15 Reasons to Go On a Photography Workshop

May 4, 2010 | Mark Goldstein | Photography Techniques | Comment |

1. Inspiration and motivation

A landscape photography workshop will inspire and rekindle your passion for photography. It will stimulate you to pick up your camera and, along with other like minded people, enter into the very heart of photographic creativity in an intense and hugely enriching way.

2. Chance to concentrate on your photography in some of the best locations in the world

With a specialist photographic tour, you can visit come of the most fabulous locations in the world - safe in the hands of an experience tour leader. Tour companies should have many years of experience in different countries - choose one which specialises in the area you want to visit. Expert knowledge of working the same locations and finding new ones, will save you valuable leg-work - enabling you to concentrate on your own photography with all the logistics organised for you.

3. Like minded people, with shared passion

There are many people, both active and passive, who are passionate about landscape photography. In their hunger to learn and discover, they will travel long distances to see photographic exhibitions, acquire many books on photography and no doubt participate in photographic discourse and make images for themselves throughout the year. But for some motivation and inspiration are hard to generate.

The benefit of going on a specialist tour is that you can be totally selfish and focus on your photography! No deadlines, no partners, no kids! You're free to indulge and immerse yourself in photography totally with like minded people.

15 Reasons to go on a Photography Workshop

4. Expert advice on hand - as little or as much as you need, when you need it

At Light & Land we see all levels of photographers enjoying our tours. What's important is to ensure every client has all the help and support they need. For some there is much learning to do, for others fine tuning existing skills and developing their own style.

A good tour leader will ensure everyone gets exactly the level of support they need, be on hand to offer help when needed. But equally, be happy to step back to let guests enjoy the environment they are in.

5. Opportunity to learn from a true expert and develop your own style

On a landscape photography workshop, there is ample opportunity to develop your own particular style through experimentation and under the gentle, unobtrusive yet supportive guidance of the leader. Once the technical skills are mastered, you are free to expand creatively, seeing things in a new or different way.

There may be many photographers whose work you admire and follow, but take time to develop your own style and vision. Through a total immersion experience, your creative antennae become more acute. Seeing so much more than perhaps you have hitherto; simply noticing more.

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