How to Capture the Perfect Sunset

January 13, 2011 | Mark Goldstein | Photography Techniques | Comment |

There are several ways that you can capture the perfect sunset photo.

This article includes technical tips for setting your camera, framing the shot, and other key considerations.

It also inncludes pointers on replicating the magic of the real thing in photographic form.

Technical tips

1. Check your camera settings

Before you even begin setting up your camera, check your camera's options.

If you will be traveling to a location that you've already pre-chosen, you can do this before you leave home.

This will save you time when you get to the spot.

You ideally want your aperture and shutter speed to be slightly lower than they would be for other forms of photography.

How to Capture the Perfect Sunset

2. Take extra camera equipment

This includes extra batteries, of course, but you also want to take both a wide-angle lens and a standard zoom lens. Once you get to your photographic location and start setting up, you may decide that one lens will work better than the other, and since you brought them both, you'll be able to swap them out.

You should always take a tripod. A tripod can help with keeping the camera steady, something that may be important if you were able to manually adjust your speed settings. Also, because you are going to be taking many pictures, a tripod will prevent your arms from tiring.

How to Capture the Perfect Sunset

3. Preparing to take the picture

Your camera is ready, you've loaded all your equipment (if you're traveling), and arrived at your location. Or, if you are taking the shot from your home, you've assembled all your equipment in the area where you will be taking the picture, and you're actually ready to take the picture.

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