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  • Sigma fp L Review

    27 May The Sigma fp L is a 61 megapixel, 35mm full-frame mirrorless camera that shoots 4K/30p video. It's aimed at both demanding film-makers and stills photographers alike, but can this 2021 update of the original fp model really satisfy the needs of both types of user? Find out out now by reading our in-depth Sigma fp L review, complete with full-size sample JPEG and Raw images and videos.

  • Fujifilm X-E4 Review

    20 May After 4 long years of patiently waiting, the Fujifilm X-E4 has finally arrived. Boasting all of Fuji's latest imaging tech wrapped up in a beautiful classic rangefinder design, could this small, lightweight and very affordable mirrorless camera be the right one for you? Find out now by reading our in-depth Fuji XE4 review, complete with full-size sample photos...

Lens Reviews

  • Sony FE 50mm F2.5 G Review

    30 Apr There are so many 50mm prime lenses for Sony e-mount mirrorless cameras that we've lost count, so what does the new Sony FE 50mm F2.5 G offer to stand out from the crowd? Find out now by reading our in-depth review...

  • Sony FE 40mm F2.5 G Review

    29 Apr The Sony FE 40mm F2.5 G is a very compact and lightweight prime lens for full-frame e-mount mirrorless cameras that offers a rather unique view of the world. Slotting in between the traditional 35mm and 50mm focal lengths, this 40mm optic somehow does the job of both whilst also being appealingly well-built and fully-featured.

Other Reviews

  • DJI OM 4 Review

    4 Jan Smartphone gimbals are now two-a-penny, so why should you buy the new DJI OM 4 instead of its many competitors? And do you even really need to stabilize your phone video at all? Find out now by reading our in-depth DJI OM 4 review.

  • Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Review

    9 Jul The Fujifilm Instax Mini Link is a new smartphone printer which produces credit-card sized prints. Replacing the Instax Share SP-2/3 series, the Mini Link now features Bluetooth connectivity, updated design and a shiny new app.

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