color balance??  To much noise if you blow pictures up.  But Price, and best setting and features.  It does not remember that you have forced the flash off. when you turn the camera back on.  Then Fuji, took the Worst indoor shots! Dead Color and Noise.  Outdoors good color?, Good focus in the center of the pictures, But focus gets soft as you leave the center of the shot.  It also will often focus on something to the Side of what you are trying to take a picture of, if it is in front of the subject.  Instead of focusing on what you want.  I Dismissed the Fuji. the Samsung might be good for smaller prints, you can see the noise more and sometimes not quite as good of focus as the Panasonic and the Canon.  But still usable, and probably the best control of all settings. and the most “toy settings features” If you don’t want to blow up and frame your shots.  I Probably a good camera to play with.  I picked it up for only $149.  It also has the most zoom 24mm with 15X optical.  But If you doing that once in a life time trip down the grand canyon, or that “perfect shot” that you want to blow up and frame… do you want to risk it being on the Samsung… Samsung was also Slower than the Canon or Panasonic to start up and take a picture.  If your not that picky about start up time. And only print 4“x6“ pictures for photo albums, then Samsung might be the camera to bye. Great price. Lots of zoom 15x optical, Good color.  Lots of Control and Setting/features to play with.  I sadly have dismissed the Samsung and the Fuji for myself.)

As far as the quality of the shots for the “finalists” the Canon and The Panasonic go…
The Canon 130 clearly produced the Best Sunset shots. More Pure , clean, higher chroma blue” sky “More colors” better transition from colors/shading, Sunset) And Somewhat “better overall color” particularly with the “warmer colors.  (late afternoon/almost sunset shot have a strong Golden Hue to the light though, can be nice, but a bit “stronger than it is in real life“? )
The Panasonic produces “dirty blue (brown blue or grey blue?  Particularly at Sunset ) skies. less color/ limited color. and poorer “color shading and transition”, and sometimes? often? “usually”?over exposed as it gets “closer to the sun, during sunset”.

  When you look at the “tone” of the picture produced by the Panasonic it seems colder and a bit more lifeless than the canon. A bit of a “bluish wash”? to the picture. say by a” half step or a step” Then canon appears to have a Golden warm wash to the pictures, say by 2 “steps”? The Canon will produce Much Better color for sunsets, and possibly more pleasing pictures printed straight from the camera. But the Panasonic may be More Accurate with Color.( Except with Sunsets) Just a little “cold” And have “better contrast”.

So Canon 130 Much better sunsets. Warmer over all picture. But Panasonic ZS6/5 More accurate color? With “regular scenic pictures, NOT Sunsets, leaning towards “cool blue” and when you click on view full size on the computer, the Panasonic Had Clearer Sharper focus. and in the daylight. often “finer/better”? noise control.  The canon never seemed to be able to lock in on that final focus, I mean Never.  Obvious when viewed “full size” THE Canons focus was always “Soft/and not quite in “Final” sharp focus”, when viewed Full Size. And its screen goes, a bit grainy indoors at night while Shooting. and while testing I used like 6 sets of new alkaline batteries. Canon says that is should take 130 shots with Alkaline. I could only get 40 shots out of a set of batteries. I asked Canon about the grainy screen indoors, when shooting,  and the Not quite being able to “finish focusing” and the batteries only getting 40 shots instead of 130, to see if it was a defective camera. there answer was to tell me not to use digital zoom, (duh!) and to take the batteries out and reset camera. took the batteries out longer than they said. and it all had no affect on the focus ( or settings)  results. And when addressing the shortcomings with the batteries, they would not answer my questions, they just told me “lithium ion” batteries would get 330 shots. Nice misdirection and Not answering my questions. and Kind of Meaningless when they already told me the alkaline would get 130 shots. Very Lame and Annoying. Does that mean the “lithium ion batteries will on get 100 shots? ... When It comes down to the bodies of the cameras. the Panasonic is the smallest and lightest. it has all the style of an old candy tin or cough drop tin painted black.  Not much to hold on to, and you have to remember not to block the flash.. or the mics.  or the focus assist light, etc. the Canon looks more like a “real camera”, and weighs more. It will Not fit in your shirt pocket. maybe your pants pocket.  ( it fit in mine.  Get a belt case with closed cell foam padding and put it in there anyway.)  But the Canon is the easiest to hold on to, it has a more raised pronounced chrome decoration/grip on the front, and some “notches on the back for your thumb , and it is easier to work, especially for “man hands” and the “selection wheel on top it less like to get changed accidentally. and the way it is designed. you naturally do NOT block the flash, the mics, and the focus assist lame. You would pretty much have to Try to interfere with those things while taking a picture. its screen is also adequate for outdoor shots in the sun. I just hope they don’t dim/fade after use. We Really should Demand “eye view finders” on cameras costing $140 and up. Maybe we should just stop buying them until they do that, that and demand that they provide USEFUL, PRINTED operators manuals. a CD is Worthless “out in the field” canons manual is Slight better than Pansasonics, still…. Worthless.  The canon Being bigger and heavier is a Relative description though.. Compared to my old Pentax point and shoot IQ90-WR Film camera that I carried all over the place, hiking and back packing, the canon is about “half the size”, and weight. Or even less than half the weight?.  It is also more stable if you want to set the camera on something, set the timer, and step pack to get in the picture.  The lens train also extends out from the body on the Bottom of the camera, making it more stable when set on something.  The Pansasonic is thinner and its lens train bulges out on the side instead, it is More wobbly and like to fall over when setting/balancing it on something.
The Canon also has the manual flip up flash. I like this. I don’t know why many people don’t. the flash will often/usual go off on Cameras, when “not needed” (setting off flash, and raising ISO is the “easy/lazy way out of dealing with dimmer light.) and “mess up the pictures” On the canon, if you don’t flip up the flash, it will not go off on you. You just have to remember to put it up at night or indoors and leave it up for low light shooting Where it is Actually Needed.. You don’t have to worry about the flash going off when you don’t want it to. and the flip up flash raises the flash up above the lens train, minimizing shadow, and red eye.

Although at least on the Panasonic if you “force off the flash” it will remember to keep the flash off when you turn off and on the camera. But just by looking at the camera body you can not tell if the flash is on, or off. ( the Samsung hz30 W will Not remember if you forced of the flash, when you turn it off and on. very annoying. and an noisier/grainier camera. But the Samsung has the best “features/settings and price, and “over all color balance”? though. But not in the running with its noise level showing up more when you blow up your pictures)
Strangely at twilight. the Panasonic ends up with better color range, )In auto or ISO set also?) But Much More noise than usual, and noticably more noise than the canon at twilight. Some how they switch at twilight/Low light. The canons noise was Better, but then its “color range” range ( and contrast?) Went Dead.

The canon also uses Common AA batteries and hook up cable” which is nice. the Panasonic, “Proprietary”
Believe it or not I am leaning towards the Panasonic for it Sharper/ Clearer focus on landscapes,(and everything) and its better Contrast. I am hoping I will not regret losing the canons Clearly “superior sunset picture quality”. For the clearer focus. And “better contrast of the Panasonic. And sometimes that “golden wash” of the canon MAY be a bit much. The Canon “gold wash” also sometimes makes shots of people look really “ tan” as In .. “ I didn’t know you were Indian” or a kind of Jaundiced looking yellow. 
Or the Cool blue white wash of cameras can often make people look a bit unhealthy/dead.  Hopefully I will be better with the less heavy “blue wash” of the Panasonic?

  I also just when taking last shots. I saw somebody with their dog and I put the canons “wheel” on kids/pets later I looked at that shot.. Awful! Blurry! and Noisy? .. And then their is canons whole lack of support on the questions of battery, lack of focus, and screen. My questions were Not Properly addressed. Oh and it might be nice to be able to put the Panasonic in the shirt pocket at a party or something. Although the Canon handles “easier/better” And really is not big or heavy compared to my old film point and shoot camera that did Not even have a 1/4 or a fifth of the zoom of the Canon.

the Panasonic has   a Wider zoom lens that takes a somewhat Noticably wider picture. 25mm equiv. for Panasonic 28 MM equiv. for Canon.  The Canon will zoom in tighter… I’m thinking the extra wideness will be more useful then the extra zoom…?

To bad none of these Digital point and shoots will take as good of a picture as my old, less expensive, film point and shoot camera.

For some Annoying reason the Canon has the most Limited “pictures size/format” settings.  your are limited on the “4:3 or 3:2 or 16:9 setting”  options, and the mega pixel settings… for example if you want to take a 16:9 picture to see on your plasma screen TV. You have to take it only in 10MP size, and eat up your memory space on Everything.  when the TV Can’t even show 2MP or detail.
  So, Panasonic, a Little bit cold/blue, Sharper pictures better contrast, smaller and lighter, but more “difficult” to handle. Canon can’t quite finish focusing/soft. (at full size) Overly warm? (“more off/increase on “golden warmness”, than Panasonic is on “cool blueness” But Canon takes Superior Sunsets! ( and that’s probably it for its superior shot taking ability?) “Bigger and heavier” but “easier to handle, less likely to block things or accidentally change the Canons settings. And it has a flip up flash. ( Panasonics wheel is “not that bad” at accidentally changing, although it may have been getting easier with use…,
Samsungs unintentionally changes wheel settings noticeably easier)

but what is with that battery life on the Canon? Well I stayed up Way to Late, and I’m tired and forgetting stuff.  I am going to bed. I spent allot of time and energy checking out, testing and comparing these cameras. hope that was helpful information. And honestly, I am kind of let down with the new digital cameras. my 5 or 6 year old 6MP Kodak camera will take much better indoor pictures with Noticeably Less noise/“smudging” and Better Color than these 2 (4) new “better” cameras.

Frustrating! I am not sure with what new camera I will end up getting. My Kodak apparently just quit today. Dang I Need Sleep! Good Luck!

It is kind of a tough choice between the Canon and the Panasonic…As I may have already said, as of today… I am leaning towards the Panasonic as my next camera.  If the Canon Could “finish focusing” and get a good , clear, Sharp focus like the Panasonic… I would probably get the Canon for $179.99 (on sale) instead of the Panasonic that will cost me $219.00 at the moment. ( who knows maybe the Canon I had was Defective, but no help from Canon on that question.)
When it comes to “consistent photo quality“  It Really seems to be hit or miss with these digital cameras
.  Just More hit or miss with some than others.

OH and if you decide on the Panasonic “ZS5” , the “ZS6” can be found for about the same price as the ZS5. It is primarily a ZS5 with Possibly an extra button on the back, and Maybe A couple of Minor technical differences? or not… The Primary difference being the ZS6 Does have the bigger?
And Better 3” LCD screen of the ZS7 with “460k dots instead of the 230k dots of the ZS5.
And it is not to hard to find the Canon SX130is for around $180 in “real live stores”.

STRANGE MEMORY NOTE THOUGH…  I took the shots on finest settings and the 12 MP setting.  the Canon SX130is shots usually came out to be 2.something MB (ie 2.8MB 2.4MB etc.)  While the Panasonic ZS6/zs5 would be 5.3 MB etc.  The Panasonic‘s “5.3 MB“ seemed more appropriate,  since my 6MP Kodak shots come out to be around 3.2MB.  I’m wonder how Doubling the MP on the canon is ending up taking up Less memory space, than the 6.1MP Kodak, and about half the memory space of the Panasonic, with the same settings(fine & 12MP)  Is there not enough Info on the Canon shots to blow them up well.  the Canon 2.8MB seemed very strange compared to the Panasonic 5.3MB for the “same shots”?.....
Does anybody Know anything about that?

3:23 am - Wednesday, January 5, 2011

#35 Isaac

I’m a novice at digital cameras but i needed one so i went looking for a cheap compact camera. I found this WB600 at 139 euros in pixmania, wonderful price, good buy.
The camera is much more then i expected, it has many functions, good hd videos. But i feel i cant trust the automode so it will take some time to learn and take the perfect pictures.

3:00 am - Thursday, January 20, 2011

#36 heh

IMHO comments from “austo” are comments from person who has not RTFM….

? ?? ?????? “???????” ??? ?????? ? ?????

9:16 am - Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#37 kentish

Hi, there is an important stuff i want to know about the Samsung WB600, does it take panorama photos? Would anyone help!!

2:05 pm - Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#38 Richard Kleinjans

No it does not do Panoramas unfortunately, however you can take photos side by side and use a stitching program to create a panorama on the computer.

4:15 pm - Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#39 Paying Attention

The Samsung, had a lot of Functional Settings, and a lot of ‘toy fun” settings.  But I do not remember if it had and “Official Panoramic” setting.
Of all of the “high zoom” point and shoots cameras I looked at it did have the Widest “natural lens” range/“setting”  I believe it has a 24MM wide “equivalent” Lens.  That and a setting for a 16/9 display setting to Fill the Wide Screen hi def plasma/LCD TV screens.  should be able to produce a pretty wide picture. 

I did not keep the camera because it appears to have some Issues with having even more Noise/“Graininess” and other problems when compared to its competition.  It also will not remember that you selected the flash Not to fire, when you turn it off, and then back on.  The flash will come back on in auto and fire. Very Annoying to me.
But dang last December you could pick it up in real live stores for only $149.99.  I wish its picture quality had been up to par with canon and panasonic.  I spent weeks comparing the Samsung, Canon sx130 is, the panasonic ZS6/“zs5 and the fuji S1800 to each other and an old kodak Z760. 
I honestly was not Impressed like I should have been when comparing the new cameras to my old MP camera, like I Should have been.  The problem probably is from trying to jam to many pixels on to the same Small sized sensor.  They really probably should not put more than 8MP or 8.something MP on those sensors.  And they really need to put the eye pieces back on the cameras. that and a proper printed owners manual.  The CD is No help when your hiking out in nature trying to test out and figure out your new camera.
I found it to be a tough choice between the Panasonic and the Canon for being the camera to buy.  but some price issues are narrowing the choice.  Pansasonic takes clearer better focused shots when you look at them full size on a computer screen.  Then canon takes “warmer” looking shots.  The Pansanic maybe a little bit cold looking shots, but not as “off balance to the “cold"side. as the canon is to the warm side?
But the Canon takes NOTICIABLY Better sunsets shots than the others.  Cleaner more pure Blue skies.  more gradiation of colors Say Red, orange and yellow…  the pansonic might only show orange and yellow. and be over exposed down by the sun, and white.  other than that , it probably takes better shots of everything else.  if you don’t mind a possible slightly “blue cool wash” to the shots. compared to a Warm golden wash to the canon shots.  Canon is probably heavier on the “warm wash” than the panasonic is on the “cool wash”..
Yep I’ve blown off the Samsung.  Dang it is such a good deal, based on cost only!

9:57 am - Thursday, January 27, 2011

#40 Ben

Count me in as another one who is disappointed with the WB600. The features look great on paper, and static landscape type shots are pretty good. However, as a parent of 3 young boys, I’ve had no luck taking shots of the kids on the move. No matter what settings I try. The camera is also a little slow on taking a shot, even with the half-press focus. It’s shot to shot time isn’t great either. It certainly is a good camera for the price, but you need to be aware of the limitations before you settle on it.

2:17 am - Sunday, January 30, 2011

#41 dlf

A lot of mixed reviews here . Something that everyone here needs to remember ( or be informed of ) is, a compact camera can not and will not take the same quality of picture that a DSLR camera is capable of taking. Straight truth , no sugar coating, no exceptions period . Seems a lot of you are looking for that type of performance in this class of camera . While there are good ones (WB600\hz30w being one of them) and bad ones (all of them in the wrong hands) don’t forget they are ‘ALL’ designed basically for one purpose, recording ‘SNAPSHOTS’.
Sure the features vary as does implimentation of technology (sensor type and construction) even the glass (lens) plays a part in the overall quality or lack of quality of the images that they produce . I have been into photography since the days of film ( and processing your own film as a hobby) . I am amazed by them all. To think that something sized between a credit card and a pack of smokes can even take a picture is quite a feat . I am starting to ramble - what I am trying to say is , don’t rely on the comments of others when it comes to ‘SNAPSHOTS’ - and if overall quality is what you are looking for , save your money and buy an entry level DSLR , even a used DSLR rewards you with better image quality than even the best compacts are capable of (they don’t tell you that). How many of you complaining about the W600 know how to use it in manual mode ? how many of you know it has manual mode ? Who knows what manual mode is ?  A lot of you putting this camera down have more than likely not even strayed from the AUTO or PROGRAM modes . This camera does rather well ‘IF’ you take the time to learn how to use it . It is not upto the quality of my semi-pro , or pro DSLR’S, but it isn’t that bad . And quit judging your images by what you are seeing on your flatpanels . Get some images processed at a camera shop before you pass judgement on a camera.
No image from ANY camera is perfect when viewed on a monitor . The technology to give us a print at the quality of a computer monitor does not exist .... yet. And the quality of your camera’s sensor is no where near the quality of your flatpanel either. And don’t base your judgement on an image that someone posts in a review either .  A lot of cameras have been sold based on ‘PHOTOSHOP’ tweaked images .

The preceeding ramble was not posted to belittle, or anger anyone ............ just my 3 cents ...... pick your camera ..... learn to use it .... and start shooting !!!!

5:10 am - Thursday, February 3, 2011

#42 Glen

ok,I have read most of the comments here and just wanted to add my bit. I have no issues with this camera. I got it because it fits in my pocket, has great zoom and I can bring it to sporting events that prohibit the use of my DSLR. The camera serves its purpose well and I have no trouble taking great shots with it. Of course I prefer my Canon but this camera does all I expect it to. Plenty of features, bells and whistles and if you take the time to know the camera and experiment with the settings, you too will be able to take great shots. I am not going to post specs or technical data, I am just saying that its a great little camera and if you have the cranial capacity to figure things out (and its not that difficult), you will enjoy using it.

3:40 am - Friday, February 4, 2011

#43 Richard

I would just like to say to all the complainers of this camera, It depends totally on your photographic skills and ability how much you get out of the camera, if the photographer is no good, it doesn’t matter how great or expensive camera you buy. If you are getting poor performance, judge your skills rather than the camera. Only a bad workman blames his tools. I have got some excellent photos out of this camera by building on the strengths of the camera instead of complaining about it’s weaknesses.

8:50 pm - Friday, February 11, 2011

#44 Paying attention

I agree.  If you are Not getting paid to promote a camera that does not perform,  or produce as good of pictures, or operate as well as its Competition.
Don’t buy it, so you don’t have to “complain about it”  Just Blow It Off.  And get the better competing model.  That’s What I did.  I blew off the Cheaper :-) ,  but unfortunately inferior :-(  Samsung.  Take a look at Pansasonics competing model.  And Canon’s competing model I believe it is a SX or XS 130is.  :-)  Not the 110is or 120is. (although they may produce better results than the samsung, then 130 IS BETTER than the 110 and 120) Enjoy.  If a camera can’t focus as fast, as clearly or produce as good of results as its competition can, under the “same settings”. and is almost always “noiser/grainer…  Why screw around with it.  :-) Good Luck.

8:09 am - Sunday, February 13, 2011

#45 Richard Kleinjans

I definitely should be getting paid by Samsung :P

8:46 pm - Monday, February 14, 2011

#46 Nick (Romania)

Salve, oameni buni !
Hi, everybody !

I am from Romania and I have a big problem with reviewv of WB650 or WB600 - no one says that this camera’s don’t have the posibilities to take photo in panorama. This is incredible and intolerable for Samsung because on the market is plenty of compact camera, much-much cheapier, but who offer Panorama Mode. Dont’t you think ???
On the other hand, I appreciate on WB 650/600 the Mode A-S-M, wich don’t exist on Sony DSC-HX 5v or 7v. I want to buy one compact camera with good burst mode, panorama, A-S-M and an onorable zoom, maximum 300 euro and I am in a very big problem because I don’t know wich is better. I can’t decide between Canon SX-210IS and Sony HX-5v (this don’t have A-S-M, but have are an unique Sweep Panorama), or Fuji S3400 and Panasonic FZ38. Anyone can help me ?...

8:49 am - Monday, August 15, 2011

#47 paying attention. Sometimes ;-)

I don’t know, I chose not to keep the samsung. (some of the other cameras in the price range Operated Faster, and had some better picture quality.) 

But the samsung did have good control over everything, and some nice “toy Settings” 

And It does have a Wide Angle lens .  Which pretty much is “panoramic” If I remember it was something like a 24MM wide Equivalent lens…

I and you have to watch out for those “panoramic settings”  Some cameras just narrow down the “field of exposure” and those “pan & scan” Stitch together things will OFTEN/Always?  Lower the mega pixels.  And the end affect can just be annoying and confusing.  Especially 360 degree scans, Just confusing trying to figure out what your are looking at.  Although can be just good plain fun If you are Trying to Confuse people.  :-) “24MM” lenses should give you a pretty satisfying “panoramic” picture…  Very Wide for a point and shoot camera.  And I am surprised that it does not have a panoramic setting.  Samsung compared to others had the most “toy/play” settings on it.  Maybe they thought you don’t need it, with the 24MM lens, or, they just “buried” it somewhere in the menus. Check samsungs web site.

Hmm “canon or sony” One thing I can tell you about Sony products In GENERAL… You will be paying EXTRA $ just to have the Sony logo on the equipment, and Not necessarily for better performance.

12:49 am - Tuesday, August 16, 2011

#48 MaZaRa7

xixi I got this camera from bulgaria - 100EURO!
250$ is verry big price for this camer!

2:04 pm - Saturday, August 27, 2011

#49 Paying Attention. sometimes

I don’t know, $250 is Expensive for that camera.  The store I got mine from, ( and decided it did not operate as well, {slow start up, and picture taking speed.}  and not as good of picture quality.)  “blew them out” at I think for $129? American.  (when I got it, it was $149) Good price, nice features lots zoom and wide angle.  If you only take snap shots for 4X6” photo albums.  And are not that picky about noise, or the best “point and shoot picture quality.  And don’t mind the slow start up/operating time, and it NOT remembering that you selected Flash Off, when you restart the camera, etc. It probably would have been a good camera to get.(But NOT for $180 or more $, American.)Then again if that’s all you want it for, why get the high zoom…..  You should be able to get better cameras for that price. At least here in the USA you can… I don’t know about Bulgaria… Here it is a mute point, that camera has already been replaced by the, WB700.  it has 18X optical zoom. And went up? to 14 mega pixels.  Here’s a tip for you that is Almost Always correct… When looking at these point and shoot cameras , Get the one with the LOWEST number of Pixels. these days it will still have To Many M.P.  These point and shoot Cameras have Physically TOO SMALL of Sensors to be trying to Jam all those pixels on.  They can Not get enough light on all of the “Extra Tiny pixels” to operate “properly”.  And it is LOWERING the picture quality… Noise!  Bad Color, contrast/exposure, etc.  The “anti noise programs” have to be more heavy handed because of this, making picture quality worse.  And then it is to much “info/memory, so they Compress the Files more, lowering the quality of the pictures even more.  Kind of defeats the purpose of having allot of pixels huh?  These mega pixel set ups in the Teens are just a marketing scheme for sales, and are lowering the picture quality that the cameras can produce. It really Is Pissing me Off! I would like a good “High Zoom ,wide angle” camera, with only 8-10 MP Whatever size that will produce the clearly better picture quality, with out all of the compression and excessive memory usage. But No, you can’t find those.  This applies to “POINT AND SHOOT” cameras and Not, DSLR Cameras. The bigger sensors in DSLR cameras can hold more, and “larger pixels” that can get enough light to operate better.

But do to Marketing “wars” that may soon apply to DSLR‘s, or is that already happening ?

  And they are all a problem now taking shots out doors, since they are not bothering to put eye piece view finders on them anymore.  So Annoying.

We should all Stop buying cameras until they fix the picture quality/mega pixel Problem, and put the eye piece view finders back on the cameras! Oh and they need to provide Real Printed Operators Manuals.  What good is Compact Disc “manual” when you are out hiking and taking pictures.  Climbing the Eiffel Tower, rafting down the Colorado River…  with your lap top? You did remember to buy a lap top computer to carry with you so you could read your camera “manual” so you can work your new camera out on the road, get to, and know how to use all of those “advanced hidden settings”,  right?

Write your camera Companies and tell them to Quit Screwing Around with the Mega Pixel Race.  Lower the M.P. , Fix The Picture Quality,  put eye piece view finders back on.  And give us a Real Printed Operators manual…
And If We stop buying cameras until they do…  It Will Happen.  That is just Business.

11:39 pm - Wednesday, August 31, 2011

#50 Kerry

I can’t work out how to turn on the Smart Filter option so that I can try the fish eye lens. If I go to Smart Filter in the menu the fisheye,miniature options etc are ‘grey’ and won’t let me select them. Can anyone help?

12:37 pm - Friday, December 30, 2011

#51 damien

h own one of these my wife went at some setting on it and it takes about 10 seconds to take a picture now i try’d factory reset try’d settings - format try’d settings - reset and cant get it back to normal any one know how to fix this ?

11:29 am - Sunday, July 1, 2012

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