Best Inexpensive Cameras to Give Your Teenager This Christmas

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Teenagers can be a flimsy breed, there’s no denying that. Not only can their wishes often come into conflict with reasonable economic policies, but they can also be prone to swift changes. Often subordinated to the dominating trends, they can change in a matter of hours if not minutes. Photo printing experts from, however, believe that there’s one item that exists outside of this trend-defined periphery. Always cool, infinitely fun, and safe against age-infused indifference, it’s analog cameras. The following are 5 of the cheapest examples that prove the incredible Christmas gift potential these toy-like gadgets possess.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8/9

Arguably the most frequently seen analog camera populating global Instagram feeds, Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 has been on the cutting edge of analog photo re-appreciation for quite a few years now. Affordable and possessing design features that perfectly complement its semi-serious premise, the camera is available in a wide range of colors and produces credit-card sized Polaroid prints right on the spot.

Best Inexpensive Cameras to Give Your Teenager This Christmas

A true darling amongst trend-savvy adolescents, it’s pretty much the whole film photography ethos in a nutshell - fun, unpredictable, and liberating in its limitations.

The only con we could come up with? There’s pretty much no other way of acquiring digital versions of your photos then by manually scanning them. Then again, the camera itself is intended for an entirely different purpose. For those looking for a way to quickly acquire large-scale physical copies of their analog photos, it’s worth considering turning them into photo canvas prints using printing services.

Any Disposable Device at Your Local Store

If there’s an accessory piece that signals the ongoing 90’s renaissance more than the freshly resurrected bum bags, then it has to be disposable cameras. Coming in different shapes and sizes and rarely exceeding the $20 price threshold, it may be the greatest complementary Christmas gift in 2018.

Best Inexpensive Cameras to Give Your Teenager This Christmas

Not only will this toy-like gadget provide your youngster with a means of spending time creatively, it may also spark a genuine inte, just a pure analog operation and a lack of predictability which lies at theerest in the art of photography itself. After all, there are no digital conveniences with this on core of its magic. With film development costing close to nothing these days, the results are usually quick and lack no surprises!

Diana Mini

Another Lomo feat that borders on the fine line of tech gadget/accessory, Diana Mini is a definite teenager favorite. As the name already indicates, its minuscule size means that there’s no issue in having your camera with you wherever you go. A 35 mm lo-fi blockbuster, Diana Mini looks and feels simply amazing.

Best Inexpensive Cameras to Give Your Teenager This Christmas

With the distinct design that emulates the original 1960’s counterpart, it’s a compact alternative to its bigger Diana F sibling. The reduction in size, however, has in no way affected its technical capabilities. You can shoot more than just decent 35 mm snaps thanks to all the analog marbles you can think of including being tastefully grained, having just enough over/under-exposure, and giving room for experiments with double exposure. It is also very reasonably priced and does not exceed $50 for the factory default version.

Polaroid Snap Touch

A slightly more expensive alternative to the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9, Polaroid Snap Touch delivers the same premise with certain high-tech features that allow an even more convenient and exciting photo shooting experience.

Best Inexpensive Cameras to Give Your Teenager This Christmas

A crossover device that has its legs in both analog and digital realms, Polaroid Snap possesses the best of both worlds. Apart from the 3.5 inch LCD screen and video recording capability, the single most crucial difference between this device and its budget alternatives is its 128 GB SD card. Granted, you can still print your photos directly, but the feature might help you get some precious snaps displayed on different types of surfaces. With Polaroid Snap, you can have your dearest photos stored for later use instead of having just 3x5 inch versions of them.

Polaroid SX-70

Finally, we arrive at an analog device for teenagers who care about complete authenticity. Originally produced from 1972 to 1982, Polaroid SX-70 is a device that was revived by Polaroid Originals (formerly known as Project Impossible) and boasts both the function and the aesthetics of its original counterpart. Despite its somewhat humble appearance, one has to keep in mind that it was, in fact, the first camera that allowed shooting instant photography. Moreover, its collapsible design is actually quite a technical feat as it required considerable engineering prowess to create a viewfinder that’s not affected by these dynamics.

Best Inexpensive Cameras to Give Your Teenager This Christmas

With that said, staying so faithful to the roots might be its ultimate letdown as we’re once again left with the original SX-70 Polaroid film as the only way to have physical copies of our photos. That is, of course, if you don’t go for...

Original Christmas Accessories

Best Inexpensive Cameras to Give Your Teenager This Christmas

A camera alone might not be enough for the most demanding of youngsters. In order to keep it both cool and personal, you might consider a multi-item Christmas present, one that consists of any of the above-mentioned cameras and a personalized photo gift. With the regular seasonal bestseller, the custom photo blanket, you can be sure you will hit the mark more than accurately. Bearing a photo that bears special significance to your teenager’s heart, it’s a practical gift item that warms both physically and emotionally. Hypoallergenic, incredibly soft, and coming with a pixel-perfect rendition of your youngster’s beloved motif, you have a tested recipe for a Christmas-gift success.

Feel you might have found the perfect gift solution for your teenager? Rest assured, analog cameras will not lose their trend-appeal any time soon! Complete your perfect Christmas gift with a magnificent, personalized photo canvas using our specially prepared deal here: Your teenager will approve.

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